Planet X and the Desire to Gather

Planet X and the Desire to Gather

I received a post from a reader criticizing me for not taking the predicted encounter with Planet X more seriously. She thinks there is all kinds of evidence it is approaching and will wreck havoc on our planet so I should sound a warning voice.

I am sure there are a number thinking along similar lines to this person so this is a good point to bring up.

I am not making a judgment without reading the book she mentioned, so to speak, for I have read most of the details of the prophecy on the internet.

The excitement around Planet X (called Nibiru) centers around the writings of Zecharia Sitchin. Now the interesting thing is that the prediction of the appearance of Planet X, supposed to come around Spring of 2003 is not made or supported by Sitchin. He thinks the planet will show up someday, but not sure when.

A person making the prophecy is Mark Hazelwood who claims that Planet X is a brown dwarf that will visit is about a year from now (J writing in June 2002).

We do not need soul contact to be assured this will not happen.


Because a brown dwarf is much larger than Jupiter, up to 48 times as large, and is likely to still be emitting light of its own. Anything this large would be visible to the naked eye for about five years before its supposed approach to the earth.

The prediction is that Planet X will arrive in Spring of 2003, less than a year from now. At the fastest possible orbiting speed from an elongated orbit this planet would now have to be closer than Jupiter to have a chance of getting here within a year.

If then Planet X were within the obit of Jupiter it would be the brightest object in the night sky, over 20 times brighter than Venus the brightest object in the Sky, next to the moon. If it was a brown dwarf with residual light of its own, it could be a bright as the moon.

Because we look up in the sky and see no such object, then the only conclusion is that there is no brown dwarf within harm’s way for years to come.

Some have seen the discovery of new asteroids as evidence of Planet X, but Planet X has been described as something much larger than an Asteroid. Asteroid 2000WR106 was thought by some to be evidence of Planet X, but this was only about 10% the mass of Pluto and since it is about 4 billion miles from us, it poses no more threat than any other orb in our solar system.

I believe that Emmanuel Velikovsky is much closer to the truth than Sitchin. He shows evidence that planets have shifted out of their orbits and have visited the earth in the past. Such is a correspondent of planetary sex which gives birth to a new life form of some kind on the earth. The creation of the Molecular Relationship (a new life form) has the potential to invoke a planetary visit.

The thing to keep in mind is that such an event just does not happen at random with no purpose other than to destroy. A true planetary visit is part of the creation process in the universe which enhances life while destroying the obstacles to life.

One thing the gathering has accomplished is that it has gotten a number of people enthused about getting together. Everyone enjoyed each others’ company so much I see a number of you are contemplating the possibility of moving closer to each other or establishing gathering points or whatever. There are a number of ideas floating around on this so I thought I’d make some comments on it.

The first thing to remember about the gathering is the principle itself. Gathering is an actual principle behind evolution of all things. For instance, atoms gather and produce molecules. Molecules gather and produce amino acids and the gathering of life forces produce cells then cells produce organs and so on. Thus the purpose of the gathering is to stimulate evolution. Thus it is with humanity. When people gathered; when tribes gathered together, they produced kingdoms, which was a greater organization than the tribe. All the people gathered out of the kingdoms and came to America and produced a better form of government with greater freedoms available to all. And so it is with the next gathering. The purpose of the next gathering will be to stimulate evolution again; to be able to gather the lights from throughout the Earth and create a system of living that will be new and different and better and improved over and above anything that’s been done before. When this happens, the rest of the world looks at the improvement and says, “We want to copy this. We want to be like the people of this group.

So, in order for a gathering to be successful it must produce a society better than anything that’s been done before. There have been a number of gatherings attempted by various groups, mostly religious oriented, that have failed. Two basic things have caused failure. Number one is too strong of an authority. That is they gather around some charismatic leader and they blindly obey. The second cause of failure is no authority at all. This is the situations like communes, hippies and so on where everyone just gets together and follows whatever comes along. These don’t succeed either. Authority, organization and law have to be applied according to the middle way, just like everything else. Every extreme turns out to be detrimental in the end. So, to produce a successful gathering the extreme of too much authority and the extreme of no authority have to be avoided and a balance has to be achieved.

To have this balance we can’t swing over where we have the mark of the beast and don’t think for ourselves and just do what we’re told without thinking. On the other hand, we cannot be a law unto ourselves. If a person is a law unto himself he is heading toward a kingdom where he has no glory whatsoever. All kingdoms must be governed by law but there must be just law. To this end I’ve written the book that many of you are familiar with called “The Molecular Relationship.” In that I describe how an association can be built up where people can think for themselves yet you don’t have the inertia of a group thought form holding progress back. Both the individual and the group will have the authority to exercise its initiative. Matter of fact, people will move ahead in the molecular relationship by exercising the initiative to be an initiate.

The basic idea behind the molecular relationship applies on several different levels. One is the spiritual level and this is the one that most of you are excited about because it will produce a greater life form, so to speak. But the basic laws and principles behind it can be applied to business, politics and other types of environments that are not so much spiritual that will just produce an effect of efficient management of the endeavor. Now, with the molecular business the business has to be a fairly substantial business before the Molecular Relationship will be effective in it. It wouldn’t work with a one horse type of operation. Preferably you’d need a business with over a hundred employees to really make it work accurately or effectively. Larry kind of doubts whether or not the election process would work in it. With a small business it wouldn’t work. It would have to be a larger business, like HP or something like that. I believe it would work very well. You would have people working in groups naturally then they can elect who their leaders will be.

Susan was talking about how a janitor can become president and that is true but it wouldn’t happen in one leap. There are several levels he would need to progress through. Say, his first group is composed of 12 people. He can challenge the guy above him for his position if he desires. However if the person is only trained to be a janitor and he’s working for a large company there may be 12 janitors with a manager among them so he’d be challenging the lead janitor for his position, not somebody that’s out of his realm of expertise. Nobody is going to elect him to be the head of a group of engineers if he has no engineering ability. The reason election will work so well in business is that the people will make money in the molecular business according to how well their group and the whole business is doing. So if they can elect a person who is actually going to make the business more efficient then everybody will make more money so employees will have a strong incentive to get the best guy as their leader.

Larry mentioned that there are a lot of details I haven’t covered that will have to be worked out and that is true. It’s like I’ve said many times, you cannot establish perfection by making everything perfect right at the beginning. It’s the same when picking something like the molecular business. We will have to experiment and keep what works and discard what doesn’t work. We’ll have to approach the things we’re doing from the scientific angle. Now, this is one big advantage we’ll have over other people who are into spiritual beliefs because the typical group in spiritual philosophy will say, “I’ve got this revelation and since it’s from God it’s perfect. We have to follow it.” Then there are no changes to be instituted. Any such project is doomed to failure because you can’t start out with perfection, even if it’s a revelation from God. God will give you the basic principle then you have to work out the details.

So in all the things that we will do in the molecular orders we will do a certain amount of experimentation but through soul contact we will be able to sense that certain principles are valid. For instance, the principle of election is a very powerful principle that many of us can see how it can work and benefit mankind. We have to fine tune it as to the different avenues that we can use it but wherever there is a possibility of using it to enhance things we should go that direction because the power of election is a tremendous power that will be here to establish the new age to come. Let’s say a person is in a gathered situation and he has a business where he has just two or three employees. This wouldn’t be practical to apply the principle of election here. Not until the business got bigger. It would need preferably about a hundred people to bring in the power of election and make it function well. The power of election will make a big business function with the efficiency of small business yet it will retain all of the advantages of a big business.

Now, when the lights gather there will be several things we will do different than the gatherings in the past. One of the problems in many of the past gatherings is too much authority or no authority at all. Where there is too much authority the slackers tend to try to escape authority and try to escape work and doing their share. Where there is too little authority the slackers have the same problem. So, what any organization needs in order to work is individual incentives. When we are in a gathered situation we’re not going to have a situation where we’re just going to leave it up to people to get the grunt work done. There are certain jobs more desirable and certain jobs less desirable. In our current system the less desirable jobs, like garbage collection get done because people make reasonably good money doing it. The same holds true when we’re in a gathered situation. The less desirable jobs will get done because people will get paid to get them done. So, in that aspect it won’t be that much different than today except all of the businesses will be united through a molecular relationship of some type. It will be a little different than the spiritual molecular relationship but it will be as closely knit as possible.

The businesses of the new age will be geared, not only to, say, manufacturing and getting a job done but also to help establish relationship where maybe people have an hour break to go and attend a class or get some relaxation.. We’ll be using our imagination to make our work part of our enjoyment as well as a means for making a living for ourselves. Eventually humanity may reach a stage to where they have an inner incentive to do what is right and effective in their jobs but right now most of us are not there and we need some individual incentive. This is why capitalism works so well; because people have individual incentive to get ahead and succeed and make money. A certain amount of this incentive needs to still be here for some time to come until we reach a point where we will automatically do whatever job it is we’re supposed to do. When we eventually reach that stage of society then there can be an area of tremendous abundance and spiritual outpouring of gifts.

Some are talking about maybe moving together; maybe coming to Boise or Seattle or Manti, Utah or even Texas to gather together. This would be fine. Everyone is a free agent. Like Diane said if everyone wanted to move to Boise there is nothing stopping them. For those who might be considering moving to Boise though, I won’t be prepared for awhile yet to spend any significant amount of time with anyone who might move here. If I had a couple dozen people now in Boise call me up on a regular basis it would be more of a distraction than a help. Later on it will be more of a help than a distraction.

I want to emphasize that I’m not against gathering now or in the future. The whole purpose of everything I’ve done is for the purpose of gathering but the gathering has to be done right and in order for it to work. It’s like Jesus said, “If you want to build a tower make sure you have the capacity to finish the tower or else you’ll get half done and leave it unfinished and everyone will laugh at you.” He said, “So it is with the kingdom of God.” You must take stock of the goal in mind then ask yourself if you have the ability to finish it. This is my situation. I have to look at what I can do and take those steps. Eventually what I can do will be increased and the amount of free time I have will eventually be increased.

There will come a time when a call will go out for a general gathering of the lights. That time is not yet. Until that time comes, people will gather together, first of all into synthesis groups in various towns from Houston to Dallas, from New York to Los Angeles. They’ll gather together in groups and establish them in the local area. Then there may be certain areas where people will want to gather in larger numbers. Maybe they might want to gather in Manti or Boise and they’ll come and gather in these various locations. Some might want to go build a community in the woods somewhere. Others might want to stay in cities and have gathering together in group activity once or twice a week or whatever. Those that do gather in significant numbers will be encourage to start businesses and work together and make money as a group.

So there is a lot to look forward to and we’re going to have abilities to gather in ways, even when we’re apart, that we haven’t had in the history of humanity before. Larry made what I think is a very accurate statement about the gathering. “There will be many stages; each building on the pervious stage. The more I think about it the very first step necessary will be people moving into some type of proximity to each other. That doesn’t require someone to come up with a business in which everyone can participate.”

That’s true. It doesn’t require a business. It would be nice if there was a type of business where if we want someone to move over here we could say, “Hey we can put you up with a job.”

It was nice at the gathering to meet some of you old-timers that I haven’t met in person before and also many of the new people. Some of the new people I think are joining the group. Some people we’ve known awhile but haven’t met in the flesh like Marylin who reminded me a little bit of my sweet mother. Keith seemed like an old friend. It’s great to meet Diane Linen and the fact that her health is improving and Melva, Assaf and a number of the others who have been in the group for some time.

I feel that this gathering was a turning point. It seemed to create an energy that made the vision of what it’s like to be in the company of like-minded souls that are seeking after greater light and truth. For some it seemed like coming home again. I think many people in the group have known each other in previous lives.

June 4, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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