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Jan 17, 2013

Conspiracy Theory Revisited

Blayne: Take 9/11 for instance we have gone over it several times and I have shown people the proof and pointed people to that has proven it beyond doubt with overwhelming evidence far more then Sandyhook yet people still claim they don’t “believe” when it is not a matter of belief it is a matter of facts and evidence. Has anyone looked there beyond a cursory look? Apparently not since no one has come back and refuted a single piece of evidence much less the conclusions of 17 hundred architects and engineers…

JJ The solid evidence for a conspiracy at 911 is miniscule compared to Sandy Hook and I have refuted all the major points of 911 and brought up others that no one has refuted.

The evidence for the 911 conspiracy is similar to the moon landing hoax conspiracy where people just find what they are looking for. There are always coincidences and strange facts surface in a major event and even with Sandy Hook 90% of them have a plausible explanation. Maybe the 10% does too but we don’t have the necessary information. I saw no such 10% that defied explanation from 911. Thankfully we have put the moon hoax conspiracy to bed now we have flown satellites over the landing sites and taken pictures. This has convinced all but a few.

Blayne I would beg to differ. You have not refuted a single point on the site and I have refuted everyone of your points multiple times. 😉

JJ You need to go back and reread our arguments. I think most of the group here would think I refuted them quite substantially.

Blayne:  Of course you think that. However most of those that agree with you just take your word for it.   As I have said no one here including you has refuted a single point on the site. For those that think they already have please put your money where your mouth is and go to the site there is a nice little list of main points on the front page in the far right column pick anyone of those points and refute them here.   They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the towers fell because it was a controlled demolition, that it was physically impossible for the planes to bring the towers down. That is much better evidence of conspiracy then Sandyhook and that is just the tip of the iceberg.   There is video of BBC news caster reporting tower 7 had fallen when it was in the background still standing and on an on. There is a mountain of evidence you simply choose to ignore.   If I remember right your main claim is that they could have never gotten all that explosives in place. When it doesn’t matter because it been proven they were a controlled demolition.   Go ahead and make my day.. 😉

JJ I haven’t seen any credible evidence at all that the three towers were the act of a controlled demolition. On a believability scale of 1-100 I would rate this belief as a minus 10 – kinda in the category of Jack and the Beanstock. You and Dean are the only two here I know that accept this.

And I have read a lot of material on this and watched a lot of videos.

Blayne:  So the fact that it is physically impossible for the buildings to fall at the speed they did without explosives clearing the path below them before hand simply means nothing to you… LOL!   There you have it illustrating my point once again. Another dodge with a non answer ignoring the facts and evidence and a poor attempt at ridicule to boot to divert attention away from the facts.   Just curious why for as long as we have discussed this off and on have you refused to address a single fact on the site but instead just make off the wall comments like this?

JJ You sound like the Moon Landing Hoax people and wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t also at one time believe that. They claimed that the moon landing defied the laws of physics and was an impossibility, but guess what? We now have photos of the landing sites proving for sure that we went to the moon. So I guess the laws of physics were not broken after all. Someone just miscalculated – which happens often.

When we argued this subject I covered the points you brought up. If you brought up some at the site you mentioned then I did cover them. I went there today and didn’t see much that was interesting or coherent.

When we discussed this earlier I countered all the points you made and you merely dismissed them or did not reply and moved on to another point claiming I had not answered when I did. Your mind is made up and we have already covered this subject into the ground so I don’t know why you keep bringing it up again and again. Maybe you ought to read some material on the other side like the book “Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts.” If you read only the arguments on one side then that’s what you’ll be inclined to believe.

Blayne: You never refuted anything I brought up.

JJ This is completely untrue. I made dozens of posts refuting you and you were oblivious to being refuted. I don’t have time to get sucked into the same tired arguments again that bore most of the people here. I will post some general principles in discovering the truth behind conspiracies.


Jan 18, 2013

Forest and the Trees

Arguing about conspiracy theories is rarely productive as both sides usually have their minds made up but one thing they are good for is providing fodder for the seekers to sharpen their ability to perceive truth.

For instance, we either went to the moon or we did not. There is no gray area in the truth here. Those who were fooled by the so-called conspiracy evidence need to reflect and examine their thinking and ask where they went wrong. If a person can be fooled on one proven point then maybe he is fooled on a number of items.

The tricky thing about examining conspiracies is that there are real conspiracies in the world so one is foolish to just dismiss them all out of hand. Each one should be examined for its merit and analyzed. Arguing about conspiracy theories is rarely productive as both sides usually have their minds made up but one thing they are good for is proving fodder for the seekers to sharpen their ability to perceive truth.

That said, what are the major and minor points to consider? Do many miss the forest and only look at the trees? Yes, the big picture is often overlooked and those who are deceived get lost in the details.

Let’s see what we should be looking for if we want to find a real conspiracy composed of shadowy characters pulling strings in the background.

Major point: A shadowy conspiracy that must keep its identity secret must be composed of a small number of people to succeed. The ideal number is three. If there are more than six with a general knowledge of what is going on then the chances of the conspiracy being exposed is great and exponentially increases as more participants are added.

Most of such successful shadow conspiracies in our history have been murdering people who are considered obstacles. A conspiracy to murder has the advantage of only needing a small number of insiders to accomplish the job.

Sandy Hook fits in this category. We do not know if there was a conspiracy but one is possible because it could have been pulled off with three to six insiders.

On the other hand, many conspiracy theories would demand thousands of knowledgeable people participating. Two such conspiracies are the Moon landing and 9/11. Because both of these would demand thousands of participants and hundreds of insiders the mathematical probability of them being credible just from this one principle is so miniscule that they should be dismissed out of hand. The reason these conspiracies have to be very limited in number is that when more than six people are involved the chances of someone spilling the beans becomes high. When dozens or more are involved then you can be sure that the conspiracy will be exposed.

There has never been a proven shadow conspiracy that has involved more than a handful of people.

Conclusion: If you want to find a real shadow conspiracy look for one that can be carried out by a handful of participants.

Minor Point: A detail that doesn’t seem to make sense or seems too coincidental.

Sandy Hook has quite a few of these. For instance we have a picture of one of the dead girls, Emily Parker, showing up after the massacre. Then we have her dad being cheerful and laughing just before an interview.

The moon landing conspiracy claimed that the flag planted by Armstrong waved as in a wind which was impossible. Photos showed no stars in the sky and convinced them the astronauts were in a studio. The angle and color of shadows are inconsistent giving them more supposed proof they were in a studio.

Happenings like this are odd but they can be explained away.

The point is that after every major event anomalies will be discovered. A number of strange coincidences always seems to surface, even in events where it is obvious that no conspiracy exists.

Second major point: Real conspirators rely on tried and proven methods and do not want to try something new that requires great risk or would have a high risk of exposing them.

For instance, if the moon landing was a hoax then it would only be a matter of time before it was exposed by another nation checking out the landing sites. Why would anyone risk such a sure fire exposure?

Conspiracy people claim that the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition, but the largest building ever brought down with explosives was the J.L. Hudson Building in Detroit which was only 22 stories high. The Twin Towers were 110 stories and any technology to bring them down would have been very experimental and unproven. Only a fool would have tried such an unproven method and anyone smart enough to get away with a conspiracy is not a fool.

Minor point: It seems odd that the buildings collapsed as they did.

These details prove nothing because we have never witnessed the destruction of a building this size. Trying to guess all the details from theory is like the scientists trying to guess the results of the first atomic bombs going off. They knew nothing for sure until they actually exploded one and examined the results.

Science thought it was against the laws of physics that the universe could be increasing in the rate of expansion, but they found they were wrong when they discovered the very odd fact that the speed of expansion is increasing.

Observations around events that reveal oddities are the rule rather than the exception. A lot more reliable criteria for making a judgment is to look at the big picture and examine what is logical there.

Keith: Ideally, any crime committed can be best achieved by doing it yourself with nobody involved. Crimes can involve many people and succeed. Caesar’s assassination is an example of more than three persons being involved and succeeding. The Kennedy assassination probably involved more than three

JJ I said that three was the ideal number for a conspiracy, not that you couldn’t have one with a greater number. The larger the number the more awkward it becomes.

LWK did a good job in classifying the conspiracies as those that are intended to be kept secret (as the moon landing and 9/11) and those that require secrecy for a short time followed by the incentive of glory and power such as Caesar’s assassination and Stauffenberg’s group.

Another difference is no one can be proven to have known 911 was coming but Hitler knew there was a conspiracy against him. He suspected some of the players but did not go after them because it would hurt his credibility with the military. He was almost relieved after Stauffenberg’s failed attempt. He stated that he finally could go after the conspirators and still keep the support of the military.

All the main conspiracy accusations today involve shadowing characters that do not want to be discovered before, during or after the event.

If Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy I would guess there were only about a dozen who orchestrated it.

By contrast, the moon hoax would have involved over 100,000 – a mathematical impossibility. 911 would have involved thousands which would have made it impossible to keep secret after the event happened.

Let us suppose Stauffenberg and his group assassinated Hitler and wanted to keep it secret. Could they have succeeded? Not a chance.

Even so the thousands of supposed conspirators with the moon hoax or 911 could not have kept the details secret. We would have all kinds of insiders showing up on Sixty Minutes with disguised voices spilling their guts to clear their guilt.

Blayne:You forgot the Gulf of Tonken hoax that got us into the Vietnam war. They have admitted it never happend and it required hundreds of Naval and army personal to keep it quiet. Or how about Operation North woods? Here is a good list of proven

JJ The Gulf of Tonken and other examples prove my point. It was not kept secret. We now know all about it. Conspirators can often keep a plot secret, but after it is executed people pay attention and the truth comes out if there is a significant number of people who know about it.

It has been a dozen years since 9/11 and if it was a conspiracy as claimed then there would be dozens of the thousands involved who would be willing to talk about it just as many are now happy to talk about the Gulf of Tonken.

Blayne: This still does not explain the fact that the buildings could not fall through their own mass at near free fall speed as if there as nothing below them. Most of the building below where the planes hit was completely intact. Demolition is the only thing that can cause a building to do this as it clears the mass below.

JJ Wrong wrong wrong. Demolition is a thousand miles from explaining it because the technology does not exist to take down buildings like the Twin Towers. Your whole point rests on technology that has no existence and has never been tested.

Blayne; The details prove everything in this case…

JJ Then where are your details explaining an impossible demolition??? I have seen no good details on this that go beyond fantasy thinking.

Keith: If 9/11 was a government conspiracy then the individuals behind it in the U.S. facilitated the terrorist attack for their own ends. I do not think they organized the attack from the ground up. They became aware of the pending attack which they could have prevented and deliberately let it happen. If the buildings were demolished by explosives after the planes hit, then the conspirators used their black-ops network to carry it out.

JJ At least you are presenting something that is a possibility here. It is possible some in inner circles knew an attack was coming and did nothing to suit their own purposes.

On the other hand, you think the regular 9/11 conspiracy could have been carried out by few dozen people. This is not possible. There would have been hundreds involved in planning and planting the explosives. There would have been hundreds of soldiers involved in faking the planes and capturing and executing the passengers as claimed.

There would have been hundreds more who participated in faking the phone calls from the planes. This doesn’t count the masterminds who had to include hundreds more in their circle. If it was a conspiracy as claimed I would suspect that there are thousands who could expose it.


Jan 18, 2013


Here is an excerpt from my book illustrating the improbability of orthodox conspiracy theory and 9/11.

So, here’s the situation they present: Bush, the supposed dumbest president in history, was a major player in a conspiracy that involved the cooperation of thousands of participants, pulled off the most infamous disaster in history, and never got caught. Thousands of people are pointing fingers at him, trying to nail him, but he is outsmarting them all, great genius that he is.

Here’s the conspiracy story in a nutshell: Bush and Cheney, in cooperation with invisible power brokers and the military, arranged the hijacking of four planes – Flights 93, 77, 175 and 11. Somehow, after they took off, they were mysteriously snatched out of the skies and taken to an undisclosed location. At this location, the passengers were killed and disposed. The planes were also destroyed, obviously completely pulverized that very day to prevent any recognizable piece from being later used as evidence to the crime.

This was an ingenious accomplishment on the part of Bush and other conspirators when you take into account the whistle blowers at minor atrocities such as Abu Ghraib. 9/11 was much bigger than making men perform tricks while naked.

Just imagine being in the military and designated as one of those disposing of the passengers. Four planes land and all the hundreds of passengers are unloaded and lined up to be shot. You and dozens of others are to kill them and dispose of the bodies. Isn’t it amazing that not one of them has anonymously spoken to the press?

After the planes were snatched out of the air, an amazing thing occurred. They were replaced by missiles or special pods created by the government. These missiles were painted and fixed up to look like planes, but were not planes. These missiles had no passengers on board, but were specially designed to accomplish the evil deed.

They had to make it appear that the passengers were still on board to the end so they faked phone calls made from passengers to loved ones on the ground. All the dozens of loved ones involved were fooled into thinking they were talking to the real person because the government somehow knew in advance who was going to be on each plane and duplicated the correct voices in advance using voice technology. Conspiracy people do not even ask how a bungling bureaucracy can even manage to successfully retrieve the phone numbers of the correct loved ones to call, let alone make them think a computer voice is a family member.

I don’t know about you, but if a computer called me pretending to be my wife, I think I could tell if I was talking to her or not.

The missiles then went about to accomplish their evil mission. The first was substituted for Flight 93 and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

What was that about? I know if I were a conspirator, the last thing I would do is to go through all that trouble just to crash a missile in a field. Strange.

The second, the substitute for Flight 77, crashed into the Pentagon. What was that about? The military attacking itself? Oh, yeah… that was just to remove suspicion. That really worked, didn’t it? Even though dozens of people saw a plane, some even close enough to see the passengers, they were fooled. It was really a missile.

The other two missiles, which replaced Flights 175 and 11, plowed into the two Twin Towers buildings. Though millions of people saw the video of this, what they saw were not planes, but missiles or specially built pods that landed in just the right places to not interfere with the planned explosive demolition.

Explosive demolition?

Yes, and this is the amazing part. The conspiracy people believe that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were brought down by a controlled demolition by the use of pre-planted explosives. Even though the largest demolition by explosives has been just over 20 stories, the conspirators decided to go for the Guinness Book of World Records. They increased that record not twice, or four times, but over five times and did it simultaneously with not one building, but two, along with a smaller record-breaking building on the side.

They didn’t care that the technology for such an unknown feat had not been perfected or tested. Instead, they recklessly went ahead blowing up the buildings, just hoping everything would work as planned. This would have indeed been a dumb thing to do, but it turned out that Bush was extremely lucky that things worked out.

Planting the explosives was the difficult part and really illustrates the hidden genius of Bush to have pulled this off.

Hundreds of workers with blow torches and construction tools would have had to enter the buildings and, without being seen, tear out the walls in thousands of locations in each of the Twin Towers. Then they would have had to pull out blowtorches and cut out “V” notches in the thousands of steel beams that supported the towers.

Next, they would have had to wire one explosive charge to another in thousands of locations, destroying and disrupting offices as they moved along. After this, they would have had to repair their destructive work before each worker entered his office again. The repair would have had to be so seamless that none of the thousands of people in the Twin Towers would notice that any changes were made.

Even more amazing is that none of the hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of demolition workers have spilled their guts. Not one of them has gone to the press to become the hero of the ages. Maybe the conspirators had the military kill them all.

Again, the question arises. When the military lined up and gunned down all the demolition workers, was there not one of the assassins that had a prick in his conscience and was willing to tell his story?

I guess not.

It must have been the genius of Bush that pulled this all off so seamlessly.

If you believe this is the way 9/11 really happened, then I have a bridge to sell you, cheap.

Sorry, I do not have time to answer all the time consuming questions. Instead, just google the answers or go here:

We have already covered this subject to death and I have no interest i repeating what I have already said.


Jan 19, 2013

Re: Forest and the Trees

Blayne: The Gulf of Tonken incident did not come to light for decades Along with many other incidents…. there goes your point. There have been dozens willing to talk about it.

JJ The truth of the Gulf of Tonkin was available from the beginning. A number of insiders tried to reveal the truth. Senator Wayne Morse had an informant shortly after the incident that revealed the truth to him, but wasn’t able to stop us going to war. The 9/11 incident was much more massive and would have involved many more people but we have no Senator or member of Congress claiming to have an informant giving us details of a conspiracy.

Not one insider has come forward with any testimony on a 9/11 conspiracy let alone evidence of a demolition. If your belief were true many would have come forward by now.

JJ Quote Wrong wrong wrong. Demolition is a thousand miles from explaining it because the technology does not exist to take down buildings like the Twin Towers. Your whole point rests on technology that has no existence and has never been tested.

Blayne: Yet the fact remains they fell at near free fall speed mainly into their own footprint. The only way that could happen is to have their mass below them cleared out of the way and the only tech that we know of that can do that is controlled demolition.

JJ You keep bringing up this freefall doctrine just like you did a couple years ago when we covered it thoroughly. We both gave our explanations and now you want to do the dance all over again. Why? You’re not giving any additional light this time around.

The last time I gave you this reference: LINK

And here is a more recent one illustrating that the freefall was not such a freefall after all.


Of course the conspiracy people counter this but unconvincingly.

Blayne: Also I wonder why you think taking down the towers would be any different then any other high rise? The tech has existed for decades.

JJ You have absolutely no proof of this. Either prove it or quit making this claim from the seat of your pants.

JJ Quote: Then where are your details explaining an impossible demolition??? I have seen no good details on this that go beyond fantasy thinking.

Blayne I have posted them many times.

JJ Strange. You keep saying this but I have not seen it. Has anyone else?

You then want to bring up many details that we have already discussed. If you want my answers on the rest of your questions go back two years and read my posts. They are still there.

I will add this interesting quote from the popular Mechanics book on the subject of demolition.

“if you look at any building that is imploded, the explosives are primarily placed on the ground floor and the basement,” Loizeaux (a demolition expert) says. “Why? Because you want to remove the columns when you have the majority of that stored potential energy above where you’re taking the columns out. You want to release as much energy as possible. if you look at the collapse of these structures, they start collapsing up where the planes hit. They don’t start collapsing down -below.” Loizeaux says even if explosives had been placed on the upper floors, they would have generated significantly more dust and debris than mere “puffs.”

Despite his credentials as a physicist, Jones is among those who make faulty assumptions about controlled demolition. in putting forth his case that the buildings were brought down with explosives, Jones writes: “Roughly 29000 pounds of RDX-grade linear-shaped charges (which could have been pre-positioned by just a few men) would then suffice in each Tower and WTC 7 to cut the supports at key points so that gravity would bring the buildings straight down.”

According to Loizeaux, Jones is simply wrong. “The explosives configuration manufacturing technology [to bring down those buildings] does not exist,” Loizeaux says. “If someone were to attempt to make such charges, they would weigh thousands of pounds apiece. You would need forklifts to bring them into the building.”

The biggest commercially available charges, Loizeaux tells Popular Mechanics, are able to cut through steel that is three inches thick. The, box columns at the base of the World Trade Center towers were 14 inches on a side. If big enough charges did exist, Loizeaux says, for each tower it could hypothetically take as long as two months for a team of up to 75 men with unfettered access to three floors to strip the fireproofing off the columns and then place and wire the charges.

“There’s just no way to do it,” Loizeux says, adding that it is similarly implausible that explosives could he smuggled into the buildings. “If you just put bulk explosives in file cabinets next to every column in the building, it wouldn’t knock those columns down. It would blow the windows out. It would trash the [building] and probably blow out two floors above and a floor below . . but it wouldn’t knock the [buildingl down.”


Jan 19, 2013

If It Will Save One Life

I’ve always hated the “save one life” argument. The Left uses it as an emotional argument often to take us away from freedom. They used it to create the irritating 55 MPH speed limit and all kinds of regulations. They have spent up to a billion dollars to save a life with nuclear energy regulations where for about a hundred bucks they could save a sick kid in Central America.


Jan 19, 2013

Re: 9/11 Analysis

Dean You should have already researched it.

JJ I have researched supposed whistle blowers before but new attempts at supplying them come up all the time. None from any insider and none with any convincing evidence.

Dean: I already gave you witnesses in the link, there is many more I didn’t reference, but you are so much in denile so nothing will help you?

JJ You’re dreaming of another reality. Just make a feeble attempt to give us one actual whistle blower that goes beyond someone hearing a noise, hearsay or something. Give me one like the actual witness to the Gulf of Tonkin that was on the ship and spilled his guts to Senator Morse. Maybe you could supply a soldier feeling guilty for gunning down the passengers of the planes after they were miraculously snatched from the air – or maybe someone who fabricated the cell phone calls or helped plant the explosives etc.

Blayne’s whistleblowers “FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, the most gagged woman in America, having the State Secrets Privilege imposed on her twice, went public last year to reveal that Bin Laden maintained “intimate” relations with the US right up until 9/11.

JJ It’s common knowledge we supported Ben Laden during the Russian war with Afghanistan and if we kept some links going that proves nothing. This gal was no insider with any knowledge of a conspiracy.

Blayne: Another whistleblower is former Sergeant in the United States Army named Lauro “LJ” Chavez. Chavez was stationed at MacDill AFB where he claims he witnessed unusual preparations for a potential airplane hitting the base on the morning of 9/11 and distinctly heard officers talking about a stand down. This led him to go public in questioning the NORAD stand down and the demolition of the twin towers.”

JJ Again, a million miles from an insider. Lots of people have heard strange stuff. Listen to Coast to Coast and you’ll be amazed, but observations and hearsay does not prove a conspiracy.

As I said, out of the thousands that had to be involved not one with real knowledge has come forth. Surely one of the hundreds that had to plant the explosives would feel enough guilt to come forward. The fact that no one has ought to tell you something.

Good information on the black boxes is here:

Blayne: Again if no conspiracy can exist without an original conspirator coming forward how did the Manhattan Project stay secret?

JJ The Manhattan project didn’t stay secret. Right after the bomb hit Hiroshima everyone knew about it.

It is fairly easy to keep preparations a secret but after they are executed it is another matter. After 9/11 was executed some participants would normally come forth – particularly rank and file workers just doing their job planting explosives.

JJ Of course the argument made in the video is invalid. The speed of a transfer of force is faster than freefall which explains the supposedly strange data.

Blayne: You have never gotten past the fact that it is physically impossible for a plane and low grade fire to bring down a metal framed building much less the speed of the fall. Yet you continue to thumb your nose at over 1700 architects and engineers informing you of that fact… Talk about fantasy land geeze..

JJ Nothing to get over. It fell at the speed it fell whatever that was for there seems to be lack of agreement on this except for certain truthers who are always 100% sure they have the facts right.

This is just like the moon hoax conspiracy except the moon hoax people had better evidence.

To calculate what an event would accomplish when it was a one of a kind event often results in occurrences that baffle calculations.

Keith listed a number of them from the Moon Hoax but at least he accepts the photographic evidence of the landing sites we now have. The laws of physics were not violated. Instead many just either calculated incorrectly or used bad data in the process.

True believers will never prove their 9/11 conspiracy theories because they make no sense. 20 years from now we will still have no insider whistle blower and the truthers will continue with this same tired debate.

On Sept 11, 2010 we started going back and forth on this subject for about two weeks through about 200 posts. I’ve tried to not repeat myself this round but I think we have covered this enough so unless some really significant new material is presented this will be my last post on this subject for some time to come.

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Keys Writings, Part 8

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Aug 28, 2011
Global Warming

Let Al Gore Read and Weep Al Gore is now placing Global Warming skeptics in the same category as racists in the old South. He’ll have to read the following articles and weep.

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.\ 71.html

Cern’s 8000 real scientists who don’t have a dog in the global warming fight tell us that cosmic rays will probably be able to account for somewhere between a half and the whole of the increase in the Earth’s temperature that we have seen in the last century. It looks like the amount of effect humans have on climate will have to be revised downward.

Aug 30, 2011

36 Keys & More

Larry Woods writes: Help me out. I’m trying to catalog JJ’s teachings about Keys rather than learning them by reading JJ’s book series which walks us through a discovery process in John’s teaching tradition. As far as I can tell JJ mentioned 60 Keys so far, five sets of twelve. Since it has been 14 years since he published the first book and we only got 3 Keys so far (in the main set of 36 pertaining to JJ’s teaching mission) it will take about 154 years to get the remainder. But, with your help I hope to learn them and to contemplate them in this life time. I’m currently re-reading The Immortal series for the third time so I will soon recall the other two Keys of Knowledge. Do any of you know more than the first three? I know many of you, like Ruth and Dan and Duke and Mindy and others have grown extremely facile in searching JJ’s writings. In The Immortal series, John commissions JJ to teach 36 Keys: of Knowledge, of Understanding, and of Eternal Life. I want to see them on a list so I can commit them to memory and contemplate them often. Since his last book, JJ also mentioned and taught about Keys of Discipleship. I list those here. Did he also mention Keys of Judgment? Or was that just one of the Keys of Knowledge? That would be 60 Keys. He also mentioned there are other “sets” of Keys out there on various topics. Please help me fill out these lists.

JJ When I have causally mentioned Keys this does not mean they belong to the 36 Keys. All I have definitely given out so far are four Keys of Knowledge and hints at the Fifth Key at the end of Eternal Words. I have also written about some of the other keys but have not identified them as such. For instance, one might assume that The Molecular Relationship somehow involves a Key of Knowledge.

They Keys given out so far are 1. Decision 2. Judgement 3. Right Perception 4. The Book of Revelation is the Key to the path of the disciple as revealed in The Unveiling. 5. Hint is given at the end of Eternal Words.

Aug 31, 2011

Infuriating Story

Here’s a story that will get Blayne’s blood boiling and cause alarm for many others over First Amendment rights. I could see Blayne standing up for his rights the same way if he were in the situation of the guy in the video. Be sure and watch the video.

Sept 1, 2011

Lincoln quote on labor

Good to have you back again, John.

I believe your thinking is sound here, John. Capital could not exist without labor for labor produces all that has value represented by capital. Capital either directly represents labor completed or future labor.

Farmer A has $1000 worth of apples and issues 100 certificates equal to $10 worth of apples.

Farmer B has not yet harvested his apples and does the same thing but his certificates are redeemable for $10.00 worth of apples from the future harvest.

Farmer A has created money on a principle similar to the old silver certificates redeemable in the present for silver.

Farmer B has created fiat money roughly similar to the Federal Reserve backed by something not yet in existence.

In both cases neither would have any value if the farmer did contribute his labor to produce a commodity of value.

I did write the financial series you mentioned. You can find the first one here:

At the end of the article are links to the entire series.

Sept 2, 2011

Funny Story

This story reminds me of something my friends grew up with could gave done.\ ay-20110901,0,4089405.story

Sept 6, 2011

Europeans Gone Wild

Obamacare supporters rave about Europe’s healthcare programs but this story could indicate that socialized medicine may come closer to driving people crazy than helping them.

Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness\ 20110904

No matter how you look at it I was sure that almost 40% of Europeans couldn’t be mentally ill as we define it but the fact that this figure is thrown around is kind of funny in itself. Kinda makes you think that every other waiter there will have his tongue hanging out slobbering on you while you order.

Sept 7, 2011

One Conspiracy Down

One of the most influential conspiracy theories in our history was that we didn’t really go to the moon. One poll revealed that 20% of the public swallowed this idea.

This theory really illustrates that people find what they are looking for even if what they are looking for is illusion. The arguments they came up with were really convincing to those who didn’t look at the big picture.

Here are some on this link:


We now have a satellite around the moon that zooms in to around 15 miles from the surface and has taken pictures of several of the moon landings. The resolution reveals, “paths when they walked on the moon, as well as ruts left by a moon buggy. Experts could even identify the backpacks astronauts pitched out of their lunar landers before they returned to Earth.”

This pretty much nullifies all the “proof” previously presented that we did not go to the moon.

I’m for anything that leads to greater space exploration. I am really looking forward to the New Horizons craft to reach Pluto in a few years. It is about halfway there now.

Did you hear about a guy just using Google Mars who appeared to find a building on Mars? Take a look\ ur-eyes-video/

Sept 14, 2011

Abe Lincoln Handwriting

I took a look at Abe’s handwriting and there is not enough evidence to declare for certain that he was a walkin. If he was a walkin the incident would have happened a short time before the Lincoln Douglas debates (1858) for it was around this time that his intelligence and focus seemed to be enhanced. The elements of the personality did not change much after that time but his nervous system showed a lot more stress. The war, of course, put a lot of stress on him but if he was a walkin the adjustment could have also added to it.

Near the end of his life his health was suffering from the stress (according to the handwriting) which agrees with some investigators who believe believe he was suffering from some type of serious problem. Historians tell us that before he became president he took a medicine that contained mercury so he probably had mercury poisoning. No wonder the original Abe wanted to leave his body. He had a terrible wife and may have been dying of mercury poisoning that can lead to madness. Whoever was in the body after 1860 did a great job of retaining composure and it is remarkable that he became the one considered to be our greatest president by historians.

Sept 14, 2011

Update on Elenin

Last Saturday (Sept 10th) Comet Elenin passed its first major milestone that was supposed to bring great destruction. On this date it reached its closest approach to the sun.

It should now be clear to all that:

(1) Elenin is not a Brown Dwarf star. It cannot even be seen with the naked eye but only with good binoculars or a telescope. (2) It’s tail is not showering us with a reign of terror falling from the skies nor is such an event even close to likely now or in the future.

The next major date on the schedule is September 26th or 27th. This is the day when we will be lined up again in a straight line with the sun, earth and Elenin. Many are predicting a great earthquake or worse.

Sept 16, 2011

Good Quote

Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.

Winston Churchill

Sept 16, 2011

Re: Understanding Illusion

I think everyone makes attempts at predicting the future at one time or another, including myself. I am much more cautious though than most for I realize how malleable it is.

Sept 19, 2011

Dark Brothers in Shamballa

Ruth asks: If the DB’s dwell in Shamballa, then how do they also dwell in physical bodies on Earth? If the DB’s cannot really physically incarnate, then how do they dwell in bodies on Earth?

JJ First of all, I do not recall reading anywhere in the Bailey writings that the dark brothers live in Shamballa. DK points out that Shamballa is created by a state of consciousness so one would think the Shamballa consciousness is much different than that had by the Dark Brotherhood.

DK does not say the leaders of the dark brothers are in the dense physical. Here is what he said: “The dark forces are ruled on the physical plane by a group of six oriental leaders and six occidental leaders.”

They merely rule the physical, but he does not say they are in the dense physical. They most likely dwell in etheric bodies which is often referred to as the physical by DK.

Sept 20, 2011

Another Prediction

Here is a prediction I lifted from Sterling’s forum. This guy is predicting a supernova this coming Friday so we do not have to wait log to see if he is correct.


The September equinox, also known as the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, occurs at 09:04 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on September 23, 2011

A man named David B. Cohen MD has predicted that a Supernova will occur in the constellation of Orion, which will open The Seventh Seal.

His website is

Comments from

Dr. Cohen is a Cohanim (Jewish Priest) by birth and LDS because his father converted to Mormonism. He is very knowledgeable about symbols and dates. Because of his Jewish background, he has a very unique take on things. I read his book about the importance of symbols in Judaism and he has some good explanations. He may not be right about everything, but he’s a very bright man. And we can learn some things from him. It’s up to us to make our own decisions about what is correct and what isn’t, but from reading his book, I feel he is just trying to show us the deeper significance of some of these dates and signs. It’s very interesting. I don’t get the feeling at all that he thinks he’s a prophet….just a good observer.

see also

Sept 21, 2011

Cancer cure!!!!!! Sodium Bicarbonate?

The advantage of baking soda is that it is one of the most alkaline products you can injest. I take about a half teaspoon on a glass of water daily just to keep my body in balance.

Some say that Arm and Hammer has aluminum in it so i recommend you by yours in a health food store or online at:

I found another product that is one of the best things I have discovered for a while. It is a wine aerator. You can check it out here:\ _1?ie=UTF8&qid=1316589504&sr=8-1

You might be able to find these cheaper on ebay. I bought mine at Costco for about $27.00.

Now this is sold as a method of making wine taste better but I have found that it makes water taste better also. Many think spring water is the healthiest because it is in motion and the motion oxygenates it. Well this device oxygenates anything you pass through it making regular water turn into spring water.

Larry W: This aerator looks interesting. But what makes it any better than the CHEAP aerator at your kitchen tap?

JJ You also get some aeration when you pour wine in a glass but this gizmo really does the job. Read the reviews on Amazon.

The tap, I am sure, does gives some aeration but many do not drink tap water any more because of chlorine, fluorine and other contaminates added. I drink a water that I purify myself as mentioned earlier. This gizmo is particularly good to use for water that has just been sitting in a jug.

I tested the PH of water after adding every substance in our kitchen and baking soda was the only one that significantly turned the PH toward alkaline. Even so, I agree with Blayne that apple cider vinegar is a very healthy drink and you can’t go wrong with it.

As for how much of anything one should take here is what I do. For general health I just take what feels right to my body. If it is for some specific treatment then take the recommended amount, but still tune in to your body to make sure there is not a negative reaction.

Sept 21, 2011

Sabbath Day

Concerning Israel and the Sabbath Silver Lining wrote: Elevators in Israel, as you know, open at every floor on Sabbath days so users need not press the button, because that would be work. But if you press the door open button at the same time as your floor number button and hold them both for five seconds, then the elevator does not make any intermediate stops (YouTube elevator hack). Applying this to elevators in Sabbath mode could save you a lot of elevator time in a Tel Aviv hotel.

JJ Sounds like the same type of Sabbath tricks they used in the time of Jesus. For instance you couldn’t wear your heavier sandals because that would mean walking would be more work. You were only allowed to walk so many steps on the Sabbath. You couldn’t walk through a wheat field because you may knock off a few kernels and that would constitute the work of harvesting grain on the Sabbath.

Isn’t it great to be able to rely on your own judgment rather than decrees from the beast that filters down through all belief systems?

Sept 21, 2011

Earth is Hell

“It is interesting that the scriptures indicate that this earth is hell.”

LWK I am curious which scripture(s) you had in mind when you wrote that? That is indeed an interesting subject.

JJ Actually, I was thinking of the LDS scriptures when I wrote that but there is evidence in the Bible also.

The strongest evidence is found in this scripture:

“These (the inhabitants of the telestial kingdom) are they who are thrust down to hell. These are they who receive NOT of his fulness…” D&C 76:84&86

And where is the telestial kingdom? The Mormon temple ceremony answers:

“Brethren and sisters, this represents the Telestial Kingdom, or the world in which we now live. (earth where people are thrust down to hell)

I wrote this in Mormonism and Reincarnation:

“And the sea gave up the dead which were in it.” What is the sea? The scripture explains: “The waters (the sea) which thou sawest where the whore sitteth are the peoples, and multitudes, and nations and tongues.” Rev 17:15. We are told that “Death (Physical death II Nephi 9:11) and Hell (the spiritually dead in hell. II Nephi 9:12) delivered up the dead which were in them.” Thus we see that on the last day ALL the spiritually dead including those still living on the earth (The sea) and all the Spirit world (Death and Hell) will be judged, and those who cannot abide the judgment must suffer a “second death” and be cast into the lake of fire (or another round of numerous lives of sorrow).

When Nephi was interpreting the filthy water in his vision he said it was “hell”. His brothers then asked: “Doth this thing mean the torment of the body in the days of probation, or doth it mean the final state of the soul after the death of the temporal body, or doth it speak of the things which are temporal? And it came to pass that I said unto them that it was a representation of things BOTH TEMPORAL AND SPIRITUAL.” I Nephi 15:31-32 Here we have it in plain English. Hell is both temporal and spiritual. Men can suffer for their sins both in and out of the body, and since this temporal existence is part of “hell” how are men going to be sent there after they die if they are not born again?

“There cannot any unclean thing enter into the kingdom of God; wherefore there must needs be a place of filthiness prepared for that which is filthy.” I Nephi 15:34. Nephi tells us that that place which is prepared is hell, of which the filthy water in the vision was a symbol of, and such symbol “was a representation of things both temporal and spiritual”. Therefore those who suffer the temporal hell are sent back to the “temporal” earth.

There is more evidence of this from the Bible.

Jesus said: “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matt 10:28

The physical body does not follow us after death. The only place the body could be destroyed in hell is by destroying it on this earth.

In Revelations we are told that the New Jerusalem descended on the earth. After this happened it is written: “For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Rev 22:15

It appears that those who go to hell in the future are still on the earth, but just outside the location of the New Jerusalem.

Most of the people on the earth evolved from this planet and as they went through infancy they were not sensitive to the suffering of others because they did not have enough experience go have empathy. Some came from other planets and in our young earth they were indeed out of place. Let us suppose you were raised with wolves. You may have thought you were a wolf yourself and had difficulty in raising above their consciousness, but at the same time it would seem that you didn’t belong there with the pack. The pack itself were not criminals. They were just being who they were at the time.


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Conspiracy Theories Debunked

This entry is part 27 of 34 in the series 2010B

Posted Sept 12, 2010

I think the arguments that there was a moon landing hoax are more convincing than the 911 conspiracies. When you step back and look at the contrary evidence and the whole picture they override the anomalies.

See the 9/11 film HERE

This covers most of these points and I couldn’t see anything problematic because it was three years old. Certain things like eyewitnesses that saw the plane crash in the Pentagon, for instance, are timeless.

I’ve watched many videos and read all the materials I could find on the conspiracy and the arguments supporting it seem very weak to me in comparison to the counter arguments. Most powerful I think is the logic against the conspiracy as a whole as presented in my chapter. One small nuke could have created even more disruption and it could have been blamed on terrorists and been much easier to cover up than a conspiracy with such overwhelming complexity that it defies the imagination.

The same with the moon landings. To fake six moon landings would require a conspiracy a 1000 times more complex than any real proven conspiracy. A real 911 conspiracy would be at least as complicated to pull off as a fake moon landing.

Real conspiracies try to keep it simple and usually concentrate on one small item at a time, like eliminating one guy they do not like. When the largest demolition by explosives in history is a 20 story building they are not likely to tackle two buildings five times that height (with the prep work not being discovered), for instance, with many unknowns. True conspirators go with what they know works and will be under their control.