Holograms and More

Feb 19, 2017

Holograms and More

All mass, or matter that creates form is composed of energy in motion. The most dense is the physical and each plane up from there becomes more refined. Our ethnic body is composed of many highways of electrical grids that moves refined matter along giving forms their physical shape. The etheric body is that which keeps our physical body alive, repaired and the form intact. At death the etheric body leaves and the physical body then immediately starts to fall apart, or decay.

There are concentrations of the mass of the etheric body focused around the centers that creates a veil between us and the unseen worlds. As the seeker progresses these webs been to disintegrate.

A hologram is created by the manipulation of light to create a 3-D picture, but has no substance. A physical body could be said to have some correspondence to a hologram, but it has substance, which we could call extremely concentrated light.

All forms in all planes are mostly empty space, but then particles and currents are in such high motion that they merely seem much more solid than they really are.

As I have said many times before, there is no such thing as anything completely solid as all matter is created from purpose energy in vibration.

After Death Clarification

Our higher self is in the higher mental sphere which is called paradise in the Bible. We at present are in the physical and are a shadow (using DK’s wording) or projection of the Higher Self. The Higher Self remains in the Spirit World even as the shadow is extended here on earth. It is aware of us, but until enlightenment comes we are not aware of it.

When we die we move into astral matter. The more advanced remain there for a short time and reunite with the Higher Self in paradise. Others still attached to the things of the physical plane remain in the astral zones until they work through their illusions as much as can be. After this, they go to sleep, sometimes called experiencing a second death, but is really an awakening to reunite with their Higher Selves and prepare for a future life.

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