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1  To have perfection you have to have a judge of what perfection is.

2  True perfection consists in having the ability to complete a task successfully.

3  If God is ever to create a perfect circle then He would have to have the exact number for pi, for without it a perfect circle is impossible; making the perfection of God impossible.

4  Female energies build forms and male energies destroy forms for in the reaching of the perfection of any decision one must both build and destroy.

5  A reason that people accept Jesus as God is because they see him as being perfect. Actually, there are more scriptures that talk about the perfection of the saints than that of Jesus.

6  That which is above is in the process of evolution and will, at the end of its evolution, be more complex and majestic than that which is below; but that which is below is near the end of its evolution, and has reached relative perfection.

7  Eventually our laws will reach relative perfection where little or no change will be necessary.

8  The only path to relative perfection is to have corrective measure built in the system so correction can be applied as light is revealed.

9  Orthodox Christians say that Jesus was perfect because he obeyed all the laws but the Bible says “The law made NOTHING perfect.”

10  All living things are perfect as the Father is perfect if they follow the harmony of nature.

11  Once relative perfection is reached in the world of form the intelligence behind its creation recognizes it and begins to duplicate this perfection.

12  An injunction to be flawless as is the One God who holds the universe together, and created all the millions of galaxies is like telling a worm to be like a man.

13  It is indeed disturbing for many to contemplate that even heaven or the higher worlds may not be a perfect place.

14  The tiny subatomic lives (which have united as one) which are responsible for the interplay between spirit and matter within us have reached relative perfection, and humankind in relation to the universe is just getting started.

15  We want to make the leap to perfection in one step because the picture painted by some inspired book looks so beautiful and true we cannot bear to live with our imperfect selves another instant.

16  The tiny lives that exist within our bodies that have perfected themselves in their sphere, seek to shift their time awareness and consciousness to harmonize with our own, to them a human is the universal God.

17  In the molecular level relationship has reached relative perfection, whereas the progression of humanity toward their relative perfection in relationship is at fifty percent or less.

18  The Masters use the term “relative perfection” because any concept of perfection is relative to the fulfillment of some objective.

19  The Soul which is above is humanity living on millions of planets throughout the universe. The largest difference between higher soul (humanity) and lower soul (the interplay within us) is that humanity is only at the beginning of its mission in relation to the universe whereas the microcosmic soul has reached relative perfection.

20  The Christ through Jesus perfectly (relative perfection) manifested both love and wisdom as well as anchoring the will of God on the earth in a way that had not been done before.

21  The word equivalent to the modern word perfect is AKRIBELA and if you check your Bible Concordance you will not find this word ever used in connection with God or Jesus.

22  What perfection is, is different for each person. To the Jews who crucified Jesus, He was one of the most imperfect beings who ever lived. To the born again Christian, He is completely flawless.

23  Ultimate Perfection is an illusion and actually undesirable. If we were to live in a state where there could not exist a goal to progress even higher then there would be no joy in living.

24  We have the concept of perfection and imperfection in the world of form, but in the formless world of origination this concept is meaningless. Perfection has meaning when form is in the process of creation or has materialized.

25  A life whether it be an atom, a worm, a man or a planetary Spirit evolves to relative perfection within its sphere. When this relative perfection is reached its progression on an individual basis comes to an end, but it uses molecular principles (see The Molecular Relationship) to enter a path of higher evolution.

26  Becoming, or evolving toward ultimate perfection within the various spheres, is the destiny of all the sons and daughters of mankind.

27  It is only after many attempts at trial and error, and then learning from mistakes, that relative perfection is finally obtained.

28  We presently have a system of numbers and math that allows us to assign an exact figure (say one foot) to a distance that no one has been able to measure as existing in the real world.

29  The word perfection only applies to form; talking about perfection when there is no form is meaningless from our point of view.

30  With relative perfection one can reach a state where the entity has a skill down pat so he becomes a reliable performer or he has achieved a particular goal to his satisfaction, but soon he finds another skill to master and another goal to achieve.

31  The reason absolute perfection is an illusion is because to believe in such a thing one must negate the eternal principle of correction. Because correction is always taking place absolute perfection cannot be.

32  If everything were perfect we wouldn’t be here to begin with and there would be no illusion, which is imperfect.

33  What is the perfect diamond, the perfect look, the perfect color, the perfect flower? What is perfect is what we define as perfect, or cannot be improved upon, and each person has a different idea of what that is.

34  God cannot create a perfect world for you and me because we define and see perfection differently. A perfect world to one may be hell to another.

35  When you look in the eyes of another and see only perfection what do you see? You see the face of Christ and this opens the door of the soul.

36  Perfection is a journey rather than a final adjustment.

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