Metaphysical Groups

Groups that may be interested in the teachings and quotes

Code JJ = JJ has joined and Posts Quotes m= JJ a member but not allowed to post quotes, can post pertinent comments; a=Member but not posting yet. p = possible friendly site   Closed or Public Group          Members         Group Name   Address           Other

JJ         Closed 427      The Externalization of the Hierarchy         

JJ         Public  474      Our Daily Devotions         

JJ         Closed 7,248   Esoteric Christianity         

p          Closed 33,583 Initiates of the flame          Threw me off for posting quotes

JJ         Public  986      Morya Federation

JJ         Closed 61,340 Inspirational Quotes      

JJ         Public  604      The Reappearance of the Christ          

JJ         Public  225,191           Lightworkers of the World     

JJ         Public  30,433 Open Minds for ACIM & NTI 

JJ         Public  12,305 * O-U-R *… ONE, ULTIMATE REALITY         

JJ         Public  1,530   Of the Spirit         

JJ         Public  27,934 Awakening Your Soul           

JJ         Public  1,236   Spiritual discussions about your experiences and life and the Universe!           

JJ         Closed 8,250   Mystical magdalenes         

JJ         Public  2,782   EyeSeek       

JJ         Public  100,500           Enlightened Souls         

JJ         Closed 27,871 Awakening: Conspiracies, Prophecies, and Truths         

JJ         Closed 27,256 Universal Council of One         

JJ         Public  263,275           Namasté        

JJ         Closed 30,058 Esoteric Knowledge – Seekers of Truth        

JJ         Public  2,129   Spiritual Friends           

JJ         Closed 1,906   LDS Remnant (Awakening)          

JJ         Closed 349      LDS Awakening, the Pure Love of Christ, the Mysteries, and the Covenant           

JJ         Public  13,582 Awakening as One           

m         Closed 5,831   Blavatsky Bailey Roerich          I post here now and then, but they think my quotes are too commercial and do not allow them.

m         Public  2,754   Esoteric Healing; The Wisdom Retreat Center            Posted quotes here for about a year and they asked me to cease. Will allow pertinent comments.

m         Public  3,160   Esoteric Cosmology and Science of the Wisdom Retreat Center            Posted quotes here for about a year and they asked me to cease. Will allow pertinent comments.

m         Closed             Awakening Light          Group of Ancient Wisdom folks who wanted to discuss politics, but threw me off. Only Leftistsc allowed.

m         Public  224      Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom          Asked me not to post quotes

p          Public  3,597   Meditation at the Full Moon          Related to DK writings

p          Closed 88,288 Spiritual Awakening!            I was a member and thrown off. Still a good possibility if you post pertinent material

p          Public  2,604   Djwhal Khul & Alice Bailey (“Daily” Page Companion)           Fairly dry site. Need to post on DK books mentioned.

p                                  The Kingdom Within            Threw me off for posting quotes

p                                  Awakening Light          Threw me off for political reasons

p                                  Spiritual Synergy & Metaphysics Threw me off for posting quotes

p          Closed 5,059   Ramtha          A lot of Ramtha people bought my books.

p                                  Eden Café            Threw me off for posting quotes

p          Public  833      Triangles Meditation Group        Related to DK’s teachings

p          Closed 274      Theosophy and Future            Moderated and does not post my quotes. You could make comments though

p          Public  6,473   Theosophy  Threw me off for posting quotes

p          Public  890      Official Dolores Cannon Group     About Past Life Regression and contact of the Higher Self

p          Public  673      The Gathering of Friends           

p          Public  16,310 SoulogyOnenessNetwork  

p          Public  5,337   Soulism          

p          Public  1,660   The Prime Awakened         

p          Public  2,166   One World Community        I am a Member

p          Closed 5,929   Reincarnation     

p          Closed 3,686   Signs of Reincarnation       

p          Closed 3,673   NDE’S REINCARNATION SCIENCE     

p          Closed 10,965 Reincarnation And Past Life Memories  

p          Closed 2,146   Reincarnated Souls       

p          Closed 1,038   Is Reincarnation Real?   

p          Closed 4,560   Reincarnation and past, future, parallel lives

a          Closed 31,653 COAST TO COAST AM W/ GEORGE NOORY!    I am a nmember

a          Closed 41,808 Ancient, Esoteric, and Occult Wisdom     

p          Closed 20,700 Astral Projection Lucid Dreaming       

p          Closed 181,846           Self Mastery – Ascended Souls          

a          Public  16,743 Manly Palmer Hall           

a          Public  9,516   OM ॐ        

m         Closed 32,657 Spirituality, Science & Metaphysics Community   Was a member but didn’t want me posting quotes

p          Public              Spirit Synergy & Metaphysics   Was a member but didn’t want me posting quotes and threw me off.

p          Public  16,421 Soulogy   

p          Public  5,346   Soulism          

p          Public  1,671   The Prime Awakened         

p          Public  20,085 Spiritual Pathways      

p          Public  20,548 Unravelling Of the Minds         

p          Public  446      Rainbow Meditation      

p          Public  9,043   TWIN SOULS 💕 SOUL MATES     

p          Closed 9,754   Spiritual Truth Now       

p          Closed 1,568   Seekers of Light, Love and Enlightenment         

p          Public  4,658   True Meaning Of Love           

p          Public  17,323 Journey of The Soul        

p          Public  86        Aquarian Gospel Society         

p          Closed 3,071   Metaphysical Minds         

p          Public  9,440   Univ. Metaphysical Sciences Group     

p          Public  23,307 Global Lightworkers   

p          Closed 83,871 Lightworkers United . . . Global Peace, Love & Unity          

p          Public  2,227   The Time of the Unveiling         

p          Public  1,073   Healing Room         

p          Public  24,817 So in Love         

p          Public  2,656   The Magic Circle (Looking into ancient history)         

p          Closed 6,292   The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy         

p          Public  456      Fans of Michael Newton, PH.D. and life between lives hypnotherapy studies             

p          Public  12,483 A Spiritual Hand   

p          Public  6,939   DIVINE ASPECT’S OF ONE~SELF           

p          Public  2,343   Lightworker’s guild         

p          Public  59,525 Galactic Federation of Light.          

p          Public  6,168   Galactic Federation of Light and the Ascended Masters-INTERNATIONAL           

p          Closed 9,980   The Galactic Federation of Light       

p          Public  3,064   Oneness (((Soul))) Family         

p          Public  803      Metaphysical Freedom Fighters       

p          Public  1,374   The Great Embrace         

p          Public  631      The Resonate State; Each One Teach One         

p          Public  3,130   Let’s Do It Movement         

p          Public  1,337   United Cultures          

p          Public  1,299   CCC: CoCreators Convergence 

a          Public  3,091   Order of Melchizedek   

p          Public  3,241   Universal Development Center           

p          Public  587      CONSCIOUS BLOGGERS         

p          Closed 3,095   Occult / Esoteric / Cosmology / Astrotheology / Prana & 3rd eye meditation           

p          Public  2,318   Pathways to Higher Consciousness       

a          Public  300      A Course In Miracles- Let it all hang out         

a          Public  201      Everything is for your own best interests ACIM        

p          Public  72,335 MYSTICAL ORDER OF THE GNOSTICS

p          Closed 5,640   Truth seekers         

p          Public  350      Agni Yoga—Living Ethics Community      

p          Public  3,159   Twinflame The Unconditional Love         

p          Public  6,226   Spiritual Light n Guidance       

p          Public  24,981 Law of Attraction Magic       

p          Public  2,859   The AscendoSphere    

p          Public  3,286   Christ Consciousness Ascending       


p          Closed 12,703 EARTH ANGELS     

p          Public  6,178   EARTH ANGELS       

p          Closed 18,245 EARTH ANGELS         

p          Public  3,123   Angels of GOD, Love and Light         

p          Closed 15,465 Love and Light           

p          Closed 11,808 Love and light unite       

JJ?       Public  483,741           Power Thoughts       

a          Closed 432,934           LMAO Extreme Video/Pic       

p          Public  24,085 Near Death Experiences  

p          Closed 4,512   Enlightened        

p          Public  1,047   💫 Illuminous SOUL           

p          Closed 5,331   The Karmic Path       

p          Closed 7,487   PURE HEAVEN ON EARTH AND THE GALACTIC         

p          Public  5,324   Divine Shift         

p          Closed 7,443   New earth .5th dimension .one being om consiousness        

p          Closed 21,687 Frequency 5th Dimension; The Age of Aquarius           

JJ         Public  2,751   Quotes of life       

p          Closed 2,595   The Magick of Oneness       

p          Closed 2,659   THE Art Bell Fan Forum   

p          Closed 41,836 Inspiring Quotes and Sayings         

p          Public  266,538           Quotes And Sayings    Seems to be a lot of Muslims

p          Closed 7,000   Followers of the Ancient Path         

p          Closed 11,424 Ascension 🌠 support for those hearing the call 🌟🌌🌈         

p          Closed 2,470   Christ Consciousness Awakening         

p          Closed 111,453           Abraham Hicks Vortex Group      

p          Public  27,801 Law Of Attraction – Beginners Group

p          Closed 5,644   Consciousness Evolution 2.0    

p          Public  2,242   Unity and Love 💕       

p          Public  46,000 Adept Initiates      

p          Public  1,192   Esoteric Astrology         

p          Public  1,154   ACIM Gather for A Course in Miracles 

p Public 2,908 The Wisdom Journal Public

2,908 The Wisdom Journal

p Public 2,166 The Restored Gospel, Ancient Planetary History and Cutting Edge Science

p Closed 222,115 Motivational Quotes

p Closed 11,694 Earth Rising

p Public 712 The Truth of our Path

p Public 1,541 We are One

p Closed 8,192 Divinity through Unity

p Closed 9,311 Old Ways of the Soul Synchronism-Journey of Soul Masters Old Ways of the Soul Synchronism-Journey of Soul Masters

p Closed 8,358 Across the Realms

p Closed 297 Soul Seekers

p Closed 42,708 Seekers, healing of mind, body and spirit

p Closed 47,033 Old Soul Community

p Public 1,252 ILLUMINATIONS OMara – Shamanic Wisdom

p Public 37,657 Wisdom from all over the World

p Public 8,459 Origins of Consciousness

a Closed 1,255 Cosmic Garden

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