Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 36

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JJ: No we are not gong to be static forever and this is illustrated by the universe itself and the law of correspondences. As above and so below, with a twist. The atom is like a solar system but with a difference. When the scientists go down and study the small things we find that everything is built upon the number seven in our universe. Seven notes on the musical scale, seven colors of the rainbow, seven rays, seven spirits before the throne of God. These are the seven creative energies that build our universe. Now even when we go down and look at the atom we find that advanced atoms are composed of seven layers of electrons so the seven even shows up in the electron shells.

It does not change until you go into the foundation building blocks of the nucleus of the atom, which are quarks. Then finally we come to something that is different. There are only six quarks. This indicates that if we go deep enough into the atom there is a change in the building blocks. Does this mean that when go above and out ward that there will be a change in the universe? Will there be a universe of eight? And this is what the book, Eternal Words, teaches, is that we are in a universe of seven and we came from a universe that was founded upon the number six and before that we came from a universe that was founded on the number five, and before that we came from a universe that was founded on the number four.

Now the character in the book was given a test where he has to go down to the smallest particle in our history and commune with it and then commune with the universe itself. So he explored clear down to the universe of four, then three and finally down to the beginning particle of all the universes, and what he found was that the beginning particle was composed of a universe of eleven. The purpose of this universe that we are in now is to perfect it and eventually create a universe of twelve. We are in seven right now which will continue in existence for billions of years. Then, when it goes out of existence and creates a big black hole it will disappear and reappear into existence again many, many times until perfection is reached. We will reach relative perfection in this universe and then it will go out of existence and come back in and we will come back in each time reaching a little bit more perfection.

Then we will reach a stage called relative perfection. Absolute perfection is never reached. What he sees in this book is that the universe has a consciousness of a three year old. In other words, the universe is very young and the entity that occupies the universe that we call the ultimate God is really a three year old. And he was told to bless the universe.

In blessing the universe he realizes that he is more advanced on his scale than the universe is on its, and what is interesting about the blessing is that it is the opposite of what we all think. All of us are looking to get a blessing from the ultimate God and yet he was told to bless the universe. What was interesting was that the occupant of the universe was the same occupant that he met when he visited the smallest particle. When he visited the smallest particle, it was the same being and what he found in the smaller universes was that they were all asleep.

Think of it this way, I bought Microsoft Word Version One a long time ago. I do not know if any of you ever had that program. It was only made for the Macintosh, and you had to have a Mac to get Microsoft Word number one. It was very primitive to what we have today. Now I think they have even quit numbering them and it is by the year now or something like that. They are still working on it trying to make it better. They are getting to the point where any change is making it worse rather than making it better. As a matter of fact I like my version of Windows 95, which is equivalent to Mac 96 or something, I like that version best.

With Adobe illustrator I like version 3 best and they are up to about 12. Version 3 is about 13 years old and I love it. It is really fast. You turn that on and it zips right on and does not have a whole bunch of stuff to load and slow you down – it is really a nice little program. When I want to do some bells and whistles I go to the higher versions. But for the basics you just can’t beat illustrator 3. Eventually they will come up with a version that is impossible to make better and what are they going to do then? Then they will use that as a piece to incorporate to do something else with. This is what we have done, and the reason I say we is because a piece of us has gone through every creation.

So we have participated in creation from an endless time. We have participated in the creation of the atom, electrons, the creation of quarks and the particles that make up quarks. We have participated in all those creations. We have been like engineers trying to make the perfect word processing program and what we did with the atom is we made it so good that we just could not make it any better.

When we finished making the hydrogen atom it was so good that everybody else that made a hydrogen atom made one that looked exactly the same. In the Andromeda Galaxy the hydrogen atoms look the same as they are here. The hydrogen on the sun is the same as it is here and is the same as it is everywhere.

Why? It is like two people, Bill Gates here and a Bill Gates on Mars. The Bill Gates on Mars is also trying to create the perfect word processing system and Bill Gates here is doing the same thing. After a hundred years they get together and they compare it and they will find out that they have the same thing. Both of them after much trial and error came up with the same ideas that work the same way and this is the way it happens in the universe. No matter where you go all the creators on every planet in every galaxy have come up with the same idea as to how hydrogen is supposed to be made. Everywhere in the universe it is exactly same and it is exactly the same because after a lot of trial and error there is really only one final way that it works best and when something works best we decide to go with it.

This just makes sense. Everywhere in the universe things are the same but still different. Every hydrogen atom operates on the same principle but every one also has very small, small differences. This is because of what we call relative perfection as compared to absolute perfection. There is no such thing as absolute perfection and no thing in this universe has the perfect circle. We can try to draw the perfect circle but it will never be quite perfect, we can try to create the perfect word processor but we will never quite get there. The life of God has tried to create the perfect hydrogen atom but each one is slightly different.

They are so close that by a casual observation they would look exactly the same but they are not exactly the same. They just look relatively the same but have very slight differences. Once perfection gets so good then you figure that any more energy in trying to improve this is useless. So once we reach the point in these particles where any more energy in improving them is counterproductive then we think well we can’t improve the hydrogen atom anymore so we will use it as a building block to begin to create something new because we do not want to do nothing. We want to continue creating.

So we take two hydrogen atoms and throw an oxygen atom and use it as a building block for water, and then we use this to create cells until cells reach relative perfection. Now what happens among all these little particles where the life of God is? We have always heard that everything is alive – the earth, rocks, the atoms, etc. It is true everything is alive but the life that exists where relative perfection occurs goes to sleep. Because let us suppose you achieved relative perfection, I want you to think how logical this is, if you achieved relative perfection then what is there for you? It is our human nature to always want new experiences and new challenges.

We cannot live without these and it so built into who we are that even when we sleep we cannot do nothing. We still have dreams and in these dreams we do all kinds of crazy things. They are kind of crazy at times but they are still an experience that is very challenging. You will find that some of your dreams are very challenging. So even when we sleep it is in our nature to find something new all the time to experience.

Our inner self conjures up something for us to be entertained because we demand to be entertained and demand to experience new things all the time. The youth want this all the time. When we get old we do not want the new and this is one of the reasons why we die. If we want eternal youth then we must go after new things and new experiences.

So what happens when relative perfection is reached is that life becomes very boring and the lives that reach relative perfection go to sleep. Then what happens is they wake up and merge with other lives and participate in the creation of a greater life and then that greater life does new things. You are composed of trillions of atoms and each one of those atoms is alive, but also asleep, they are asleep and dreaming of being you and you are giving them the experience that they cannot get on their own.

Those little tiny lives live in the cells, atoms, quarks, electrons and things and because they are alive they want something to happen, they want to build new things, to create new things, to have new experiences, and they have done all that they can on their own plane of existence so they have to go to sleep and wake up in you. You are a composite of trillions of other life forms and universes, which are in you. They are all waiting for you to do something interesting. What have you done that is interesting Wayne to keep the lives within you entertained?

Wayne: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: So interesting it may be illegal, huh Wayne! Outside of Wayne the rest of you are really going to have to work on it I think.

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