Oneness Revisited

Oneness Revisited

As I said there are two ways to attain oneness. The first is through the application and acceptance of an outside authority.

In the whole scheme of things this is not a bad thing for infant souls must be guided by an outside authority. If one has not developed the inner contact then the outside is all that is available and something is always better than nothing when no light seems available for decisions.

As one advances down the evolutionary path he eventually drops his reliance on authority without and relies on the authority within. Even so, there are certain authorities without that the disciple does honor for the good of the group. One such authority are the basic civil laws that hold our civilization intact. This he will respect unless impressed by his soul to do otherwise for some higher purpose.

Sometimes when a seeker gets a little enlightenment and breaks off from orthodox religion he will see himself as beyond the laws of man. But in throwing out laws that stabilize society he will merely find himself swinging with the pendulum from one extreme to the other.

Just laws and outside authority are very limited in bringing oneness, for as soon as individuals in a group are released from their authority and laws we will see the illusion of their previous unity. A forced oneness is not oneness in the higher sense but only gives the illusion of oneness. The individuals within a group of forced oneness will have many individualized and differing thoughts if they are allowed to express them.

The key to true oneness is the obtaining of soul contact for two people looking through the eyes of the soul see as one.

Now does this mean that two or more with higher vision will have the same favorite color and have the same taste in music?

No. This type of oneness is not on the agenda nor is it desirable. The Holy Spirit, instead reveals through the understanding of principles. When the principle, or underlying truth of a thing is comprehended by two or more those people will be in harmony in the overall vision of the project or teaching, even though they may see some of the details differently.

If two people witness a car wreck they will both agree on the big picture of what happened. But if you ask the two some detail such as the color of the driver’s shoes they may not give the same answer. But they will agree on basic things such as the date, the fact that there was an actual accident, the number of cars involved etc.

Even so, it is with the soul. It gives the important truth but leaves unimportant details for us to work out ourselves.

And yes, the Christ could come as a female but if he did he would play the female role and emphasize receivership rather than sending.

This is a real possibility because we are told through Alice A. Bailey that a great Avatar called the Avatar of Synthesis has come to the earth from another solar system to assist the Christ and this entity exceeds him in evolution. He is of such high vibration that he can only descend to the plane of the mind. If Christ did come as a female he could then act as an intermediary between this Avatar as well as the Ancient of Days, thus placing him in a female position.

I personally expect him to come as a male, but few of the details of his coming are yet revealed to disciples in the flesh and thus all things are possible.

The Wisdom of Solomon

A reader asked how the situation of the Siamese twins from Malta should be looked at from the position of the Middle Way.

Let me recap the situation as the papers have reported it. A Roman Catholic couple from the Island of Malta gave birth to Siamese twins. They took them to England where they had the greatest hope of saving their lives with greater medical expertise than was available in their homeland.

The doctors examined the twins and declared that in their present condition they would probably only live a couple months. The only solution was to perform an operation to separate them with the essential body parts going to Mary which would cause Jody the weaker twin to die.

After reaching this conclusion the doctors recommended the operation in hope of saving the life of one of the children.

The parents, however, were against this recommendation and stated:

“We believe that nature should take its course. If it’s God’s will that both our children should not survive then so be it,” they said.

The authorities disagreed and the case went to the courts of England which resulted in the decision that the one child should live at the sacrifice of the other. The feeling was that it is better that one live than they both die.

Question One: Was this a correct and just decision? Is it better to have one live at the sacrifice of the other than have both the twins die?

Question Two: Was it right for the state to take this decision away from the jurisdiction of the parents?

Question Three: What is the main criteria to use in answering question one?

Refined Bodies

I wrote:

“His form was not perfect, or was marred more than other sons of Adam.” Isa 52:14

We know that Christ was physically marred through the crucifixion, but his servants are often marred in some way to keep them humble.”

A reader assumes that as a disciple reaches perfection that he will also have a perfect physical body.

Actually, problems with the physical body does have the effect of keeping disciples humble but the cause often originates from something beyond their control.

Djwhal Khul tells us that the Dark Brothers will often attack the bodies of disciples to slow them down or hinder their work. “All kinds of means are employed to hinder the usefulness of the disciple through disease or the crippling of his physical body. Not all accidents are the result of karma, for the disciple has usually surmounted a good deal of that type of karma and is thus comparatively free from that source of hindrance in active work.” Letters on Occult Meditation, Page 129

Disciples will have bodies of refined atomic substance whose molecules are in a state of high evolution and advanced disciples will usually have good health. Beginning disciples (and some advanced ones) will often have great health struggles as they have not yet learned to overcome the dark attacks.

On the other hand, a disciple of any degree may be subject to an accident engineered by the Dark Brothers when his guard is down, especially when he or she is a youth and not prepared to expect anything.

A disciple may have an advanced physical body in the esoteric sense, yet not be particularly good-looking. Take Madame Blavatsky, for example.

Sept 21, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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