Cayce and Wilcock

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Posted Dec 3, 2010
Sarah writes:
A friend of mine sent me a link to these youtube videos of a seminar given by a man named David Wilcock at The Conscious Life Expo in San Francisco in Spring of 2008. I find it to fit in nicely with the ‘puzzle’ (at least the one I have been driven towards) so to speak and he answered some questions I had been pondering within myself concerning OBE’s. I wanted to know what the Keysters thought. He claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

The 2012 Enigma (There are 10 parts, here is part 1)
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I came across this guy (David Wilcock) a number of years ago and wasn’t impressed at the time.  It seemed his only desire was to prove he was Edgar Cayce reincarnated.

I figured he was just one more person wanting to be someone famous without earning the fame.

I was pleasantly surprised at watching the video to see Wilcox giving a very intelligent presentation outside the real of claiming to be Cayce.  Even though the presentation raises more questions than it answers it is well worth watching.

I do not know if Wilcock is Cayce or not but at least he is probably as intelligent as him.

Speaking of videos I found one that is very interesting about the moon – giving evidence that intelligent life was once and maybe still is there.  This is in 9 parts beginning at:
Moon Video

Also this page gives an actual photograph taken by an orbital that shows the moon landing spot for Apollo 11.  This should forever dispel the conspiracy theory claiming the moon landing was a hoax.  Go to:
Apollo Landing

I decided to take a look at the charts of David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce to see if there is anything that stands out.

Probably the most significant thing, as the online astrologer pointed out, is their moons are very close in Tarus, about a degree apart.  Also both have Saturn, Mercury Venus and the Sun in the most emotional and sympathetic sign of Pisces.  Both also have Mars in Capricorn.

There are two ways to interpret this seeming coincidence.  One could say that it indicates that David could have been Cayce because of the coincidental sameness. But there is another more logical view and that is this.

On any given day there are about a half million people born so there are many thousands of others who have a similar chart. Anyone with such a chart who studies Cayce will feel an affinity for him and if such a person studies him deeply he will feel a strong identification with him.  This particularly applies to someone with a moon only one degree different in location.

When a person contemplates his own past lives he is likely to guess he may be someone who dealt with similar astrological forces as he is.  That is not strong evidence that Wilcox was Cayce in a past life.  Instead it is evidence tat Wilcock is drawn to Cayce because of emotional similarities.

A chart can give subtle evidence of a past life but astrology is a very weak tool in identifying or proving one.  A chart is merely a description of forces that surrounds us and saying two people are the same because of two charts is like saying Jim and Bob are the same because they both live in Denver and deal with the same traffic problems each day.

It is also notable that a person’s chart will often be very different from life to life as the entity faces new challenges.
That’s not to say that Wilcock is not Cayce.  He could be and it should be easy to prove.  He claims that several of his friends were associated with Cayce.  All he has to do is regress everyone who he thinks was associated with Cayce in a past life (including himself) and see if they can retrieve information that is not in any book but can be validated.

Another thing to do is compare handwriting samples.  Whereas thousands of charts are very similar no two handwritings are the same.  Unfortunately handwriting is usually not solid proof because it changes over the years as does character – but similarities will remain.

Susan wrote:
I was impressed how similarly his associates looked to Cayce’s associates. That
is one of the signs you have taught in the past.

Yes, I’d say that was his best evidence so far.

Actually, Cayce didn’t come up with much on his own, but in the trance state –
so unless Wilcock goes into the trance state he doesn’t have to go too far to
duplicate Cayce’s intellect.

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