Principles Of Achievement 2

Jan 23, 1999

The Principles Of Achievement

Principle 2

Put Your Goal into Words

Very few goals that improve our situation in life are actually reached. One of the main reasons for this is that they have not been clearly defined and reduced to the written word. There are several important guidelines to follow in doing this:

  1. Be specific and avoid generalities.

WRONG: I want to make a lot of money.

RIGHT: I will make an extra $1000.00 this month.

We have all heard that the subconscious mind is like a computer. How can any computer do any accurate computations with the phrase “a lot of money?” A computer can, however, deal with a specific like the number 1000.

  1. The written goal must be believable.

Goals are like steps on a ladder and ladders must be climbed one step at a time. To make the goal believable it must outline a possible next step. Presenting the final outcome is fine as long as increments are included. Let us say that you are fifty pounds overweight. The final step on your ladder is the loss of 50 pounds, but if you try to make the goal a one-step process you will fail. For instance, if you merely write: “I will lose fifty pounds in six months,” this is like telling yourself: “I will climb a twelve foot ladder in one step.” Your inner computer doesn’t have the data that the ladder has twelve steps which must be taken and doesn’t know how to reach the top; thus failure is assured.

Telling yourself that you will lose 50 pounds in six months is fine if you include believable steps that you will take. What is your first step? It could be the loss of five pounds. How are you going to take this first step. Are you going to exercise, diet, join a group, visualize or what? Let your subconscious know in no uncertain terms what the process for that first step is and when it is to be attained as you are striving for the final goal.

Here is a possible wording: I will lose 50 pounds and go from 250 pounds to 200 pounds by September 1. My first step is to lose five pounds by March 15. To accomplish this I will jog 30 minutes a day five days a week and live on no more than 1200 calories a day.

Now you have given your subconscious data that computes and you are on your way toward weight loss.

Once you have your goal defined in words that are desirable and believable, you have taken a major step toward fulfillment. Just as the builder of a home needs a blueprint, so does the builder of a dream. Your written goal is a blueprint, which, if followed to the letter, will make your dream come true. Can you imagine opening a blueprint and all you see are the words “a beautiful home?” What does that tell the builder? Nothing. You must create a blueprint for your goal that clearly tells your subconscious mind how to build and when the job is to be completed. If your blueprint is accurate and you have the determination to follow it, then you have unlimited power to reach any goal.

Once you have your plan in written form the next thing you must do is plant it in your mind. See the written plan as a seed and your mind as fertile soil. Your desire is the water that makes it grow. To plant the seed correctly requires you to keep your attention on the plan. The best way to do this is put your written goal on an audio recorder.

It is quite popular to play motivational tapes by some author or lecturer to help you reach your goals. This may sell a lot of recordings for some person, but the repetition of the voice of someone you do not personally know, giving you general motivational concepts, is low in effectiveness. Use other people’s recordings for learning only, NOT for the planting of your “seed,” or goal.

For effective planting of your goal into your mind, you need three people: (1) Yourself (2) Your mate or best friend of the opposite sex and (3) Your best friend of the same sex that is available.

Your goal must be recorded three times, first by the person of the opposite sex. Before reading your goal into the tape this person should call you by name in a loving manner and say these words: “I believe and have great faith in you. I know you can do whatever you say you can do. I give you all my belief and support and I joyfully look forward to you fulfilling the goal I am about to read.” Then after your written goal is read, the person ends with: “I believe and have faith that you will accomplish all the words I have spoken.”

The next step is to have your friend of the same sex read into the tape using these same words.

Finally, you read them with this introduction: “I believe and have great faith in myself. I know I can do whatever I say I can do. I joyfully look forward to fulfilling the goal I am about to read.” Then read your goal and end with: “I believe and have faith that I will accomplish all the words I have spoken.”

Now listen to the tape three times a day and in about three weeks you will discover new avenues of power unfolding for you to fulfill your dreams. You will discover a power of accomplishment that was never before available.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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