McCall Gathering 2000, Part 15

McCall Gathering 2000, Part 15

The Place of Magic

The question: What is a physical example of land water and air meeting where magic is wrought?

Audience: Surface tension? Concrete is heavier than water but if you make it into the right shape, it will float.

JJ: That’s due to the air pocket. What I’m thinking doesn’t include an air pocket. How can something float on water by using the power of surface tension?

Audience: The molecules are denser on top of the water. A paper clip can float on water. Water sticks together so if we could make the water stick together stronger it would work. It’s not like sand being individual particles. Water holds hands.

JJ: Someone said a paper clip can float on water. What makes a paper clip float on water?

Audience: Surface tension.

JJ: Do you think we can make this needle float on water?

(On a humorous note Artie retrieves a bowl of water and the group spends the next 15 minutes experimenting until the needle floats upon the water. JJ finally figured out that it was so difficult because Artie filled the bowl with distilled water which has less surface tension)

JJ: The fact is that a needle can float on water. What makes it float?

Audience: Surface tension. Is this surface tension the place where water, land and air meet?

JJ: When water, land and air meet, it is neither wet nor dry. Around the needle where it is floating it is touching water but it is not getting wet. That’s because the surface tension creates a magic. It creates a point where land, which is the needle, water and air meet and it is neither wet nor dry. This is a physical representation of that point.

Audience: But it is dry.

JJ: It is neither wet nor dry. It’s touching water but it’s not wet nor can it be dry. When something is touching water it’s supposed to be wet. The needle is touching the water so it’s neither wet nor dry. It’s a little paradoxical. Because of the surface tension, it’s really not wet.

Audience: You said, “If we pick the needle up out of the water without breaking the surface tension, the needle would be dry.”

JJ: It’s touching the water so technically in a way it is wet but on the other hand, if you pull it out, it’s not wet. So it’s neither wet nor dry.

Audience: I find it interesting that it’s heavier than water.

JJ: Steel is definitely heavier than water so it’s being held up by magic of tension. We’ve talked in the past about the point of tension. The point of tension is what produces magic. We have three ingredients in this. Land, the needle, water and air meeting produces that point which is neither wet nor dry which is the place where magic can be wrought. You’ll see the meaning more as the years go by and we accomplish certain goals. It’s also called a point of tension. When you add sugar or salt to water like this and stir it up it disappears completely and goes into the space between the molecules. When the empty space between the molecules gets full and you keep adding sugar or salt to it, pretty soon it creates that point of tension where it begins to saturate and crystallize.

That’s also symbolic of the magic of the soul. When you put your attention on something that you want to materialize, it corresponds to the point where water and sugar appears but nothing is seen for a period of time. As you keep pouring energy in over a period of time it eventually reaches a point of saturation. Energy follows thought and as it does it brings materialization or crystallization until the thing desired will materialize.

We, as a group, even though we’re small, are like a seed group. A seed is very small but it grows into something very big. So we can look upon us as the seed of what we want to materialize and we can actually materialize something very big. All it takes is a seed which is a good seed. When you have a good seed and put attention on it you can grow something very wonderful.

A lot of people say they’ve put attention on something but it didn’t show up. A principle is that we need to keep attention on it. A beaver knows he can use great rivers but he couldn’t build a bridge. Lower life forms can’t comprehend certain things yet. We’re capable of great things if we keep our attention on them.

If the higher lives were to come down and communicate, since they are advanced, it might be hard for them to stir people up. It’s written (by DK) about the coming of Christ and the hierarchy that the hardest thing may be that we think they are too organized or boring. That’s one of the biggest handicaps they will need to deal with when the spiritual hierarchy comes to teach humanity.

Many churches are waiting for Christ to show up but many of them are doing nothing to improve the world because they think that Christ is going to show up and do it all. That’s just not the way it is. We have to do things ourselves just like in the movie with John Denver where God shows up and says, “You need to fix the world.” John Denver says, “Us? I thought you were going to fix it.” George Burns as God says, “Nope.” John Denver was beside himself. He thought God was going to do it. There’s an interesting truth in that.

The churches and many esoteric groups, organizations and initiates, in times past, for one purpose or another, have all had certain rites and ceremonies. We have coming in, the seventh ray. It’s called the seventh ray of ceremonial magic. The rays come in and out of incarnation. Right now we’re passing out of the sixth ray. The sixth ray governs the emotions and aspirations. The Age of Pisces has been ruled by the sixth ray. The sixth ray has ruled since the days of Jesus. That’s why we had the crusades and all these idealistic enterprises to convert the world to Jesus, so to speak. It’s been because of the idealism of the sixth ray energy.

But the sixth ray energy is passing out and is being overshadowed by the seventh ray. The seventh ray energy governs ceremony. It governs order. It governs organization and business. That’s why business is becoming such a potent force in our time. It’s funny how many people think business is evil when in reality in the new age it’s going to be about business. Many see business as evil, but within the past hundred years business has improved by leaps and bounds. It’s gone from the old kingdom mentality where children worked 16 hours a day in factories to now where we have profit sharing, 40 hour work weeks and lots of benefits like health care. We’re taken pretty good care of by businesses compared to a hundred years ago.

If business evolved this much in the past hundred years, imagine what’s going to take place in the next hundred years. Business could be almost a holy thing a couple hundred years from now. Shining light on this are the ads on TV. Have you ever noticed that the ads are almost like promoting a church? “We’ll change the world” or things like that which sound almost like they’re promoting a religion. The many ads for various products sound almost like the products are holy by the way they’re presented. The reason is because these advertisers are picking up the vibrations of the coming age where businesses are going to evolve into a spiritual enterprise over the next thousand years. So, two hundred years from now business will be a lot different than it is today. We’ve seen how much it’s improved from a hundred years ago.

A lot of what we see as the evils of business will disappear over the next few hundred years. This is because business is governed by the seventh ray which is coming into incarnation at this time. The seventh ray also governs the ceremonies. Many things that are done symbolically are going to be restored. The meaning behind them will be better understood. Right now, for instance, we have various ceremonies but they’re done so mindlessly they have little effect on the spirit of people.

There are two evolutions ongoing on this earth. One is the human and the other is the deva or angel kingdom. The devas exist in the etheric matter. On the physical plane we have the physical bodies plus we have our spiritual counterpart composed of etheric matter which is a little more refined. I showed you once how to see it when you put your thumbs together. Did anyone do that? How many were able to see the etheric body? It’s pretty clear, isn’t it? It’s harder to see the aura but it’s easier to show that the etheric body exists. There are many orders of these deva lives that exist in this etheric matter.

Now, these deva lives do not communicate the way that we do. Some of the higher ones may understand speech but most of them communicate through symbols. Certain ceremonies, when performed, attract these angelic lives and they actually participate. They understand the symbols behind them because that’s how they communicate, by symbols and shapes instead of speech like we do. This is why different ceremonies will be brought in and different effects will materialize. It’ll be a scientific communication with these co-existing lives.

These lives are often able to help us get more in contact with the spirit. This is why Jesus instituted ceremonies like the sacrament, or the Eucharist, and on the taking of bread and wine as symbolic of something higher. The churches, by tradition, have a number of ceremonies. Every church has its ceremonies because they were instituted by some initiate as communication with these other lives. And also because of the effect they have on your soul. Your soul also has the ability to read the symbols of anything that’s transpiring. If you are open to this communication then your soul can bring this communication through to you. Also, it can communicate with the deva lives that may be present.

Audience: If the masters speak in principles then these are not masters since they speak in symbols?

JJ: Symbols are similar to speaking principles but a little different. Symbols are a form of language.

Audience: Like the impression you get if they leave a message? It’s a feeling that includes the whole sense of it?

JJ: There are a number of symbols. To the deva lives, these types of things make sense.

Audience: These are deva lives that are contacted through symbols?

JJ: The deva lives are able to read that symbolism.

Audience: But they’re not masters?

JJ: No. The masters have passed through the human kingdom but most devas have not. At some point they will become human.

Audience: Are they parallel to humans or to masters?

JJ: Parallel to humans but they have their own hierarchy like we have our own. There is a lower level of lives called the elemental lives. They are incorporated into matter itself. They can also be contacted by certain magicians. Many of the dark magicians use the elemental lives. White magicians do sometimes but it’s more common with those on the dark path. They’re of a lower vibration and easier to manipulate. The higher deva lives can only be contacted by a person who is pure in heart and pure intent.

First posted Sept 1, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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