Orders from Politically Correct Police


May 22, 2016

Orders from Politically Correct Police of the Future

  • You must now call the blue sky green because blue offends someone out there.


  • You must now call the Sun, Daughter-Son, or you are sexist.


  • Give praise to our Dear Leader or a correction facility awaits you.


  • If we say you are a hater, bigot, racist or a denier then that’s what you are, no defense is to be heard or considered.


  • If we are offended by you, you shall be punished. If you are offended by us, then you need to set your mind right.


  • You are not allowed to call anyone beautiful for that implies that some are less desirable.


  • If you hurt the feelings of the protected class then you shall suffer our wrath. If you are not in that class your feelings do not count.


  • The football will be replaced by a soft fuzzyball, uniforms to be made of thick foam and both ending scores will be equal. There will be no hurt bodies or feelings.


  • If you deny our version of science with facts then your facts are to be banned.


  • You have free speech as long as it agrees with us.


  • You can ask any question you want from our approved list.


Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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1 thought on “Orders from Politically Correct Police

  1. The key to staying in objective mind and therefore in-link with higher mind as one survey the political arena is to seek inner-guidance first to interpret the true principles that lie behind partisan policy. It is important not to be influenced by personalities but instead interpret policy.

    For example, let us look at a left-leaning policy and then at a right-leaning policy to interpolate the policy back to its basic root philosophy to then discern the proximity of the policy to universal law which is the order in God’s mind. Then the practical implementation of a higher principle needs to be applied to society and if the implementation if impractical for society is not ready to implement a higher law then consideration should be weighed in policy-making.

    Left-leaning policy:
    Women should have pro-choice policy so they are not enslaved by the state to have unwanted children.

    Right-leaning policy:
    Murder is wrong even for unborn and unwanted children.

    The higher law in this incidence is that God is Life and therefore all life should be honoured above murder even for selfish convenience but because the application of this higher principle proved to enslave women to bear children or even die in childbirth having unwanted children then the practical solution is to allow pro-choice until the highest law can be implemented when life is honoured by the majority.
    In the above example the right is more purely correct but the left has chosen to implement a more workable temporary solution.

    Left-leaning policy:
    Environmentalism even unproven theories like climate change come before human compassion

    Right-leaning policy:
    Providing a vibrant economy that will foster jobs is important for human dignity.

    The higher law in this example is that the Earth should not be harmed by its offspring but the practical and compassionate decision is to provide work for people who are starving until jobs which do not hurt the Earth are implemented.

    A true disciple will no pick a partisan view-point but will instead analyze policy for its higher principle and its practicality for implementation in society. He will then choose candidates that show this same type of understanding of policy-making.

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