Sex in the Spirit World

Feb 16, 2017

Sex in the Spirit World

(I’m making another Mormon outreach and wrote this for an LDS group who are reaching out for more knowledge.)

In response to a recent post there was quite a bit of discussion of the role of male and females in this life or the next. Then there is the recurring debate as to which sex has the greatest advantage and whether one of them is being shortchanged in the scheme of things.

I will give you my views on this matter with no claim of authority attached. It is entirely up to the reader to run these words by his or her own inner spirit and find out the truth thereof.

First, I think most will agree with me when I say that one sex is not superior to the other. The compose two halves of a great whole and their interplay is the basis of the creation of all things in the worlds of form.

Some who call themselves progressive today maintain there are no differences between males and females outside of the obvious physical, but such is not the case. The way they deal with energy is very different. The males are more polarized in the sending, radiant and active mode, whereas the females are more focused on receiving, holding things together, or as a magnetic energy.

I won’t go into more detail here as I have written a whole book on this and am thinking of posting it here soon. It is called The Molecular Relationship.

A favorite topic of contemplation for the LDS is the afterlife and what role sex will play in the spirit world as well as the whole round of eternal progression. The missing link in understanding by the church is the principle of reincarnation. Once this principle is understood then the seeker’s views and orientation makes a huge adjustment. After the adjustment he will be surprised at how his new vision harmonizes with the scriptures yet leaves behind many of the beliefs and traditions in the church itself.

Discovering the truth of reincarnation for a Mormon is a little like a born again Christian discovering that we had a pre-mortal existence. He has to adjust his thinking, but the new belief is mind expanding and harmonizes with the scriptures.

An LDS person who realizes reincarnation is likely to discover a number of truths.

(1) We have all been both male and female in past lives.

This truth makes it rather amusing that some consider one sex better than the other because such a person has been both of them at different times. In fact, if he belittles, or harms the opposite sex, person of a different race or minority he is likely to be reborn in that situation so he can learn to appreciate that which he looked down upon.

(2) In paradise there is not male and female as we know it.

Paul pointed this direction when he said:

“For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Gal 3:26-28

Those worthy of paradise are those who have “put on Christ” and have detached themselves from identification with the material world. In the higher realms we are no longer Jew or Greek, rich or poor or male and female but all share equally in a consciousness of being children of God.

Those who still identify with, embrace and long for identification with form and the lower desire nature join the “spirits in prison” as spoken of in the scriptures.

They are imprisoned by their own desires to remain male or female, Jew or Greek, Mormon or Catholic, etc. When they can release themselves from attachment to that which creates separation they can then enter paradise where the keynote is union.

The seeker may ask, “Do we not have any form then in paradise? How would we recognize each other?

The main source of recognition is through vibration. An imperfect example would be our ability to recognize a song. It has no form, but we can recognize it through sound vibration that we take in. Each person is like a different song from God. When one encounters a friend in paradise he is instantly recognized by the vibration.

Now when you encounter this friend he may wish you to see him as he last appeared on earth. He can project this at any age desired. If he is not happy with the looks of his last body he can alter it or even project the image of a body from a future incarnation he is planning. He can even change into an eagle if he desires and fly all around the beautiful thought creations of the paradise world.

If you meet an old friend from earth who is projecting a form different than the one you knew on earth, you would still recognize him by his vibration and could see him in the form that is familiar to you if desired.

You could be having a conversation with two people and both could see your form a little differently.

Does this mean that we will literally be without sex?

If you were a male or female in your last life you would probably be more comfortable assuming that shape between lives. Spirits in paradise have left behind the lower passions and desires and find much more satisfaction in the higher. There are mergings of energy that produce intensities of sharing on a much higher level than physical sex.

Even though earthly differentiation of sex is left behind, each spirit has a slight preference toward either the male or female energy. It is not so pronounced though that he would not be willing to be born as either male or female as required in this school we call earth.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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