Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New

Our friend Dan posted the following:

“I once participated in a project to create EXACTLY the type of community we are talking about here minus the spirituality/mysticism (even so much as thinking either of those terms would have gotten someone ex-communicated 🙂

“No big-brother at all – pure unadulterated laissez faire, free- market, Galt’s Gulch capitalism. There were over 100 people directly involved and more as ‘investors’ with, as I recall at the beginning (I didn’t get in until about the last year), maybe 10 million dollars total to work with in the trust.

“You want to know why it failed IMO?

“Because every individual (all were rugged individualists) wanted to have every single detail worked out PRIOR to actually DOING anything physically.

“Each of us INSISTED on having EVERY single POSSIBLE contingency planned out, accounted for, written down and eliminated as an issue before starting anything AND additionally we each thought OUR idea was the ONLY sane way that any of it could be done (of course).

“Every time we would get close to completion on one project, a new detail emerged that must be dealt with FIRST that affected everything else so it had to be re-worked and so on and so on ad infinitum.

“Nobody was willing to compromise one iota just to get something going to start with except the moneyman who was basically a get-r-dun ‘we gotta have a flashy circus to keep ‘em interested’ type PR guy.

“Basically, the ‘planning stage’ continued on over so many years that we gradually ate up the whole 10mil ‘keeping investors happy,’ before Laissez Faire City could do much more than just BEGIN to manifest in the physical, which it did briefly, before SIDS killed it.

“This means too much to me to see that happen again here. Let’s gest gitRdun and see where the chips fall. What have we got to lose? A crappy system that no one likes but feels FORCED to put up with?

“C’mon, I’ve lived in the tropics, food LITERALLY grows on trees, you’d have to be an idiot to starve to death!”

JJ: Since you’ve described such a unique experience I thought I’d make sure it got in the archives.

We’ve discussed this experience in person at the Manti gathering and as you may recall I was not at all surprised with the result you achieved. Over the years I’ve encountered quite a few people who would like to gather out and there are many similarities between them. In many ways several members here represent the quintessential nature of those I have met in the past. They are good people, but put them together to work out the details of cooperation and fireworks will be the result. Some seem to be on the same page as they are united against me but if they had to work out a plan together things would be different. For instance one member’s belief that fractional banking is acceptable would not fit in with another’s that each dollar must be 100 percent gold backed.

When the time of the gathering comes many who sought it the most will also resist it the most as everything will not fit in with their idea of high standards. This applies whether it is spearheaded by me or someone else. The first will be last and the last first seems to apply again and again.

One thing left out of this truism though is the first can remain the first if they are not crystallized in their ideas. The true disciple rides the waves of time as the surfer rides the waves of the ocean and uses the energy of the wave rather than being engulfed and controlled by it.

Dan: “It is only insane to keep trying the same thing expecting a different result if the conditions always stay the same (and you know the old say about ‘the only thing that stays the same) — but we’re talking about an entirely new world here!

“Hell, forget about EVERYTHING else we’ve learned here except the Molecular Relationship. That alone changes how things work so THOROUGHLY that almost anything ever tried in history COULD be tried again under the new system and have a different result!

“The alarmists are always going to be able to point to something in our history that is similar to everything that will EVER EXIST and say — ‘see, it failed right here in 2007, it’ll obviously fail this time too’”.

JJ: Yes, you are right — the Molecular Relationship could make many business and governments work efficiently where now they are sluggish.

The main elements of the fiat money system I propose have worked successfully for periods of time until some greater power altered it. It was done by a number of the original colonists, Guernsey island, and even now in Ithaca New York. You can check out their use of fiat money at:

(NOTE: This was written before digital money like Bitcoin, which doesn’t even have a government to back it up, came into the equation)

The United States has used a fiat system with tremendous flaws in it over the past 70 years and even with these gaping holes we have produced abundance that makes any 70 years of the gold standard pale by comparison.

Even if we have a collapse tomorrow, we have still accomplished that which has never been done in the history of the world and can rebuild better than before from our ashes.

Now this is NOT an endorsement of the goodness of the current fiat system. I just want us to imagine where we would be if we had a responsible system where excessive dollars are not in circulation and corruption checked by law.

He who never sacrificed a present to a future good, or a personal to a general one, can speak of happiness only as the blind speak of color. —Horace Mann

Feb 28, 2008

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