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1.  “If you feel forced by another’s viewpoint it is probably because there is some truth in it trying to force its way out.”

2.  “I know it’s fun to talk about theory and ideas that we can never prove true or false in this physical reality, but the time comes in the lives of all seekers where practical work and progress must be made. Such work must be demonstrated in the eyes of all, believers and non-believers.”

3.  “The idea of God or a Master appearing just to answer all your questions is a hypothetical thing that does not happen in the real world.”

4.  “Realism brings the seeker closer to the truth and spirit, not the other way around.”

5.  “The true realist looks beyond his bias.”

6.  “When two of us look upon the outside world with the same instruments of perception we see two different realities because the present is filtered through the memory of the past.”

7.  “Unless we face reality and have truth in our words true peace, love and harmony can never be approached.”

8.  “If you lose your brakes going down a steep incline, it does little good to tell yourself, “this is not the true reality.” It is a true reality that you are in the experience and if you do not make the best of it you will suffer loss.”

9.  “In this reality we are in, there is indeed success and failure.”

10.  “There is no opposite in reality to the dominating good.”

11.  “When someone says to me something like, “You can prove anything from the Bible” I give them something to prove and they cannot do it.”

12.  “Many there are who have their brains filled with wonderful teachings and theory, but if they cannot be applied in the real world they remain just that – unapplied untested dreams of wonder.”

13.  “We either create our own reality or allow someone else to do it for us.”

14.  “Within our ring-pass-not we have power to create our own reality.”

15.  “There are levels of reality and each level up brings us closer to the real. Just as there was a more real world above the dream state in the [movie] “The Matrix;” even so is there a higher reality above the state we are in now and that reality is more real than the present one.”

16.  “A third state [of reality we can be conscious of] is Soul Consciousness that we can enter through meditation or after death.”

17.  “Our reality is a part of this greater reality [Soul Consciousness] but does not encompass it, but Soul Consciousness encompasses our reality.”

18.  “In this higher reality [Soul Consciousness] we see a universe so real that it seems that we have arrived at the ultimate for we realize that it is much more real than our physical world.”

19.  “Reality can exist in light or dark in the seen or unseen.”

20.  “A great problem occurs in seekers when they want to live or dwell in the greater reality before they have mastered this one. We are here to master where we are now, not where we are not.”

21.  “We live in a reality where separation exists, even though we are parts of the one body. Some step out of the influence of the body for a time.”

22.  “One merely must ask himself how he creates reality.”

23.  “While it is true that there are complexities to time and space (of which I have written much) we must not ignore the reality which is right in front of us.”

24.  “To deny there is such a thing as a mistake is to deny the reality in which we live.”

25.  “There are many realities, and in [the] Ultimate Reality God is One, and you and I are only unmaterialized possibilities.”

26.  “We are in this reality and we must deal with it by the rules of the game we discover along the way.”

27.  “It is true that in some great ultimate reality everything is One, but if we dwelt in that reality now then you and I would not even exist as entities. Have we arrived at the consciousness to accept such a thing? I have not and I know of no one who has.”

28.  “It is important that we deal with the reality in which we exist for this is what we must do to take our next step.”

29.  “Many read teachings about some ultimate reality that is beyond cause and effect and they immediately assume that this is the next step for them.”

30.  “In Babylon the true reality is always hidden.”

31.  “In the true reality, there is neither male nor female, light and dark, hot and cold, but only the foundation God who reflected himself to infinity and caused these reflections to vibrate to create the appearance of real physical worlds of form.”

32.  “It is much more logical to go with the evidence rather than a view from an alternate reality that you cannot even experience.”

33.  “In the real world you need a certain amount of attachment to outcome or one would get nothing done.”

34.  “I know a lot of seekers hate the word absolute, but this word does seem to be accurate when looking at what is, for it cannot be changed – only our perception or memory can be.”

35.  “That which is true is merely an accurate description or representation of reality, or the foundations thereof.”

36.  “The changing of reality, or what is true is relative to the happenings of the day but the point of truth in time and space, is not relative to anything.”

37.  “The creation of what is true is relative but, when that creation becomes either present or past tense, then that which IS becomes absolute.”

38.  “We have people who expect to materialize all their dreams with no other effort on their part than thinking or meditating about it.”

39.  “The dream and waking state both have certain qualities that overlap and qualities that differentiate. For instance fear can exist in both states, but continuity of events and form only exists in the waking state.”

40.  “This [the dream state] seems real when we are in it but then when we awake we find the awake state is more real than the dream state. The waking state also encompasses the dream state, but the dream state cannot encompass the waking state.”

41.  “There is more to harmlessness than to sit in a corner, escaping from reality, and meditating all day.”

42.  “To reach the people one must start where the people are and then move them to a higher reality.”

43.  “The word “unlimited” has a basis in reality, but infinity, or infinite only exists in theory in this reality.”

44.  “In the true reality (as far as our consciousness is concerned) there is no space where nothing exists — light is universal and there is no darkness at all.”

45.  “Every once in a while coincidences are contrived by a higher power. But what usually happens when a coincidence happens to a superstitious person, much more will be read into it than is based in reality.”

46.  “The principle of correctly identifying or describing reality works through the principle of perception.”

47.  “We are all anxious to reach union, but we must stay in touch with the real world along the way.”

48.  “When we strip away the emotion and look at the actual words and works of a man then reality will reveal itself.”

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