Mind Stuff II

Mind Stuff II

A reader took issue with my statement that not one person from the beginning of time has demonstrated an escape from duality to an eternal non dual bliss of pure spirit existence. He maintains that Jesus did this. He suggested I read “I AM THAT”, Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Jesus never mentioned this doctrine and never claimed to demonstrate any state where there is no further progression.

If Jesus did go to some absolute place where he discovered that his disciples were not real because he discovered that they did not even exist then he would have not returned to a world that did not exist and command those who do not exist to go forth and “teach all nations.”

If a person found a place where all was one with no duality he would have discovered that this earth does not even exist and he could not return to a place that does not exist.

The teaching you proclaim here cannot be demonstrated because if one were successful in doing so all would disappear before his eyes never to return. If you were to actually demonstrate what you seem to be teaching you would disappear and we would never know of your success.

In the past we have spent close to an entire book talking about this doctrine and some time in there future I may compile them so we do not have to repeat ourselves here, but below is one of my favorites edited to reflect present time.

Maybe I should give this nothingness philosophy a try. Let me get this straight. My conscious mind has created our perceived reality which includes space, time, form etc. Thus I take it that, since my mind created all of this, that it can also undo it.

Let me give this a try. I am typing on many keys, but my mind is playing a trick on me. Stop it mind! Ah, yes. Now I am only typing on one key. This is much easier. I think I am writing to hundreds of people, but this is another trick of my mind. OK mind, stop it. Let me see the oneness. Wow. It’s working. RFH just disappeared! Whoops, there goes Keith and Gloria, Rob, Glenys, Rick. Man look at them go. I never realized that you guys were just a part of my mind. You’re all gone now except for Xavier. Is he ever putting up a fight, but he’s finally starting to fade.

This is kind of disappointing. All this time I thought I was writing to a group; now I have only myself to write to with only one key.

Now I look around me. There is still a lot of tricky duality present. OK mind turn off the rest of this illusion. There goes my TV, my video player, my computer and now my chair – whoops, that hurt. I’ll make the floor go next and now my house. Now I’m just standing on the ground looking at the sky and my wife is angry at me for making this happen. I forgot about her. There she goes. Now she’s gone there will be no more complaints from her.

Now there’s still the earth and the rest of the universe. These are more than one so my mind must have created them too. Earth, disappear.

WOW!!! This is weird. I’m just in a body of form floating in space. I’m on a roll though so I think I’ll see where this leads me. Some say it’s supposed to be eternal bliss.

OK stars and sun you’re next!

WOW again!!!

I’m just floating in a void. Feels weird, but not blissful yet. I’ve still got the duality of my body. That is next. Now it’s really weird. There’s just the duality of my mind and the void. If I make My mind and consciousness go then I will finally be One with the Absolute, but with no mind with creative power I will not be able to come back. That’s scary

Which is going to go? My mind essence or the void?

Wait! Am I crazy? Do I want to be reduced to the nothingness of a void just to be one? No way. Mind get busy and create everything again just as it was.

And it came to pass that JJ created the heavens and the earth.

So good to be back. Now I’ve got more than one key for typing I can tell you this experience. Enjoy.

Note: I do believe in the principle of oneness, but just see it in a different light than the nothingness people do. I do not see a conflict in oneness and “becoming” coexisting for eternity.

May 22, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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