Questioning God, Part 1

Questioning God, Part 1

Question: Wasn’t the Bible story of Abraham being commanded to kill his own son a terrible example? What’s to prevent crazy religious people from claiming to hear the voice of God commanding them to do destructive things?

This is an important subject to bring up – one that I have been meaning to elaborate on for a while.

It is certainly true that there have been many atrocities committed in the name of God or religion. In fact, it seems that whenever you see or hear of a person doing something extremely unreasonable that religion is somehow involved. An exception may be the female astronaut who drove 900 miles in diapers to kill her boyfriend’s new girlfriend but even here a religious element wouldn’t surprise me.

The problems with communications thought to be from God or a higher source is they come from three sources:

[1] The Beast or outer authorities who are accepted as speaking for God.

[2] The inner emotional nature.

[3] Real higher intelligence.

Now if a person rejects the idea that there is such a thing as real contact with higher intelligence then he is wise to just reject all commands inner and outer that do not make sense or seem harmful.


If the person believes there is such a thing as contact with intelligence higher than his own self then it is logical that this higher vision and seeing will go against many of his preconceived notions.

The problem we encounter is that those in categories (1) and (2) above will think they are in contact with higher intelligence either directly or indirectly and may receive destructive intelligence. How is one to tell that he may not be dealing with category three?

For one thing, category one is easy to eliminate. If the seeker is receiving commandments from God through a mortal human and not his inner self then he should not trust any outer advice that does not make sense.

This is easier said than done as all the suicide bombers in the middle east (for example) are recruited by individuals who claim to speak for God and command the unsuspecting souls to go sacrifice themselves and kill the innocent.

Don’t think that they are the only ones who will follow odd commands. Just ask the faithful Mormons what they would do if the Prophet told then to sell all they have tomorrow and immediately move to Missouri and see what they say. A large percentage of the faithful would do it without question.

If they would do this without question then they would do much more – perhaps unthinkable things.

The world is just fortunate that a Mormon prophet has not come along who is deranged. Fortunately, most religious leaders at least conform to the morals of the day. There are exceptions. A notable one was Jim Jones who commanded his people to drink poison Kool Aide. Hundreds did without question.

The question then arises – what about true communication with higher intelligence? How should we handle this?

The first step in dealing with it is to learn to differentiate between something received from the lower self and that of higher benevolent intelligence.

The problem for those who have not yet made higher contact is their highest reception comes from their own emotional nature. If they associate an aspect of their emotional nature with God (as many do) then they have a problem. Any knowledge or commands they may receive could lead them most anywhere and create significant harm.

There is a strange difference between those who receive a command from the emotional nature and those who receive one from benevolent higher intelligence and it is this. Those who receive from their emotional nature will usually follow without question and those who receive from higher intelligence will be very questioning and doubting – at first.

Many would assume the truth would be the other way around, but it is not for this reason.

Those commands from the emotional nature are placed there by the thinking and feeling of the person himself. Because the direction (however odd) comes from himself he is likely to instantly and without question accept it. It usually fits within his belief system even if it is something crazy like drinking poison Kool Aide.

Now the person who receives higher intelligence must do so through the soul whether it comes from his Higher Self or a Master. When he reaches the point where he makes his first solid soul contact, he has already passed beyond the stage where he is deceived by his lower emotions. When making his first soul contact, he realizes the vibration and intelligence behind it is different than an emotional communication. Even though he realizes this he is reluctant to believe the communication is from God or higher intelligence or that it is reliable. He usually rejects it the first several times it is received.

But sometime after the rejection he comes to realize that he made a great error in ignoring the communication – that he would have been much better off if he had followed the advice.

After several times of seeing the higher intelligence was better than his own, he decides to give it a try the next time it comes. Then when it does come, the information is difficult to accept. If he does accept it, he later finds that the guidance saved him much grief and over a period of time he finds that this contact through the soul is the closest thing there is to infallibility. The only thing that can cause problems with it is if his own memory and feeling nature distort that which was received, but if the disciple is true to himself this will be reduced to a minimum.

We will continue this discussion but first let me ask the group:

Is it possible to receive harmful information or direction when it comes to you through the soul?

If you do receive something that can create more harm than good then should this be an indication to you that you are not receiving through the soul.

Is it possible that the disciple can receive some extremely difficult direction through the soul – that may seem dangerous and contrary to all that he has believed in the past?

In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed. – R.W. Emerson

March 8, 2007

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