Reflections on Trump

Jan 31, 2016

Reflections on Trump

Donald Trump is one of the most interesting as well as controversial presidential candidates we have had or some time. The amazing thing he has a good chance of getting the Republican nomination and winning the presidency. If he runs against Bernie Sanders he should win despite his controversy because the majority do not want a socialist president. Hillary is having legal problems because of her illegal emails and may not be able to stay in the running.

Just like circumstances fell in place for Obama to become president, so far circumstances are falling in place for Trump.

Trump has a great Achilles heel though and that is the number of people against him. Presently 60% of the people see him as negative. Some analysts feel that if a couple Republican candidates drop out that most of their people would go to Cruz or Rubio and not Trump and when the herd gets thinned that Trump may be in trouble. Time will tell.

Here are the plusses and minuses I see with Trump.


He is very intelligent. Like I said his handwriting shows he is the most intelligent candidate since JFK. However his intelligence flows in a different direction. None of us can excel at all things. Intelligent people pick a few things of interest and excel at them. Trump does have an interest in the material and abstract but his handwriting shows that he really places a lot of attention on the social aspect of being. Some may question this because of his politically incorrect statements, but consider how well known he has been for decades. Few people are household names because they are billionaires. He is a household name because of a high social consciousness and awareness. It makes it look like he is in the game for the ego, but his greatest motivation is to mix with interesting people. He likes stimulating them in either a positive or negative way.

If he becomes president he has he potential to use this social intelligence in a positive way on behalf of the country.


He is somewhat of a wild card. As I said, he does not reveal all his plans or thoughts. This is not only confirmed by his handwriting, but his own words. Several times he has been asked about position of several issues and he has responded that he will not reveal his thoughts because knowing too much about him would hinder him in dealing with enemies if he becomes president.

He has changed positions a number of times and may change them again.


He is a determined fighter to get what he wants. This will be positive if he fights for the good of the country.


Some worry that he will fight for personal interests rather than the good of the country. Voters need to assess whether he has the best interests of the country in his mind.


He has proven, more than the other candidates that he can run a successful business, come back from behind, make good deals and electrify and audience.


He has also had failures and has offended a lot of people.


He has proven he can get things done.


There is a concern that if given the power of the presidency he would use too much authority and bypass Congress as Obama has tried to do.


We know a lot more about him than we did Obama when he was elected.


Not all like what they know, or think they know.

The three issues I look for in a president is how he will handle national security, the economy and will he support the Principle of Freedom? If these are taken care of then our lives can go on to solve all the other issues which are minor by comparison. I am not attracted to a president who wants to borrow money to give me freestuff.

Whoever we elect will have many unknowns about him or her as the person enters the office.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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