Male-Female Polarization

Male-Female Polarization

One of my more controversial teachings concerns the difference between males and females when seen as energies.  That is the female has a tendency to focus more on receiving/learning and the male on sending/teaching.

I thought I’d make a few comments of clarification on this as this teaching probably rubs some females the wrong way more than any other I have given out.

First, I do not think I have every written anything to discourage female from becoming better teachers. As far as teaching our children are concerned, there are more female teachers than male, but even here as far as energy goes a female teacher is male to the child which is female in energy by comparison.

Here are a few things I have written in previous articles:

“We must remember that each of us possesses both of these energies no matter which body we occupy. We must all play out roles of being both sender and receiver, but our souls are attracted to either a male or female body in a certain life because, at that point in time, our life force is charged or polarized in that direction; this charge fluctuates in us all from life to life. Thus, if one presently finds herself in a female body, this is an indication that her soul needs to be polarized in that energy to achieve maximum progress and fulfillment through learning and receiving. If one finds himself in a male body, then he must be a sender, initiator, and teacher to satisfy his soul direction. To achieve complete fulfillment, however, we must balance and use both energies within us. The fact that we find ourselves in either a male or female body is merely a statement of our soul’s intention that one or the other energy should be dominant, and that we should place our attention there.”

“It does seem that the best and the worst of people in our history have been males. It is a fact that those who have initiated causes and have led humanity to great heights and depths have usually been in male bodies. There are exceptions, but even if an advanced entity finds itself initiating a great cause in a female body, she must do so using male energies, for all initiating energies are male, as we shall soon explain. Thus, the most notable persons in history who have appeared to accomplish great works (good or bad) have been male, such as the Buddha, Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Edison, on one end and Nero, Mussolini and Hitler, and others.


“So ladies — do not forego initiating because that is ‘a man’s job.’ There is equal opportunity here. Sometimes male and female will work together, as my wife and I do in many areas, and sometimes you must act as an individual. Madame Blavatsky was in a female body yet was a much more powerful initiate and leader than was her husband.”


A male or female polarization is only partial and not complete. We all have both energies and if the situation requires it the male can concentrate on receiving and the female on sending.

A reader brought up the interesting possibility that Christ could come as a female.

Does this mean that he would only be supporting males as senders?


Would this mean that he would not use male energy and teach us?

To get an idea of how he would perform his mission as a female look at how Alice A. Bailey or Madame Blavatsky performed their work. Each of them were the head of their organizations which they initiated and spent countless hours in teaching and expounding. Yet as evidence of their female polarization look at that for which they are best known. The most notable aspect of both of them is their claim that they received most of their material from a Master. This fact overshadows any male projection they gave out because they were polarized in the female energy.

Readers may find it of interest to examine me as a teacher in the male energy and how it differs from past female teachers. Seekers do not know for sure whether I have met higher beings or not or where the teachings I give out come from. Because I am polarized in the male the attention is on my sending and not the receiving. Readers often wonder at first about my sources, but then as they get into the teachings it does not matter to most of them that much.

If Christ were to come in female body he would indeed teach and initiate, but we would be strongly directed to one higher than he. You’ll notice that Jesus attempted to give recognition to one higher than himself but it didn’t stick as it did with Alice A. Bailey largely because he was in a male body. If he were to come in a female body there would be a lot of attention given to his link in the Molecular Order — which would be the Ancient of Days or one of his associates.

“He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.” Albert Einstein

Feb 15, 2008

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