Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion

Since we are passing around poetry I thought I would post a couple I have written that seems close to the subject at hand. Hope I’m not too mushy for you.



By J J Dewey

I sought to build a temple

Of the Living God

Where He could come and dwell

And rest His Iron Rod.

So the glory of God would shine around

And all would see the day

Love and Light would abound

Like the Sun would point the way.

I took the brick and motor fine

And a form I made.

All was there but Love Divine

And thus it cast a shade.

Then in the doorways it was clear

The Love of God did cry

You cannot alone build a temple dear

Only a form that one would buy.

To build a Temple Beautiful

And make a living thing

Find one you think is wonderful

And to her my Spirit bring

I appoint to you – a sign

You two shall be as one.

And share in love the truth divine

Until the living temple be done.

I found a one my Lord did love

Who sought Him as did I

The Spirit descended from above

The union made me cry.

A thousand lives

Is what our oneness shows

A love to make the building divine

A temple beautiful to know.

We sought to build somewhere

The temple – A living thing.

And found the breath of life was there

The Spirit we did bring.

For first we loved as few dared dream

A temple made with no hands.

Before we made the building seen

By the eye of men.

God did smile on the temple seen

Filled with Light and Love and Will-to-be

And revealed to me the mystery of the Trinity

The temple must be build by three.

You and I and the God of Love

Must be the cornerstone

And in oneness build the temple above

Before life can be seen in stone.



We have both yearned for oneness over many lifetimes.

I can feel it.

You have called out for your other half many times over thousands of years.

I have heard it.

I have put forth the thought that I need someone like you to complete me and give me strength to do what I know I must do.

I have spoken it.

Poetic thoughts of you over a dozen lifetimes fill my mind.

I have written them.

The soft melodies of the universe filters through your soul into mine.

I have sang them.

The powers and Gods that be have blessed our Union.

I accept it.

The time is come to be one in everlasting Love.

Let US do it.



You are my wife, lover and partner

And for that I will always be grateful

But you are more than that.

You are my best friend.

You are always there for me

When I need you.

You are there to lift my spirits

When no one else is there.

You listen

And sometimes you are the only one

You inspire me

When there seems to be no inspiration left.

You love me

When perhaps no one else would

You accept me

For what I am.

It may take the rest of my life

Or longer

To repay

The gifts you have given me.

But the repayment is not a burden

It is a joy.



Light is Truth

Truth is the Word

The Word is a seed

I am a sower of seeds.

For thousands of years have I sown.

Most of them fell by the way side and were ignored.

Others fell on stony ground

And died and the wind of ridicule blew them away

Because they had no root.

Again I sowed among thorns

And the cares of the world choked

The Life from the sprouted seeds.

I have searched and searched for good ground

But it seems so illusive.

What seems to look so good

Seems to produce the highest weeds

That hide the sunlight and take the nourishment

From the soil that was to feed the seed.

But finally I found you.

Who made sure the seed was not cast by the way side.

You made sure the seed was not planted in stony ground

Nor did you let it fall among thorns.

Neither did you deceive me with soil that appeared good

But hidden within were seeds of many weeds.

You, the choicest of Nurturers

Have given me virgin soil

With no stones, thorns, or deceptive seeds

You allowed my word to be planted deep within

And kept it moist and aerated

And spoke kind words of belief and faith

And hope for the struggling life to break soil.

My Word in the struggling life

Will not disappoint you

But will spring forth a plant in a day

Whose flowers will follow the Sun in its tracks

Whose fruit will be the Love of God

And Union of Souls unto you.

Your soul and mine.

May 18, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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