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1  If we can’t come up with good solutions to everyday problems, maybe this is an indication we don’t have all the answers to the higher stuff either.

2  To have control over our lives we must realize our limits and arrange our circumstances so they are not crossed.

3  Each person I meet can only understand a portion of my problems because only a portion of his problems are similar to mine.

4  Mankind itself must deal with its own problems and if they are not solved natural consequences must follow.

5  Eliminate those things that are definitely not true and contemplate on that which remains.

6  The problem is complex. The solution is simple, but the implementation of the solution is complex.

7  It is appropriate to restrain someone from disrupting the freedom and peace of others.

8  Force can be justified to restrain a person from harming himself who is in such an emotional state that he is not aware of the results of his action. In this case it would be right to physically restrain a person from suicide.

9  The most correct direction to solving problems involves seeing through the eyes of the soul, thinking on our feet, and making wise judgments and decisions.

10  The important thing to understand as we seek to apply the principle of the pendulum to solve world and personal problems is that it is never a simple black and white extreme.

11  The problem most of us have in not using common sense to unlock the door of the soul is that we do not apply it to all areas of our lives.

12  Each of us has all the problems we can handle and if we just concentrate on solving our own complexities, we will not care so much about what the Master faces. That is His problem and He is the one to deal with it.

13  The problem is that when there is a crime related to guns that it is widely publicized in the media, yet many other problems that are worse – such as physician related deaths get little or no attention. This gives the impression that problems related to guns are much greater than other areas.

14  Creating the seed technology and putting it into general application are two different things and the latter is by far the most difficult.

15  To resolve any argument one has to first discover the core difference and deal with it.

16  A true paradox has no solution except to reveal that the statement itself is based on illusion.

17  When we examine common problems that occur in a marriage relationship, we can always discover a lack of communication.

18  Finances is probably the greatest problem the spiritual workers of the world have today. Jesus said that man cannot serve both God and mammon, yet we must serve mammon in this age to some degree just to survive.

19  The problem is that the conspiracy people have always looked for the problem where it is not rather than where it is.

20  Many deny their fears and illusions as they seek to progress toward the good. This indeed does create many problems, but it is the denial and suppression that is the problem – not any attention one has toward the good.

21  No matter how dumb the statement I never call the person stupid, dumb, ignorant, boring etc.. Neither do I call any person a derogatory name or use a swear word directed at them. Instead, what I do is to isolate the statement or philosophy that may show some ignorance and comment and elaborate on that.

22  Forced change can produce quick results, but always carries a backlash and the people eventually backtrack and work on finding the correct path.

23  Those caught in the loop of denial and suppression are usually sincere people who are deceived into thinking that not facing friction and life’s problems head on is for the best at the moment. This lessens the soul energy, but the person usually turns around after enough pain is caused by this error.

24  All of us have made mistakes but the final solution to guilt is to realize that they are just that – mistakes and then move on with life.

25  Very few goals that improve our situation in life are actually reached. One of the main reasons for this is that they have not been clearly defined and reduced to the written word.

26  It’s not the pleasure that gives us the problem, but the attachment to it.

27  Dealing with depression which is either self-caused or sent from the Dark Brothers is a real item for the worker in the light to deal with. If the depression is not because of an attack and yet the person is fairly evolved, the cause is usually a resistance of some kind. What kind of resistance? A resistance to the impressions sent from the soul or a resistance to hearing the words of the soul itself.

28  The first step in setting a goal is to realize the difference between a wish and a goal. Perhaps the main thing to realize is that a wish takes no effort, but a goal may take substantial effort.

29  To solve the problem of duality we must first discern the two opposing sides in all things, whether it be male/female, good/evil, positive/negative, spiritual/material or conservative/liberal.

30  If we force ourselves into new and different experiences and learn new things, then we achieve a new outlook, and the thing that we found depressing will often die a blissful death through attrition.

31  The beginner cannot appreciate the vision, the thoughts, the goals, and the problems of a disciple or Master until he either advances a great deal in his evolution, or joins in with the whole through the Oneness Principle.

32  The important point to absorb is to do what we can and accept whatever follows with self acceptance.

33  One of the problems with teaching the ancient wisdom to a varied audience is that there will only be a few who can relate or understand concepts like the Spiritual Triad, formless worlds, spiritual will versus regular will and so on.

34  I have no problem with someone disagreeing, but it does really help me to answer them if they are clear on exactly what the disagreement is.

35  We begin to win at the game of life when our ATTENTION is focused in one direction rather than scattered.

36  One of the problems that western seekers have is that they think the eastern ways must be the best for all in seeking the higher contact, not realizing that there is an advantage to using a more active approach for the western mind. I have personally gotten some of my highest knowledge, while meditating in the midst of work, communicating and noise.

37  If you feel you need an extra jolt of spiritual energy and only have a short time to contemplate say this to yourself:   “Let the Angel of the Presence be in my presence so I feel the Spirit of God is the only Presence.”

36  Those who do not know peace will fight against those who do know peace. Those who know not peace must be introduced to peace.

37  Mere positive thinking will not create any immediate solution any more than a person stepping into the ring with Mike Tyson can make Mike turn into a cream puff by sending him good vibes. When in the ring with an opponent even the man of peace must fight with all means necessary or suffer defeat by default.

38  If there is not a first aggression there will not be a second.

39  If one finds himself supporting Israel just because she is Israel one is merely repeating the greatest most repeated mental and emotional blunder in history.

40  Those who are polarized in the emotions see solutions that feel right as being right. Those polarized in the mind see solutions that make sense as being right, even if they may not feel right.

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