Keys Writings 2013, Part 5

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Feb 14, 2013

The Road Ahead

The group is indeed interested in knowing the economical future of the United States and the world so they can prepare for things to come. Not only are seekers such as ourselves very interested in this but a large portion of the world is. We live in unstable times and people are concerned and just wish they knew what to do.

I have said many times that the exact future is not written in stone and cannot be predicted by anyone, even the masters. Certain cycles though can be seen and predicted fairly accurately. Some cycles can be predicted with exactness and others with only ball park accuracy. For instance, we can pinpoint the rising and setting of the sun from any location on the earth for centuries to come. On the other hand, we can accurately predict that spring will come soon but we cannot predict the day that fruit trees will put forth their first buds and make it official.

Predicting the economy is a little like predicting the seasons and the weather. We know we are going to have sunny and cloudy days, stormy and clam, but exactly when they will occur is still far from and exact science because of the many variables.

On the other hand, there are signs we can take into consideration in order to prepare. If we see dark clouds ahead there is a good chance that a storm will be coming our way soon. It is not a sure thing for maybe the dark clouds will shift in direction or become dispersed.

Now let us look at the economic signs we have in front of us. We have recently gone through an economic crash (2008) caused by extreme recklessness. The problems that created this has been tackled on a haphazard basis and most of them are far from fixed. In addition to this, we have a deficit spending problem, the full effects of which has not yet materialized.

This deficit spending and massive borrowing presents a possible outcome that could be worse than the Great Depression. Unless there is a massive course correction the question is not “If” disaster is ahead, but “When” it should come.

In looking at the future there is an important point to take into consideration that no economist brings up. Obama is a person blessed with extremely good luck.

When he ran for the Senate his win was a long shot. He was running against an extremely popular and good-looking Jack Ryan who was married to the beautiful Seven of Nine Character from Star Trek. Then a sex scandal was unearthed and Ryan was replaced with a very poor candidate causing Obama to win. Then when he ran for President the polls showed McCain ahead weeks before the election. Then the financial meltdown occurred and the blame was placed on McCain and his fellow Republicans. Obama rose in the polls and won.

In the 2012 campaign against Romney the polls showed Romney ahead by 4-6 points. Then Hurricane Sandy occurred and all we saw in the media was Obama looking presidential handling the crisis. Romney was nowhere to be seen for about a week before the election. Again Obama rose in the polls and won.

During the last four years Obama has made a tremendous number of bad economical decisions. One of the worst was his war on oil drilling and natural gas. In spite of this new technology has greatly increased production on private land. This has caused a reduction in imports that Obama took credit for. One economist is predicting that despite Obama’s lack of support for drilling that we will have an oil and gas boom. This, he says, will stimulate the economy and Obama will take full credit and be seen as the savior of the economy. This would be strange indeed if this happened.

Taking everything into consideration I will not make specific predictions but will give probabilities as I see them.

The probability of having a collapse of the dollar and the economy in the next ten years – 80%

The probability of it happening during the Obama administration – 50%. He’s human, subject to karma, so his luck could run out.

The probability that a collapse would be so bad that our government would break down for a time and there could be chaos – 25%

The probability that it would be bad like the Great Depression but the country would hold together and work things out – 55%.

A couple years ago, for the first time I recommended that we do our best to prepare for hard times ahead by storing up some food and emergency supplies. I have found that a number of things I bought back then have risen 25% or so in price so even if disaster does not occur some storage is a good investment. You’ll make better interest on it than most investments.

I think there is a high probability the stock market has is close to a maximum and will make a major drop. It would be a good idea to move funds to gold and silver until the economy looks more stable.

Unfortunately, if there is a collapse none of us will be as prepared as we would want to be and if there is a total breakdown there is not yet a gathering of lights as a place of refuge. It is my hope and work that such a gathering will take place before such a breakdown occurs.


Feb 17, 2013

Dangerous Teachings

I’ve been following a discussion about false teachers and prophets and the question came up about the danger posed by their false teachings. In other words, which teachings are dangerous and which are not and how dangerous are the various false teachings?

I thought this would be a good topic for discussion so I’ll make a few comments.

The first thing that needs to be clarified is this. The greatest danger of any teaching, true or false, lies not with the teacher, but the student. If the student has a high degree of soul contact then it matters not how false or crazy are the teachings presented. He will see the illusion and not incorporate that which does not register with the soul.

Therefore, if the teacher says the Jews are the spawn of Satan and must be eliminate he will not act upon such nonsense.

If another teacher says we are all brothers and one race is as worthy of love and respect as another then such a teaching will be registered in a positive light.

On the other hand, the student who is governed by lower emotions rather than the soul is a precarious animal. To such a person even the teachings of Jesus are dangerous. He may read Jesus saying that “if thy right eye offend thee then cut it out” and take this literally and either cut his eye out or maybe someone else he thinks deserves it.

He may read about Jesus overturning the tables of the moneychangers in the temple and decide his local bank needs taught a similar lesson and places a bomb there.

In other words, the words and works of even the greatest who has appeared among us are not safe fomenting in the mind of an idiot, but the most delusional of teachings are harmless when passing by the mind of the true disciple.

Does this mean that a teacher can give out all kinds of false teachings and no harm will be done? Or how about a true teacher? Can he just blurt out any teaching he wants without being careful of the content or wording and remain harmless?

The answer is that in both cases harm can be created. Both true and false teachers must keep in mind that there are only a handful of people with a high degree of soul contact. Fortunately, a lot of people not sensitive to the soul have pretty good common sense to assist them. But there are quite a few out there who do not check with their souls nor do they use much common sense. These people will take teachings both true and false and distort them to fit their mindset. In addition to this many false teachers prey upon these people and use their distorted view of reality to control them toward their own ends.

The true teacher must always take these deluded ones into consideration and give his words out with as much clarity as possible. In fact, even Jesus may have rephrased his statement about plucking out the eyes if he had given the idea a kittle more thought.

DK makes the additional point that there are many things that are true which are concealed and not given out because they could be dangerous in the wrong hands. For instance, there are some mantras that can control the elements that are closely guarded by the hierarchy.

Another point to realize is that a teacher who is in the light is not infallible and may have some error in his teachings. Then the teacher whose home is the land of shadows will teach a number of things which are true.

Perhaps the most important question that any seeker must ask as he examines a teacher is this. What is the teacher’s motive? Does he seek to deceive and take away my freedom and take on the role of the beast of authority so my freedom is diminished? Or does he (or she) tell the truth to the best of his ability and not take the place of your inner god but encourage freedom of choice in all things?

I’ve already tabulated many of the ingredients that differentiate the true and false teachings so I won’t repeat myself but keep in mind that freedom is the highest principle to look for. The false teacher will take it away by either obvious or subtle means whereas the true teacher seeks to amplify it in all he meets.


Feb 19, 2013

Free Will and Work

One thing I can say about Chris Nemelka is that he does come up with some provocative teachings. Some of his teachings containing the greatest amount of illusion will appeal to those who like the path of least resistance. It takes one choosing the path less traveled by to unravel the illusion.

In his blog of Feb 10th he talks about the time he has set for the Second Coming which is 2145 AD. On the date he says that Christ and his “Overseers” will come and set up a “fair” government and force humankind to abandon their bad governments in favor of good government ran by those who know how do get things done much better than ourselves. He maintains that the Overseers are upset that the rich are not relieved of their surplus and share with the poor so their needs will be taken care of. If we do not do this of our free will then we will be forced to do it in some type of communist system.

Now he’s gone a step further in discovering what upsets the Overseers. They do not like the idea that we do not have enough free will. This seems like an odd thing to upset them when you consider that in 2145 they seem to plan to take away free will in order to make sure we are forced to share our goods whether we want to or not.

They are so upset that there is not enough free will that they are considering moving ahead their time frame for domination from 2145 to 2070. He says that this violation of free will is so great that even John the Revelator is taken by surprise by it. If he had factored it in 2000 years ago the Book of Revelations would have been written differently.

Who knew?

So, what is this great violation of free will that he is talking about?

Is it the various tyrants that surface again and again seeking to control every aspect of human behavior/

No. That doesn’t seem to bother the Overseers. Even North Korea seems to get a pass.

Is it the criminals who “hurt and make afraid?” Doesn’t seem to be them. Chris often portrays criminals as innocent victims of the evil system. Even of Adam Lanza he said he was trying to do a good deed in shooting the 20 children. He was merely benevolently attempting to save them from the same pain he had suffered. I wonder why it took as many as seven bullets to the head to do that.

Is it the governments of the earth that tax us almost into poverty taking away the free will to spend our own money as we see fit?

No. He seems to have no problem with lots of taxes forced upon us.

Is he upset that the freedoms secured by us in the Constitution are being eroded creating a threat to many of our freedoms?

Not at all. He thinks the United States is the Beast bearing the mark of 666 and the founders were the rich selfishly seeking to secure their wealth by breaking off with Big Brother King George.

So, what is this great infringement of free will that bothers him so that the end time is moved ahead just to deal with it?

Brace yourself. It’s not what you think.

The big infringement is that all but a few of us have to work for the sake of money at a job that is not our first choice for enjoyment. He points out that a successful musician or an actor may really enjoy his work but the rest of us that have to go to an office, factory or whatever to do work that is not fun do not have much free will. He says this is a dreadful situation that restricts free will. What we need he says is “unconditional free will,” which apparently our leaders and bosses are robbing us of. Because most of us cannot do fun stuff to make money the coming forth of the Overlords may be moved up 75 years earlier than anticipated. They will then make sure that everyone has a job that is fun to do thus ensuring we all have free will.

I’m going to give my thoughts on this subject shortly but in the meantime this is an interesting subject to contemplate.

Does working at a job that is not our first choice take away from free will? If so, then who is to blame for this situation? Was someone else beside yourself supposed to supply you with a job opportunity that makes you happy?

Chris’ article on this subject is here: LINK



Feb 19, 2013

Re: Dangerous Teachings

Duke asks: How much correlation is there between the so-called spiritual gifts that a person possesses or can demonstrate, and the purity of their motives, actions, and/or beliefs? If you have any comments on the subject, you’d find at least one attentive audience member.

JJ The first thing to realize here is that many gifts claimed by the various gurus are based on illusion and not even real. Many who claim to heal are merely good hypnotists and the subject receives only temporary relief through the power of suggestion.

Many other so called signs ad wonders are brought about by hypnotic techniques. For example, a few years ago there were several local gurus who claimed to have the ability to call down spaceships and communicate with the officers on board. I was curious about this so I decided to attend one of these sessions. The group was full of believers who fully expected to see a spaceship. As the process began one of the group pointed to a bright object in the sky and called out – “I see a ship right there!”

I looked up to see what it was and offered a correction. “That’s not a spaceship. That’s the planet Venus.”

“Oh,” she said, sounding disappointed.

My bringing the lady back to realty seemed to break the spell of the group and that night no spaceship was seen and no contact made. I was never invited to join them again.

On the other hand, there are a few possessing real gifts of some kind. Does this mean we should then trust that which they teach?

No. A thousand times no. The true seeker must always run teachings of any kind past his soul before he accepts them. If he can’t get soul confirmation then he must at least run then by his logical mind and use his common sense.

So how does one who is in illusion develop what seems to be spiritual gifts?

the answer is simple. Energy follows thought. If a person, good or bad, puts a lot of attention (energy) on developing a skill then a certain amount of proficiency will be attained.

Even so, we have not seen in our age a person who can manifest the gifts that Jesus had 2000 years ago. If you see someone truly walk on water then he obviously has some knowledge about how that is accomplished and it would probably be worthwhile to ask him some questions. On the other hand, if he tells you to give him all your money or you are going to hell then do not walk away, but run.


Feb 19, 2013

Re: Free Will and Work

Alex seems to disagree with this statement I have made: “Now he’s gone a step further in discovering what upsets the Overseers. They do not like the idea that we do not have enough free will. This seems like an odd thing to upset them when you consider that in 2145 they seem to plan to take away free will in order to make sure we are forced to share our goods whether we want to or not.”

Here is Chris in his own words:

“So, without exception, one of the group must always agree to enter the game and give up free will to become the overseer of the rest.”


Without the experience of a free democracy that is fueled by free will, we might be left with the excuse: “How do you (creators) know that we are not fully capable of governing ourselves if given the chance?” The United States of America is the chance we have been given. With this chance, we have proven that no matter how much freedom we are given (or at least believe that we have been given), free-willed beings left to themselves cause each other harm and inequality.

When this purpose is fulfilled, we will be able to look back on the way the United States was established and what it did with the power of its democracy. At that point, we will rejoice in its success in adding to the effectiveness of our lessons learned concerning imperfect government. Although our creators will be happy that we had the experience, they will never condone one thing that the United States of the America has ever done—not one thing!  LINK

when we finally get a righteous and omnipotent dictator, we will then appreciate the loss of our democracy. LINK

Our batch of human beings had to gain the experience in order to realize the importance of the Universal laws that govern our existence and the profound importance of the role of a Christ—a DICTATOR with full power and control over any one of us.

(We hate DICTATORS! But we had to go through mortality to see why one was necessary. The situation in Iraq will further evidence the need for a Dictator. LINK

To learn that uncontrolled free-will is the cause of all of our problems, and that we cannot trust any of our mutually free-willed siblings with the task of overseeing our free will.

We must submit our free will to one who doesn’t have our same free will to become an unrighteous dictator … to one who is a harbinger of universal peace and equality. And I can guarantee you, this person does not live on this planet. LINK

The United States of America was part of the final lesson we needed to learn to realize that we could not exist as a human race without a Christ, a righteous dictator who limited and controlled human free will. LINK  Then in his book “Without Disclosing My True Identity” in chapter eight he h as a sections promoting the idea of a “righteous dictator.”

Does all this sound like the “Overseers” plan on letting us continue to use our free will if it goes against their “righteous dictatorship”?

I don’t think so.

Even with technology there will still be things that need done that is not fun work. Technology does not eliminate work but opens up avenues of different kinds of work that need done. There’s always the fun stuff ad the not so fun stuff that needs done.

Alex: There is nothing about Lanza in the above link.

JJ I didn’t say there was. Here is the exact quote from a previous post: … Adam Lanza wanted to spare as many children as he could from the devastating turmoil he was feeling, and had been feeling, from the time he entered kindergarten where the pressure to succeed and fulfill the image of success and leave his mark on this world first began. LINK


The saddest thing is that JJ twisted CMN’s teaching and misrepresented them.

JJ I don’t think you’ve read him carefully enough. I cannot see any evidence that I have misrepresented him at all and you have given nothing that shows that I have. If you have some evidence I’d be happy to look at it.


Feb 20, 2013

Re: Free Will and Work

JJ, after quoting Nemelka:

Does all this sound like the “Overseers” plan on letting us continue to use our free will if it goes against their “righteous dictatorship”?

I don’t think so.

Alex: Here I disagree with JJ. They are letting us to continue to exercise our free will.

JJ I never said they were interfering with free will at the present time and don’t believe Nemelka has either. He says they are allowing us to have free will in the present so we can become witnesses to what bunglers we are and how much we need the Overseers.

Your accusation was that I misrepresented Chris’ teachings about them setting up a dictatorship in 2145 and I gave you a number of quotes verifying that he indeed does believe this and your free will, will be secondary to the will of the dictators. Free will is always limited under a dictator that you have no power to remove.

Alex: “Righteous dictatorship” is not a righteous tyranny as we might stereotypically think. Righteous dictators are very wise and knowledgeable advanced government, several notches above us in their spiritual development, unlike the politicians of today. Righteous dictators which would decree some things without asking you and provide these things without forcing. The first thing they will do is to provide basic food, shelter, education and medical help/healing for every one free.

JJ First of all there is no such thing as a “righteous dictatorship” where the dear leader must be followed without question or consultation. Whenever free will is relinquished to a dictator civilization and progress suffers.

Even if these supposed advanced humans came and supplied all our needs what good would it do? We would become lazy and slothful after a while. Struggle builds character and keeps us from devolving.

The fact that advanced beings are coming here to supply all our needs so we don’t have to work is pure fantasy in my opinion. But let us suppose they did come for that purpose. How will they get the food to feed the whole world? Are they just going to snap their fingers or are they going to dictate to us the work we need to do to make it happen?

Incidentally, I do not recall Nemelka even talking about them being a Santa Claus as you portray them. Do you have a reference?

Alex; Then everyone will have their own free choice either to continue to pay medical insurance or not, go to work or not, etc., he-he.

Will capitalism survive under such a dictatorial regime?

JJ Yes, capitalism always suffers under dictators. Look at North Korea. No one is buying medical insurance there.

Pol Pot did away with money in Cambodia and no one bought anything and peopled starved to death.

Alex It will collapse without a single drop of blood shed, since money — this horrible tool of exploitation — will be rendered useless by the dictators. Not a single bit of property will be expropriated from the rich as Russian communists did in 1917. Not a single cent on the bank accounts will be touched.

JJ This is a communist dictators dream. Eventually we will move to a society that will not need money but it will not be accomplished by taking away free will but by using free will.

Alex Every type of work can either be performed by the Earthlings or by the ETs with their robots and technology. Every one of us will have a choice either to do a certain work or leave it to the “dictators” with their robots.

JJ You are going off of Nemelka’s teachings for he doesn’t believe in ET’s. Here is what he said:

WE ARE ALONE IN THIS PRESENT UNIVERSE. THERE ARE NO OTHER HUMAN BEINGS IN THIS PRESENT UNIVERSE THAT WE PERCEIVE THROUGH OUR SENSES WHILE GOING THROUGH THIS MORTAL EXPERIENCE UPON THIS EARTH. We can create a telescope as large as we want. We can come up with all kinds of theories. We can travel to the ends of the Universe, as we perceive it, but we will never encounter another human being in the present Universe that we perceive as mortal humans … ABSOLUTELY NEVER. LINK

The only thing close to ET’s he believes in are immortal beings – not other beings like ourselves.

Overall I think you were unjust in accusing me of misrepresenting Nemelka’s teachings. I think that what I wrote about them was quite accurate and the quotes I supplied verified that.


Feb 21, 2013

Free Will and Work, Part 2

In Part I in presented these questions: Does working at a job that is not our first choice take away from free will? If so, then who is to blame for this situation? Was someone else beside yourself supposed to supply you with a job opportunity that makes you happy?

Some may buy into the idea that the drudgery of working at a job that is not your first choice takes away free will but such is not the case. What they do not understand is there is a difference between natural limitation in which all life forms find themselves and free will or a lack thereof.

Allow me to give examples of both.

Natural limitation: Example One: Johnny is a seven-year-old kid and is frustrated that he cannot run as fast as his older brother. His lack of equality here is not caused by anyone taking away his free will but a natural limitation. He can however use his free will to exercise regularly to increase his running speed.

Interfering with free will: Example One: Big brother ties Johnny up so he can’t run anywhere.

Natural limitations: Example Two: Bob and Ken are climbing a mountain. Ken gets to the top but Bob runs out of steam before he reaches it. “I can’t go on,” he says and climbs back down and misses the great view. Both have equal free will but Bob has greater limitation because of natural unequal strength and determination.

Interfering with free will: Example Two: Ken gets to the top and then prevents Bob from getting there by pushing him back down every time he attempts the final ascent.

Natural limitations: Example Three: John’s a good-looking guy and can have any girl he wants. Alonzo is not so good-looking and socially awkward. No one wants to go out with him. Is lack of free will holding him back? No, he is suffering from natural limitations.

Interfering with free will: Example Three: John tells all the girls he knows to not date Alonzo because he is creepy and insane which is a lie. Alonzo is a nice guy.

Natural limitations: Example Four: Julia is a naturally talented singer and has always dreamed of singing in a nightclub. After years of cultivating her talent she finally gets her break working for a popular club and loves her job.

Kathy also dreams of singing in a nightclub but doesn’t have a good natural voice. The best job she can find is as a waitress in the nightclub and hates her job. Every time she sees Julia singing away enjoying herself she thinks, “That could be me!”

Is Kathy suffering from someone taking away her free will? No. She is dealing with a natural limitation.

Interfering with free will: Example Four: Kathy is so jealous that she kidnaps Julia so she cannot appear for her next performance. This definitely interferes with Julia’s free will.

All life forms, even God, the One Great Life, find themselves with limitations in this universe. This does not mean that anyone is taking away your free will. On the other hand, the main purpose of free will is to remove limitations. Johnny can increase his running speed through exercise. Bob can so strength training so he can climb the next mountain. Alonzo can get advice on improving his appearance and socials skills. Kathy can take singing lessons or maybe develop a natural talent she has in another area.

No supernatural being is going to come down, wave a magic wand, and remove all of anyone’s limitations. For one thing even supernatural beings have their own set or limitations, but they do not see them as something that takes away their free will.

Man is that he might have joy and joy comes through applying ourselves and removing our limitations. If someone does this for us then the source of our joy is diminished. When we apply ourselves and make progress by removing limitations then the bird of joy encircles us always, worlds without end.


Feb 21, 2013

Re: Free Will and Work, Part 2

Tom: When one says the song of the 144,000 and image the light going to all who say this song is it ok to send the light to my Mom and imagine her when saying the song as she does not say the song as I do. I have tried to get her to say it. I read that one can sends the light only to those that say it.

JJ Like the Song says “Wherever I will the light to descend.” I wouldn’t visualize her in the circle of those saying it since she does not but visualize the light descending on her would be fine.

Ruth: I am wondering what the definition of “natural limitation” refers to?

Is the limitation caused through the laws of nature?

JJ There’s no mystery here. They are just the limitations of the circumstances in which one finds himself.

Ruth: For example, an alcoholic pregnant woman who drinks throughout her pregnancy has unnaturally affected the fetus with a toxic substance, and hence has tampered with the laws of nature, so that the baby is born with limitations of the physical body, emotional body or mental body or all 3.

Or are natural limitations created by the Soul for karmic reasons?

JJ Everything has a reason. Our current circumstances are the result of all of our past and the soul arranges part of them.

Ruth: Also what role do particular Rays play in natural limitations?

JJ Similar to different sets of clothes you may choose to wear.


Feb 22, 2013

Re: Free Will and Work, Part 2

JJ wrote: Everything has a reason. Our current circumstances are the result of all of our past and the soul arranges part of them.

Dan: love, Love, LOVE!!! this concept but there seems to be something wrong with your sentence structure – or at any rate my understanding of it.

So do you mean: SOME or most of our current circumstances are the result of our past (experiences, decisions, etc) and all the rest of our circumstances/experiences are designed/arranged by our souls?

So then, TRUE “accidents” – in which one experiences something NOT the effect of either our past and NOT designed by the soul – either do not happen (period) or would be so RARE as to be virtually non-existent. Is that right?

JJ All current circumstances in our lives and all creation and activity in the universe is the result of past activity and decisions made.

Some are much more obvious than others. If you shoot at a bulls eye and hit it then the result is obviously the result of your intention and action.

On the other hand, if someone bumps you in the middle of a shot and you hit a passing dog then this result is not so obvious. Even so, it is still the result of the past, but more subtle things are involved.

All accidents are the result of one of three categories.

(1) Something planned by an intelligent force. For instance, I believe that the accident I had at age 13 that changed the course of my life was planned by my soul.

Then there are planned accidents less benevolent such as the evil husband disabling the brakes on his wife’s car.

(2) Carelessness. If I stub my toe this is merely an unplanned careless event not planned by intelligence but still the result of past activity.

(3) Collisions of subtle forces. DK talks about this. When Susan Carter injured her foot as discussed in the recent gathering audio she suffered a collision of forces moving in her life. A sensitive person can sense when such a collision is about to take place. If he does he can take pains to be extra careful and avoid an accident.

In the end, it is important to realize that some accidents are a part of a plan and others are not and could have been avoided. Even so, they are still the result of past activity and decisions set in motion.


Feb 23, 2013

Re: Free Will and Work, Part 2

Dan: So, even though every experience may NOT necessarily be “part of the plan”, nothing ever happens to us that isn’t either 1) a direct result of our past actions/decisions, or 2) a design of our soul (or both). Correct?

JJ Close, but not quite. To be technically correct we need to take out the word “our” and just word your first statement thus: “nothing ever happens to us that isn’t either 1) a direct result of past actions/decisions.”

The individual does have some things happen to him that may not be the result of his past actions and decisions but is the result of the past actions of the group to which he belongs. For instance, when a nation becomes involved in a war both good and bad people are affected. Many did nothing to get it started but still may suffer from it.

We are all part of a greater body. Take a look at your body. Perhaps your head wants to go on a roller coaster ride and makes that decision. During the ride the stomach becomes upset and thinks, “I didn’t ask for this.” Once the body decides then all parts are affected. Even so, we are all parts of a greater body.

JJ wrote: Collisions of subtle forces. DK talks about this. When Susan Carter injured her foot as discussed in the recent gathering audio she suffered a collision of forces moving in her life. A sensitive person can sense when such a collision is about to take place. If he does he can take pains to be extra careful and avoid an accident.

Dan: Could you talk a little more about these “subtle forces”, maybe give some examples of what might constitute such a “collision of subtle forces”?

JJ These forces are caused by a number of things. For the individual it may be problems going on in his life.

Let us say that Ben has been living a carefree life when suddenly he discovers his wife is having an affair and on top of that he may loose his job. This creates a stream of emotional energy that distracts him and makes an accident much more likely.

On the other hand, distractions leading to accidents can come from more subtle things.

Let us say that Jim’s son is being bullied at school and is depressed but acts like everything in his life is fine. As Jim is driving home his subtle body picks up the negative vibe from his son. He does not register the negative energy enough to consciously understand it but it does have the effect of distracting his attention and making him more accident prone.

In addition, the distractive negative energy may be coming from a number of different sources.

If one feels such subtle negative energies it is important that he be very careful when driving or in any circumstances where an accident is possible. When I feel such energies I say to myself: “You do not need to have an accident today.”

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