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1  The first principle of purpose is as deep as the human mind can contemplate and the more we meditate on it the more light will be shed.

2  “Repent” is translated from the Greek word METANOEO which literally means “to exercise the mind to think differently, or to comprehend differently”.

3  We must accept responsibility for our own actions, and not wait for God to save us or to set things right, but to get off our butt and put some action behind our words and correct the mess the world is in.

4  Tagging any teaching with a name makes it neither true nor false.

5  There are times that a starving person needs the fish for immediate relief and has no time to learn to catch anything. Sometimes you have to feed him until he has strength – then you can teach him to fish.

6  We may not have all the light and all understanding, but each of us will always have some light on the truth.

7  If we examine the history of the race, we will see that the ones who have truly proved themselves a benefit to humanity made no big announcement as a great one, and they usually had a very good rapport with common men and women.

8  When the word “repent” is used in this day and age one pictures in mind the image of either a bearded fanatic or a zealous born again Christian fundamentalist. Actually, these are some of those in the greatest need for repentance.

9  The baptism of children is not mentioned in the scriptures. Because they have no guilt baptism performed on them is useless. John and Peter commanded people to “repent” and be baptized. Since a child cannot repent, baptism of them is a mockery before God and man.

10  A human with their [chakra or energy] centers opened will sometimes have such a strong aura that they will glow and have a visible radiance, like the Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration.

11  Each of us is a light to the world in some way and as a light to the world we must see ourselves in the symbol of a candle. Where we lack light we share in the light received by another and we are then filled with light. Consider the image of one candle lighting another candle. Unlike sharing as is done in the world there is no loss in the sharing of light. When one candle lights another and the flame is full, both shine with the same brightness. All the light of the first is given to the second and none is lost, neither diminished. One candle can light two, two can light four, four, eight and so on until after a few generations millions of candles can be lit by the one and none suffer any loss through the sharing, but the light of the whole is increased many fold.

12  Teachings of light will not change all instantly.

13  So my friends, what good is it if we have light but keep it under a bushel? The bushel is composed of fear, inertia, ego, lack of confidence and dependence on unjust authority. Let us remove the covering of the light and keep this a land of the ever present sun, in season and out of season.

14  I do not know of any major religion that is becoming more conservative. In fact, religion is experiencing somewhat of a revival because of various liberal experiments in independent churches to bring back the flock.

15  I think all charities and give-away programs should work around the following principle which has been reduced to a well worn cliche.  “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.”

16  The infinite does not exist. It is only a theoretical point that you go toward.

17  True perception in relation to law or principles is the correct realization of how the law or principle works itself out.

18  Falsehood is a distortion of an experience or an existence to make that which did not happen or exist appear to have happened.

19  It is true that a falsehood is false, but that does not make that which is false, true. It is true that 1+1 does not equal three, but that does not make it equal three. 1+1=3 is never true for anyone. 1+1=3 is not even true in your dreams.

20  There is really no such thing as up or down — such concepts are only relative to location.

21  No change which fulfills the purpose of God will hurt the world at large and the people as a whole will always benefit.

22  Even one who has achieved soul contact can fall away from it so the use of common sense is a factor that guides us toward the truth and keeps all of us in alignment.

23  Correct use of the light of knowledge is called “righteousness” in the scriptures and correct sharing is called “love.”

24  In certain dark ages there could be no progression without blazing forward, but today humanity is mature enough to gradually accept greater fire without greeting it with persecution. Those having the flame must proceed gradually and with great wisdom.

25  The devas are not monads, but also grew from a seed or monad.

26  When soul contact is reached the mind becomes a reflector of the soul and the contrast between the higher light of soul and the lower light of mind creates enlightenment and understanding on the physical plane.

27  Keep asking and then paying attention to impressions coming within throughout the day. In a quiet moment when you are not expecting anything the answer may come.

28  To one who has their attention centered on physical light the light of the soul is as night and does not reveal. But later the soul reveals its great light as the downward focused eyes are lifted. Then later as the greater light is seen the soul has a second dark night, but this time the dark is a contrast that reveals joy.

29  If we want more light we must stand in the light which is seen.

30  When an additional glimmer of light is seen, we must hold our focus on it until the flame grows bright enough that we are assured, the revelation will never be lost.

31  Right use of light is extremely important for without it the light grows dim and the vision seen is forgotten. The only way to keep it is to follow certain steps.

32  Alice A. Bailey was indeed a scribe for most of her writings. She received them from Djwahl Khul, a Tibetan Master who was one of the Three Wise Men from the East in a previous incarnation. He is around 300 years old and is sometimes called the “messenger boy for the Gods” because he is fairly young as far as the age of Masters go.

33  Contemplate the impressions that come to you during the day because of the increase of Light and Love and Power.

34  The enemies of light and love will continue to create problems from time to time, but if we do our part in standing in harmlessness while seeking to serve in the light, with light and love and power manifesting for the whole, the triumph in the end will be sure.

35  Light and Love is eternally present, but we individually and collectively create veils that cause the illusion of separation. These veils can be penetrated by directed thought on an individual and collective basis.

36  What I write can be realized to be true because it can be proven by experience and that which we prove through experience is to be trusted until a higher experience gives additional light.

37  As reflections of God, we must also find and bring light to our blind spots. This is often hard on the old ego, and there is a natural resistance for many to even acknowledge that a specific blind spot exists.

38  There is corruption in Masonry, but there is also a lot of truth there and it will be reformed to represent the side of light in totality in the coming age.

39  If you are saying the Song with pure intent and tuning into the Oneness Principle additional light will just come to you from time to time and it is important that you contemplate or think long and hard about what you receive so you can have power to retain it.

40  Wherever we live we must always work to improve our country and communities.

41  The teachings here are not a repeat or rehash of teachings given elsewhere. When other useful teachings are found we will reference them, but attempt not to present them as if they are new or unique.

42  Contemplation is a positive aspect of meditation and is more active and takes a person in the direction of the soul if attention is used and the heart is pure.

43  True peace comes from the Spirit of God, which is the Spirit of freedom or the soul.

44  Let us all add our light and love to dispel the fear and darkness that envelops so many, that the day may come that light is so universal that a dark corner cannot be found and that love will create such a fire that none can resist being consumed.

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