Questioning God, Part 2

Questioning God, Part 2

Here are the questions I asked the group to ponder:

Is it possible to receive harmful information or direction when it comes to you through the soul?

If you do receive something that can create more harm than good then should this be an indication to you that you are not receiving through the soul.

Is it possible that the disciple can receive some extremely difficult direction through the soul – that may seem dangerous and contrary to all that he has believed in the past?

Some are concerned (and rightfully so) about those who receive harmful revelations in the name of God or supposed higher intelligence. Unfortunately, there have been many who have created great harm and even killed the innocent, even their own children – all feeling they are directed by God.

Does this mean that we should just play it safe and outright reject all communication that comes to us that is above our ability to understand?

For the person who has not established soul contact this would be a good course, for all harmful acts in the name of God do not involve soul contact. Unfortunately, the religious ones without true contact are the most eager to do anything in the name of God to get their big toes in heaven.

The key to harmlessness is not to resist all higher intelligence but to learn to recognize the soul. Safety lies in following those communications that come through the soul and using your common sense to make all other decisions not directly related to soul communications.

So how can one be sure he is getting something through the soul, and even when sure, how do we know that something crazy will not be commanded that will be harmful?

The answer is two-fold.

First, the seeker must learn to recognize the vibration of the soul.

Secondly, he must test its accuracy over and over like a spiritual scientist. If time and time again the communications are accurate then this gives sure evidence that true soul communion has been achieved.

I have tested communications through my own soul many times. It seemed each time I did that the communications were followed up by something more difficult. But I tested them and they proved to be accurate and beneficial. Then after much testing and gaining faith in the inner voice I received several whoppers that tested every fiber of my being. But even here the soul led me in the most harmless direction and one with great reward.

Overall, I have found my soul communications to have been 100 percent reliable as far as I have been able to test them.

Visualize that ten mile path again. Let us suppose there are several pitfalls that are extremely helpful for the seeker to know. A brother has already traveled the whole thing and is observing you on your journey. He realized two things that may give you a major problem. There is a fork at the four-mile point and a trap at the six-mile point. He gives you a warning to not take the left fork and then another to avoid the trap. If you knew for sure that this brother has traveled the path and loves you, would it not make sense to listen and heed his advice? After all, there is no way you can gain his knowledge through reason and common sense alone.

Even so, if a master or high intelligence speaks to you through the soul you will know the communications are sent through the love of the soul and it is to be trusted above the seeker’s own intelligence.

The tricky part is to establish true soul contact and learn to differentiate between emotional contact with the desire body and that of the soul energy.

Reader comment:  Maybe we should just play it safe and outright reject all communication that comes to us that is above our ability to understand?

This is a good approach to those things  which come through the emotional body or they are very distorted, but not to true instructions from a proven source or Master which may also be given through the soul. One can receive data or instructions from a higher intelligence through the soul and not understand the full meaning at all. Even so a Master or Solar Angel (outside of himself) will contact the disciple through the soul and send the communication to him along with a soul vibration so the disciple can recognize the signature of both the Master and the soul. It is true that even the Master can make mistakes but at least soul contact will verify the Master’s contact and you will know you are dealing with a more advanced (and yet benevolent) intelligence than yourself.

This is much different than following an outside authority because communion of higher intelligence is verified from within through the soul.

What I have counseled against is accepting any outside authority, even angelic, without soul verification but have said that we can even find truth in the National Enquirer if read through the eyes of the soul.

Comment: There have been many religious leaders who think they are receiving from God yet have initiated harmful wars and other acts.

If a person is in a state to receive consistent soul contact, then the chances or turning it into something that it is not, or ugly, is very low, unless he becomes corrupted over a period of time. The disciple who gets instruction via soul contact is usually true to the instructions. If not, his soul will withdraw. And nothing he says from that point on will make much sense.

Every unjust war in history has not been started by one with soul contact.

Hitler did not have soul contact and started World War II. Churchill did have some contact and fought to defend his country and his following the soul turned to something liberating for the world. The same with Lincoln.

Question: Can we question or challenge your teachings here?

I started teaching here in 1998 and for a few years we had a completely unmoderated group. During this time all kinds of people came forward and questioned and challenged me to mental duels.

I figured this was a good thing to deal with even though many in the group grumbled that I spent too much time in dealing with people who seemed to want to argue rather than learn anything. On the other hand, I felt that when most of the challenges and questions were answered then we could have them in the archives so when the questions came up again, we could just refer them to the archives and move on.

Since then, the archives have indeed been useful in answering various questions and challenges leaving me free to give out more teachings.

Then after several years, disruptions and even threats became too obnoxious and distracting so we switched to a moderated group. This caused a large percentage of disruptive people to just stay away, for many such people cannot stand to be moderated in any way.

The moderated group has been more peaceful but this does not mean I am not questioned. You must keep in mind that one can question without being rude. It seems that some think that I am not challenged unless I am insulted or someone lashes out at me emotionally.

Many here have questioned the truth of my statements, usually in a civil and friendly manner. I have no problem at all with this.

Comment: I think some here are afraid to speak their mind as some get upset when questions are asked.

People do not get upset over a respectful challenge, but get upset over rudeness and repetition of that which has already been thoroughly covered.

Also, I do not know why it is so difficult for some to understand that this is not a free-for-all group, but a class and we do not want posts that will take us way off course. For instance, one member keeps submitting posts on political conspiracies. I must have rejected dozens of them because they are off topic.

The average person thinks he isn’t. Father Larry Lorenzoni

March 12, 2007

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