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Jan 1, 2015

Alternate Realities

Happy New Year to all. Let us hope the system holds together for one more year. Wouldn’t it be great if it held together long enough for the lights to gather and demonstrate to the world good government, peaceful living and sustainable farming while living with abundant non poluting energy sources?

People in Boise are experiencing an especially happy New Years as Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl for the third time, which is a major accomplishment for a college from the sparsely populated state of Idaho.

Meanwhile Keith writes:

I have my doubts that the official version we experience is the only version that will ever exist in a hard physical reality. Intuitively, I pick up that there is a truth between the two extremes. We have a hard physical version of are history that does not change. We have the mental plane Holodeck experience. We have the intimate exchange of physical histories between souls on the higher planes. My soul tells me there is more to this than just these three truths about time, timelines, probable realities, and alternate realities.


Seth was the first one I know of who wrote in detail of alternate timelines. He presented the idea that if you came to a decision point that you may be living out that alternate decision in an alternate reality. He didn’t say that all decisions created this but indicated that decisions involving strong emotion of longing. For instance, one may be faced with the choice of two people to marry and chooses the mate who is safe, but not the one he or she truly loves. Seth says that a different timeline will then be created where the guy will actually live out his life with his beloved.

Since then, many new agers and science fiction writers have created paradigms promoting the view that every decision point creates an entirely new alternate universe.

First, I’ll comment on this second idea.

To discover the truth of any matter you always want to look at the principles at play. The main one to look at here is that of the Principle of Dominating Good. That is, there is a universal intelligent mind at play in all creation so all things created have a purpose and that purpose guides all lives toward an end where lessons are learned and the end of creation produces satisfaction and joy to the lives involved.

If we are living in thousands of universes at once experiencing every possible decision that we could have ever made then in reality no decision would have any meaning. One might as well decide to seduce the boss’s wife in this reality because someone has to do it in some universe so why shouldn’t I be the one to have the fun?

The second problem deals with the common sense of reality itself. Each person makes thousands of decisions in his life. That would mean that the seven billion people on this planet have created over a trillion universes and decisions in each of these create many trillions more universes. Would this also mean that when you create another universe for yourself you are also creating one for the billions of others on this and other planets who are in it. That is a very confusing thought and overkill for the coverage needed for lessons to be learned. I do not want to participate in any alternate universe created by Charles Manson.

Now let us look at how some interpret Seth’s idea. That is when one enters, not just a regular decision point, but an emotional one, that an entirely new universe is created so the results of that decision can be played out.

Let us take one look at how this could have manifested. We’ll use Charles Manson as an example again. He was emotionally upset that he got caught for his engineering a murderous rampage so he relives his life in a newly created universe so his plans are more solid and he gets away with his crimes. In his various new universes he gets away with more egregious murders time and time again until he gains a great power base from where he eventually establishes a dictatorship from whence he controls the world. You are I are also in this universe and suffer immeasurably.

What would be the sense of designing creation so all probabilities play out to the extent that no there is no real responsibility for actions and no real lessons are learned?

Here is the way I see reality working out.

We have major decisions that cause a lot of emotional stress when analyzing the two possible results that may materialize. Then we have minor decisions that cause little emotional involvement.

There is definitely no alternate reality created by minor decisions as there would be no purpose behind such a thing. The approach to minor decisions creates a ripple in emotional and mental matter allowing the entity the luxury of seeing how they may play out.

On the other hand, major decisions create a much large displacement in astral and mental matter. This does create an inner reality that can be viewed by the soul. After the entity is reunited with his soul, if he wishes, he can then live out alternate decisions in non physical matter. It will seem fairly real, but not quite as solid as physical reality, nor does it pull in a whole universe along with you and I to create it.

There is a correspondence to this in the double slit experiment. In this the electron is seen as either a particle or wave depending on how the experiment is examined.

Seeing it as a particle represents consciousness in the physical world. This physical reality is all the average person sees.

Seeing the electron as a wave represents the vision from the soul level. But to understand this we have to look at the waves created by the interference pattern. Take a look at this graphic.


Notice that the energy of the single center wave is much more pronounced than the others. This represents life in experienced in all three worlds of form where experience and results are most potent.

The immediate upper and lower waves, which are less pronounced, represent the creation of experience in the astral/mental. Here the full reality in the worlds of form is not created.

The next waves up, which are lighter still, represent creation in the mental matter only.

The fine waves further out represent reflection from the formless worlds which is much more subtle.

Conclusion: There is only one physical reality from which our present experiences are based. However there are simulated realities in non physical matter as well as other dimensions and realities that are totally different from this one.

Of course, there is no way to prove this and I can’t blame anyone who sees things differently.


Jan 2, 2015


“As a group do you think we are successful in avoiding the mark of the Beast?”

Larry W.

My answer, If anyone takes JJ’s teachings as authority above that of their own highest self then they use JJ as a beastmaster rather than as a high quality teacher. We may avoid this by checking EVERYTHING within the highest that we know. Not the highest JJ knows nor that Jesus knows nor any other perceived high teacher; but the highest WE know within our own selves.


I’ve had similar feelings as I have studied DK over the years.

At first he introduced a lot of teachings I had not before considered or even believed, but so much spoke to my soul that I did not discard anything but gave even the crazy sounding things serious contemplation. A lot of those things put on the shelf were eventually verified by my soul. Now there are just a handful of things I question, but even if DK, Jesus or God do not make sense we must not make a beast out of them but wait for full acceptance until the soul and mind speak in harmony.


The Dogmatic One

I couldn’t resist commenting on this statement of Allan’s to his forum:

“Judgment places a wall between yourself and what you judge.”

To this I replied:

So when you judged me to be spiritually dead and like those who sought the death of Jesus then you automatically placed a wall between us so you cannot see light in anything I write.

Then in a responding post he says

we attempt to understand why you fail to perceive and understand the larger picture of man’s higher soul and spiritual reality.


The core of the millions of words I have written is about “the larger picture of man’s higher soul and spiritual reality.” Why this goes over your head is an amazing thing. You should restrict yourself to commenting on what you know rather than what you do not know.

On the other hand, I see little evidence that you have much understanding of the subject, though I will restrain myself from making an Allan type black and white linear judgment.


You acquire information that you have read — sometimes you present this information in somewhat unique ways —


You keep saying that I get my teachings from books whereas yours comes from the Higher Self. The evidence tells us the opposite is true. All your teachings except maybe a strange view or two are found in numerous books. On the other hand, hundreds of teachings I have given out are found in no book. If they are found in no book then obviously I didn’t get them from reading books.

If one is truly receiving from the real Higher Self then he should be able to produce teachings not found in books.


With respect to your comment about my portraying you as being already dead: That is based upon your own dogmatic wall that you have erected between yourself and your own higher soul-self.

JJ Sounds applicable if you are looking in the mirror. You are dogmatic about lots of things.

(1) Very dogmatic linear and black and white about following a vegetarian diet.

(2) Dogmatic about your Higher Self being better than anyone else’s contact who does not speak exactly to your mindset. You keep insisting that I have made no contact and am spiritually dead when this is not true.

(3) You go on about how your group is superior to yours, a sign of dogmatism.

(4) You do not consider ideas outside of your comfort zone.

I could go on and on, but calling me the dogmatic one is upside down vision indeed. And excusing your negative judgments as being discernment is very warped thinking. Even if you sincerely think your negative judgments about me are correct it is very bad manners to blurt them out when the only purpose served is to solidify the opinion of outsiders that you are the dogmatic judgmental one.


Testing the Voice


What is the highest YOU know? Is it what you’ve been taught/told by society/teachers/parents (ie beastly authorities whose word you accepted as true uncritically)? How do you know you truly KNOW it as opposed to believe, accept (, or etc)? Is it what you FEEL? If so, how do you know whether you truly FEEL it emotionally or intuitionally? Do you KNOW (can you tell) the difference between what is emotion and intuition? How do you know you know?


The highest you know often doesn’t involve something you know for sure. The principle is often applied when you reach a fork in the road where you are not sure which path to take. Instead of being paralyzed with fear, as were those in the Parable of Decision, the pilgrim uses his best judgment and moves forward. The advantage of following your best judgment over doing nothing or retreating is that if you chose the wrong path it will only be a matter of time before the error becomes obvious. When this happens, and you are honest with yourself and still willing to follow the highest you know, you will then leave that path and choose another.



Still rhetorically: So then, how do you choose whether or not to follow (listen to) (enact) a “knowing” (“voice”) (“feeling”) (“etc”) such as that which Abraham received to sacrifice his son?


The first thing the disciple must discover is the difference between the voice of the True Source and the many other competing voices of illusion and the astral world. If the seeker could pick just one thing to know this would be it.

Many who have not discovered this knowledge are led astray into all kinds of harmful acts that cause much pain and grief to their brothers.

In my case, when I began to receive guidance through the soul I questioned the direction a lot. Several times I rejected the guidance because it seemed crazy to me, but then regretted it later when it became plain that the Spirit was right and I was wrong. After testing it numerous times I concluded that the best thing to do was to immediately respond when receiving direction. I followed this plan and time and time again the Spirit was right even when it didn’t seem like it would be. Finally I approached a point, a comfort zone, where I just felt that the thing to do was obey and just watch the positive results happen. At the moment of my greatest faith in the Inner Voice came my greatest test. I was told to do something that seemed to be totally insane and even ran contrary to a previous promise given to me through the soul. If I were to obey it would seem to make God out to be a lair. This wasn’t something simple like running through the streets naked singing the Star Spangled Banner, but tested me to the very core beyond anything I had imagined.

There are two reasons I obeyed.

(1) I had tested the Inner Voice numerous times and it had never been wrong.

(2) I received a powerful, overwhelming, undeniable witness that the direction I was told to follow was the will of God.

Then to make things worse for a long time after I submitted it seemed that my common sense was correct and the Spirit was wrong. This was disturbing since he inner Voice is connected to the Source of life itself. If the Source who brought you into being seems to be your enemy then what is the purpose of even existing?

Despite this I continued onward following the highest I knew and wasn’t sure where it was taking me. Then, at an unexpected moment I received a revelation and all became clear. The Higher Will was correct after all and it turned out the Inner Voice could be trusted again. My final doubts faded away engulfed in a greater light.

If I hadn’t followed the difficult direction I probably wouldn’t be writing you today and the great volume of higher teachings I have produced most likely would not exist.



Practice makes perfect??? How do you practice?


Just follow your best judgment, or the highest you can perceive to be true. As you do this and seek soul contact with your consciousness you will become more sensitive and eventually the Inner Voice will become clear. After it becomes clear the day will come that it will manifest to you with great power.

So far the Inner Voice to me has never been wrong and I do know this. The intelligence behind it sees from a higher angle of vision than I do. Whether or not it is infallible on its own plane I cannot say, but it is the closest thing to infallibility that I have encountered.


How do you know whether FOR SURE it’s from your “highest self” or not until you try it a few times?


You will be given the opportunity to test it a lot of times. Testing it is how you will prove that it is the real thing.


Personally, the only safe (seeming) route (FOR ME) is to reject ALL such bullshit tests.


That is a good plan if you have not yet been able to validate the intelligence behind the Inner Voice. You must follow the highest you know, not the highest I, or someone else knows.



Jan 5, 2015

The Life Principle

We’ve talked quite a bit about consciousness and the principle behind it. It is interesting that DK speaks of the “Life Principle.”

This means that there is a principle behind life itself. What this is, is indeed interesting to contemplate and would be a good project for the group to tackle.

Consider these questions:

(1) What is life?

(2) What is the difference between life and consciousness?

(3) What is the difference between existence and life?

(4) What is the principle that causes life to manifest?


Jan 6, 2015

Primordial Factors

Ruth asks:

If duality always exists or existed then God was always two, symbolic of say, the figure 8, sideways oo, two circles join in the middle, which depicts the interplay of spirit and matter.

DK “There always exists “two primordial factors.” “

What are the primordial factors? Spirit and Matter? Power and Mind? God always had a Form? How is matter created if God always existed outside of form or matter?


God is one life, which is composed of the many lesser lives, just as your body is one life, but composed of trillions of smaller lives called cells and atoms.

Even though God is one, the universe, which is His mode of expression, is created from an eternal duality. Subjective and objective duality is eternal. It has always been and always will be. Because of this creation has always been and will always be.

In the primordial state duality is formless. Both poles are in existence in a state of neutrality. A rough correspondence to this state is when your computer is turned off. If you look at the screen you only see a state of quiescence. Nothing seems to be there. But it is not that “which is not,” but simply that which is esoteric, or not objectively seen. All the ingredients are there to run thousands of programs.

Even so is creation not made of material substance but from the activation of the polarities accompanied by thought. Running the creation programs produces all manifestation we see about us plus much that we do not see.


Jan 7, 2014

The Three Fires


DK: “the God of Fire and the fire of God interacting upon each other, till all fires blend and blaze and till all that exists, is passed through the fire from a solar system to an ant and emerges as a triple perfection.”

What is the triple perfection?


DK tells us there are three fires.

(1) Fire by Friction.

This is the fire as we understand it on the physical plane which produces physical heat. Action and motion on the physical plane is an aspect of this fire.

(2) Solar Fire

This us fire on the plane of the mind which drives us to seek greater knowledge. Another aspect of this are the fires of love

(3) The fire of spirit or electric fire.

This is the fire that drives divine will and a lower octave of this manifests as human will and determination to create the dominating good.

The triple perfection comes when the disciple is able to direct all three fires to work together in harmony toward the consummation of divine will.


Jan 9, 2015

The Meaning Behind the Miracle

Latuwr writes:

Recently, Fred Jagenberg requested of Allan Cronshaw to relate his interpretation of John 9:1-7. Allan used the opportunity not to display his insight into allegory; rather, Allan gave Fred a very wordy reply that began with a discourse on the viability of reincarnation and progressed to other nonsense.

If you would be so kind, could you provide me with your own interpretation of the secret meaning behind the miracle related in John 9:1-7? Do you have any specific ideas concerning the meaning of the various symbols that are presented in this story (I imagine rightly or wrongly that this is what Fred was looking for), i.e., what does it really mean that Messiah’s spittle is mixed with clay etc. In other words, Sir, break this story down like a parable, and please interpret the various symbols found in this story so that all may perceive the secret meaning behind this miracle.


I’ve just taken you off moderation and you will remain so unless your posts get too far away from things that may interest the group. A topic like this is fine as many in the group are curious about these type of interpretations.

First let us quote the verse from the King James Bible:

John 9:1 And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.

John 9:2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

John 9:3 Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

John 9:5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

John 9:6 When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay, 9:7 And said unto him, Go, wash in the pool of Siloam, (which is by interpretation, Sent.) He went his way therefore, and washed, and came seeing.

The Aquarian Gospel gives a little different slant:

THE Lord with Peter, James and John were in Jerusalem; it was the Sabbath day.

2 And as they walked along the way they saw a man who could not see; he had been blind from birth.

3 And Peter said, Lord, if disease and imperfections all are caused by sin, who was the sinner in this case? the parents or the man himself?

4 And Jesus said, Afflictions all are partial payments on a debt, or debts, that have been made.

5 There is a law of recompense that never fails, and it is summarised in that true rule of life:

6 Whatsoever man shall do to any other man some other man will do to him.

7 In this we find the meaning of the Jewish law, expressed concisely in the words, Tooth for a tooth; life for a life.

8 He who shall injure any one in thought, or word, or deed, is judged a debtor to the law, and some one else shall, likewise, injure him in thought, or word or deed.

9 And he who shed the blood of any man will come upon the time when his blood shall be shed by man.

10 Affliction is a prison cell in which a man must stay until he pays his debts unless a master sets him free that he may have a better chance to pay his debts.

11 Affliction is a certain sign that one has debts to pay.

12 Behold this man! Once in another life he was a cruel man, and in a cruel way destroyed the eyes of one, a fellow man.

13 The parents of this man once turned their faces on a blind and helpless man, and drove him from their door.

14 Then Peter asked, Do we pay off the debts of other men when by the Word we heal them, drive the unclean spirits out, or rescue them from any form of sore distress?

15 And Jesus said, We cannot pay the debts of any man, but by the Word we may release a man from his afflictions and distress,

16 And make him free, that he may pay the debts he owes, by giving up his life in willing sacrifice for men, or other living things.

17 Behold, we may make free this man that he may better serve the race and pay his debts.

18 Then Jesus called the man and said, Would you be free? would you receive your sight?

19 The man replied, All that I have would I most freely give if I could see.

20 And Jesus took saliva and a bit of clay and make a salve, and put it on the blind man’s eyes.

21 He spoke the Word and then he said, Go to Siloam and wash, and as you wash say, Jahhevahe. This do for seven times and you shall see.

22 The man was led unto Siloam; he washed his eyes and spoke the word, and instantly his eyes were opened and he saw.

Unlike Allan, I see value in true historical events. I see most of the scriptures as being based on true events though some of them have been altered or enhanced to fit the bias of the scribe relating the story. Some scriptures are based on stories passed down for generations and the scribes of the day made the best of them if they were inspiring or had the ring of truth.

Also unlike Allan, who only seems to see value in the allegory and not the history, I see value in both. I happen to think this miracle was a true event. Even so, it has some good allegorical meaning. In fact, any true event as well as intelligent parables can be used for enlightening the mind.

If one only interprets the miracles as allegory then an important truth is buried. And what is that?

It is this core truth, as taught by the Master:

“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23

Miracles are indeed a literal possibility for those who believe and if one only looks to the allegory in the miracles of Jesus he will then miss out on the great truth that miracles can manifest among us ordinary folk just as it did for Jesus. In fact Jesus said:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” John 14:12

If we want to gain the fruits of this promise of “greater works” then we need to know what those works literally were. If we realize that Jesus was literally a man of miracles then this will increase our faith to become miracle workers also.

That said, I’ll first touch on the literal aspects of the scripture.

An important point to take in is that reincarnation was obviously a common belief in the days of Jesus and was accepted by his disciples. Else why did they ask if a man, blind from birth, sinned to cause his disease? If he was born blind then the only time he could have sinned was before his birth in that life.

Secondly, the Aquarian Gospel teaches the important point that even though we may be suffering the effects of karma it is still possible to be healed and find relief. Jesus said, “we may make free this man that he may better serve the race and pay his debts.”

If we are willing to pay off our debts in service then the miracle of deliverance from physical infirmities becomes possible.

Then we come to the literal miracle:

“When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay, And said unto him, Go, wash in the pool of Siloam, (which is by interpretation, Sent.) He went his way therefore, and washed, and came seeing.” John 9:6-7

At other times Jesus just spoke the word and people were healed. On several occasions he added a little ceremony. If Jesus was the all-powerful God in the flesh, as many teach, then such procedures seem unnecessary.

The truth is that Jesus was a man like us. Paul tells us that he is our brother. The only difference is that he is farther along the path than us and manifested the Christ upon the earth. This did not make him all-powerful, but this, accompanied by his greater knowledge, made him a very powerful man of the Spirit.

When Jesus saw this man he realized that healing him would require more than him merely speaking a few words. The man had been blind from birth and hadn’t seen a miracle in his life. He may have desired to have faith but finding it was difficult in his situation.

Since the scriptures tell us that even Jesus could not heal those who lack faith then what he needed to do was to take steps to activate the faith of this man. The man could not see so Jesus had to use his sense of touch and hearing.

The first thing he did was mix his saliva with clay and made a paste and placed it on his eyes. This stimulated the needed sensation around his eyes. He is also recorded as doing this with another blind man in Mark, chapter eight.

It was thought among many of the ancients that the saliva of a holy man had magical powers. If the blind man was aware of this teaching then this act of Jesus could have triggered a belief that he could be healed. In addition to this, the procedure transferred some vital force from Jesus to the blind man.

Next he told the blind man to go wash himself and the paste out of his eyes “in the pool of Siloam.” This pool was used by the Jews as a place to ceremonially cleanse themselves before going to the temple. So when telling the man to wash in this pool he was preparing his consciousness to be lifted up to the realm of Spirit worthy of entering the temple where God dwells.

When the man washed himself, the sense of physical feeling was stimulated. In addition, he was stimulated by the sound of the confident voice of Jesus. Finally, as the Aquarian Gospel relates, he was stimulated by the sound of his own voice repeating the name of God.

This simple, but powerful ceremony worked and the man was healed.

I’ll talk about the allegorical meaning next in Part II.


The Mustard Seed

Allan seems to think that I portray him in a negative light when all I did was go by what he says. In his teachings he downplays any interpretation by me and others that is not allegorical but takes the scripture for what it literally says. If that is negative them I guess that Allan’s very words are negative toward himself.

Then he says:

Based upon JJ’s statements, we must conclude that he does not even have faith the size of a mustard seed — after all, if as the literal text states, if JJ did, then he could send a mountain into the sea — i.e., And the Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you. (Luke 17:6)

The creation of the mustard seed required an act of faith greater than anything that Jesus did and greater than that required to move a physical mountain. The faith crystallized in any seed of physical or spiritual life is beyond anything ever witnessed on planet earth. The life of God had to create living organic things from that which had no life, as we define it, and this required an act of faith greater than manifested by any individual in history.

Each scripture has a number of correspondences that teach symbolic truth. Here are some other comments I have made on it in the past.

Pisces: He who partakes of this fruit (of this aspect of the tree of life) will partake of the power of the faith of Christ who told us that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains.

Do you want to increase your faith and the faith of others? Do you want to see miracles happen in your life? Do others have faith in you and you do not want to let them down? Then this fruit will help you and increase your faith. Not only will it increase your faith, but if you contemplate after consuming it you will sense and understand the principle of faith and such knowledge will be power.

Through faith you can walk with ease across the disturbing waters of life as you breathe the fresh and exhilarating air in the real but unseen worlds.

Posted Sept 11, 1999


Matthew 17:20

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Luke 17:6

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”

What is the similarity between a tree and a mountain?

They are both symbols of the kingdom of God.

What is the meaning of the sea? This stands for the peoples of the earth (Rev 17:15)

What is a seed?

It contains the hidden knowledge of life which is revealed when nourished. This is the life of the soul, the bridge of spirit (life) and matter (death).

This said, let us interpret.

If you believe what you receive from your soul (the mustard seed) you shall see the Kingdom of God (the mountain or the tree) and you shall take the kingdom from its high place and cast it among the multitudes causing the kingdom to permeate the whole.

Posted May 22, 2003

But, what type of life are we the seed of? The answer is that each human is a seed that can grow into a Master such as was Jesus. In other words, we are a mustard seed that turns into a great plant with branches that reach up to heaven and bears fruit in the kingdom of God.

Posted Sept 19, 2003

The important thing to understand is the Plan is much different than generally perceived. The Plan is the mustard seed and the tree. Long ago the seed was planted in the hearts and minds of mankind and now it has sprouted and broken ground and is struggling to survive in sunlight. Before the tree is fully formed the cells in its body look upon it and form incorrect conclusions as to how it is developing and what it will look like when mature. The seed, the sprout and the young plant know not their full destiny, but they can guess with more accuracy as they develop and time moves forward.

Revelation does not tell us with pinpoint accuracy all the ingredients of the Plan. Instead, it gives the seer the vital force necessary for the next step forward in growth and in that growth will come additional light.

As the plant grows the only thing that stays the same is change, yet within that state of flux are operating principles that are endless and ever true.

Posted Feb 11, 2009

Because the highest truth originates from God and the lowest level is the physical plane. See this God point as a mustard seed which sprouts and grows to a great tree with a great trunk, many branches and leaves. The leaves are the physical plane. To find the higher truth one must find the truth on the physical plane first (the leaves) and then follow the life-giving fluid to the branches, then the trunk and finally the root.

The problem had by many is that they want to miss all the steps and make one giant leap to the root. This may create the illusion of returning to God and finding the ultimate truth, but in reality such a move creates a fungus which is in a place where it does not belong, attempting to drain the life energy it has not yet earned.

Instead we must start out where we are, as a leaf and follow the life giving energy until the source of life and truth is discovered.

To make this journey we must learn to recognize and embrace truth in all the spheres. If we cannot recognize truth on the physical plane then we have no chance of understanding truth on the astral and mental planes.

Posted Oct 3, 2004

And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

What was it to which Jesus gave credit over and over for the miracles? Students will often say it was God or a special power that Jesus had that caused them to take place. But this is not the direction that Jesus indicated. He did not say “God made you whole,” or “I made you whole.”

To find the key to power we must examine his actual words.

Here is a popular pronouncement he made: “thy faith hath made thee whole.”

Here are several others:

“as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.”

“According to your faith be it unto you”

“great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.”

What do all these phrases have in common? They all direct us away from depending on an outside god sitting on a throne, or even Jesus himself, and point somewhere. But where?

Where does faith come from? It comes from inside of us. The great secret that is hidden in plain sight in the words of Jesus is the power to heal and perform miracles lies within ourselves. Jesus made this plain when he told a woman, “great is thy faith: be it unto thee EVEN AS THOU WILT.”

In other words there is magic within us activated by faith that unlocks a power so great that we can make things happen even as we will. That is an amazing thought, is it not?

And where is the limitation? There does not seem to be much for he said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

So what is this power within us? The scriptures give several powerful hints.

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

So where is the kingdom of God? It is within us.

And where is God? Answer: In his kingdom.

Where then should we look for God? Answer: Within each of us.

Where then lies the all powerful presence of God? Answer: Within each of us.

This is confirmed in the book of Revelation where it describes those who are redeemed and saved from the mark of the Beast. “And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.” Rev 14:1

So where is the name of God found? Again it is found within our thinking consciousness in our foreheads.

And where the name of God is found, God is found, and his power becomes manifest and available.

Posted Dec 3, 2013


The Teachings


How does your teachings actually build a persons self confidence and make them feel good about themselves. Where are your tips on handling panic attacks, anxiety, tremors, etc.


There are plenty of people out there attempting to say things to make you feel good about yourself. And if you Google “panic attacks, anxiety, tremors” you’ll get 14 million hits. My purpose is not to join the crowd and say things that have already been said many times, but to give out new truths as well as new views on the old.

Generally truth makes a seeker feel good that he at least sees a greater light. One of the greatest cures for panic attacks, anxiety, tremors is soul contact, but it takes a lot of effort to achieve this in fulness. The time to begin is the present.

Meanwhile it would be a good idea to Google these subjects to see how others are handling the problem.


Jan 10, 2015

The Meaning Behind the Miracle, Part 2

Next we’ll look at the allegorical, or symbolic meaning of the story. Keep in mind that this will only be one interpretation of several that are possible as all inspired or spiritual writings have several layers of meaning. As I have said before, the ancient Jews taught the scriptures have a body, soul and spirit. Some taught that there are as many as seven levels of interpretation. The important thing to realize is that just any interpretation will not do, but it must adhere to the Law of Correspondences

“And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.” John 9:1

The man blind from birth represents the pilgrim, such as you or I, who has journeyed down to this physical plane and forgotten who he is. Jesus represents the inner God, Higher Self – or the highest that can be contacted with his present state of consciousness.

The Presence sees the man and is aware of him and his condition, but the man is blind to the Presence and higher spiritual realities. He has been spiritually blind since being born. Since birth he has identified with his “not self” and been blind to his real self and its potential.

“And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?” Verse 2

Others who have had some contact with the Higher Self wonder about such people who seem so blind and wonder about the cause of spiritual blindness. Are they in darkness because of mistakes parents made when raising them or are they suffering from mistakes in a past life?

“Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” Verse 3

The Inner Voice answers. The blindness is not caused by his parents or from the sins of a past life. This man chose to come to earth and partake of this condition. One cannot appreciate the light until he first passes through great darkness. The pilgrim knew before birth that he would suffer from blindness, but he also knew that the Presence of God would be ever near waiting for the opportunity to bring him vision. When “the works of God should be made manifest in him,” will his joy be full.

The pilgrim who has been blind from birth seeks answers and desires to see and understand greater spiritual realities. He contemplates within and for the first time he clearly hears the Inner Voice:

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Verses 4-5

He realizes that this Inner Voice is sent from his Source, or God, and he must learn to see while it is day so he can do great works. It dawns on him that the Inner Voice brings light and understanding, not only to himself, but is available to all who are in the world of darkness. It is the “light of the world.”

When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay,” Verse 6

The pilgrim has decided he wants to see and do great works of service with his new vision and understanding, but he is not sure he is worthy of such things. He throws all his trust in the Presence to deliver him from his dilemma. At first he thinks he must live some consecrated and holy life, but he soon learns differently.

“He spat on the ground” seems like an odd symbol coming from the God Within, but it makes perfect sense. The saliva is a symbol of the higher spiritual feelings one receives when he learns from and follows the Inner Voice. The fact that it is cast on the ground tells us that the seeker needs to place his attention on the physical plane and serve there. He is to not allow his feelings to drift off into idealist realms where he could wind up being of no use to God or man. There is plenty of time to focus on the spiritual realms later. “While it is day” he is to serve on this, the lowest of planes, where those in blindness seek deliverance.

The anointing of his eyes with the clay tells us that the pilgrim’s eyes of understanding are open to the idea that the holiest of work is not in isolating yourself from the world in some monastery, or ascend to higher spheres, but to mingle with your fellow men and woman and to work with them where they are.

“And said unto him, Go, wash in the pool of Siloam, (which is by interpretation, Sent.) He went his way therefore, and washed, and came seeing. Verse 7

The pilgrim accepts the idea that he should follow the Inner Voice and serve his fellow men, but he is not sure if he is worthy or suitable for the mission. To solve this problem he is told to “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.”

The ancient Jews washed in this pool as a cleansing ritual so they could feel worthy to enter the temple. Even so, before the seeker can be a true servant, he must cleanse himself of guilt and feelings of unworthiness. He accomplishes this by following the direction of the Inner Voice above all the outer ones. When he realizes he is accepted by the Presence within, despite his flaws, then the outer world loses its power to make him feel unworthy.

He now sees clearly for the first time and goes forward to serve his fellow men and women. He has become a light to the world.


Jan 10, 2015


Where all things came from has attracted the philosophers since the beginning. I believe that it can be condensed in the truth that polarities, subtle and manifest, have interplayed from eternity and that eternal interplay creates natural intelligence which also has always existed. That interplay/Intelligence has created all there is.

Here is an excerpt from the Book Summum which gives one of the more interesting views of creation that is mostly in agreement with my thinking.


1 “NOTHING AND POSSIBILITY come in and out of bond infinite times in a finite moment.” — Summum

2 Aeons ago, the material universe and everything within it exploded into being. The creation of the material universe is the single known paramount event from which all other known events precipitate. That it happened is obvious. Why it happened is the greatest mystery you have ever known. The enigma surrounding the cause of existence has forever captivated humankind’s thought, and you search for the answer to this mystery in the questions, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “How did the universe come into being?” “Where did God come from?”

3 The Grand Principle of Creation is presented here for your examination. It is the answer to the greatest mysteries which dwell within the thinking human mind. No record of this Principle may be found anywhere except within this book. With diligence and openness, study, learn, and apply the principles and techniques presented in this work. As you progress, you will gain an understanding and come to know the Grand Principle of Creation.

4 Before the material universe manifested there was NO THING. If there was NO THING (NOTHING), then it must have been possible for nothing to be. If it is possible for NO THING to be, then it must be possible for everything to be — all matter, “space-time,” all relativity — all this must be possible. If there is All Possibility, then there must be the possibility of the NO THING (NOTHING). In the same fashion it must be possible for ALL THINGS to be (SUMMUM). Automatically, with no beginning and no end, do these Grand Opposites “come in and out of bond infinite times in a finite moment” — therefore creating a series of infinite “EVENTS.” These infinite EVENTS, held within the finite moment of singularity, manifest as infinite conceptualized energy that is then externalized through phenomenal, inconceivable projections, limitless in number. Among these countless projections, one produced your universe through an extreme rapid expansion, what has been called the BIG BANG — an EVENT. In essence, there are infinite “Big Bangs” creating infinite universes whose origin is an eternal, finite moment of infinite EVENTS, all produced by NOTHING and POSSIBILITY.

5 A corollary to this Grand Principle is, “It is impossible for two things to join in harmony or discord without the presence of a third, for a ‘BOND’ must exist to unite them” — the copulation generates SUMMUM. It is the BONDing of NOTHING and POSSIBILITY infinite times within this finite moment which is the birth of the cosmos and all subsequent EVENTS. “It takes the joining of TWO to make one — SUMMUM.”

6 Although your physicists and astronomers have determined the origin of the material universe, they are incapable of determining the MOMENT just prior to the BIG BANG. This cannot be examined by formulas, because formulas use the methodology of the material universe. Just prior to the EVENT (singularity), “space-time” and therefore “matter” did not exist, so it is impossible to make formulations based upon the non-reality of these systems. To be totally correct one would have to say there was no MOMENT just prior to the BIG BANG, for time did not exist. So when physicists try to examine the origin of the Creation, they must be confined to studying philosophical states, and they are not comfortable doing this at this time.

7 Physicists who deal in quantum mechanics state: “You cannot (objectively) observe something without changing it in the process.” This statement is based upon what is termed the Uncertainty Principle, which means that when you observe one aspect of a thing (such as an electron), you are forever uncertain of any other aspects of that same thing.1 Consequently, they are restricted to using collections of probabilities in describing the motion of things. Further, they state that the existence of the collection of probabilities establishes what would happen if an observation occurred. (Note that the term PROBABILITIES is closely related to the term POSSIBILITIES). To the extent that the Uncertainty Principle is applied to the origin of the universe, you can readily understand the problem with the physicists’ objective measurements (observations). No objective measurements are possible in solving this problem.

8 The Grand Principle of Creation embodies your SUBJECTIVE OBSERVATION of Creation Itself, in which the process of OBSERVATION between NOTHING and POSSIBILITY produces the EVENT of Creation. This condition, in which the two grand opposites are poised in opposition to one another, results in SUMMUM: the sum total of everything. When one state of being observes another, there is created an automatic connection between the two. It is this relationship between POSSIBILITY and NOTHING which generates this incredible EVENT. The EVENT includes all outward manifestations and appearances which you know under the terms of “the material universe,” “the phenomena of life,” “matter,” “energy,” “space-time,” “distance,” “speed,” “relativity,” and, in short, all that is apparent to your material senses.

9 SUMMUM, created by the copulation of NOTHING and POSSIBILITY, is SPIRIT, and may be considered and thought of as A UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND. This MIND is the effect of CREATION’S “copulation,” manifesting the qualities of nothingness and (SUMMUM) possibility. From the copulation of CREATION emanates the seven Great Principles of Summum: PSYCHOKINESIS, CORRESPONDENCE, VIBRATION, OPPOSITION, RHYTHM, CAUSE AND EFFECT, and GENDER. These Principles are the NATURE of the Grand Copulation of CREATION.

You can buy the book here



Jan 12, 2015

The Mulberry Tree

I recently posted this about the mustard seed from a post from 2003:

Luke 17:6

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree (also translated: sycamine), ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”

What is the similarity between a tree and a mountain?

They are both symbols of the kingdom of God.

What is the meaning of the sea? This stands for the peoples of the earth (Rev 17:15)

What is a seed?

It contains the hidden knowledge of life which is revealed when nourished. This is the life of the soul, the bridge of spirit (life) and matter (death).

This said, let us interpret.

If you believe what you receive from your soul (the mustard seed) you shall see the Kingdom of God (the mountain or the tree) and you shall take the kingdom from its high place and cast it among the multitudes causing the kingdom to permeate the whole.

To this Allan responded:

While the mulberry tree is a symbol, it is a symbol of the counterfeit Tree of Life that bears no fruit — i.e., “In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” (Rev 22:2 NKJ). From a Gospel perspective, the mulberry tree cannot be a symbol of the Kingdom of God as you say — but rather, the god of this world that deceives and is counterfeit — bearing no spiritual fruit.

Then on his forum Blayne pointed out to him that the Mulberry tree does bear fruit. To this Allan says:

The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary defines the fruit of this tree as: The “sycomore tree” is the fig mulberry, which produces fruit of little value. It represents a false standard of expression. It is representative of what is false — i.e., the ego-self. 

So, what is the truth of the matter here?

Allan is confusing the Sycomore tree of mentioned in Luke 19:4 with the Sycamine tree from the mustard seed scripture in Luke 17:6. Luke uses two different words to represent the two different trees. Because the words are similar many assume they are the same.


Sycomore is translated from the Greek sykomorea and is the equivalent of the modern sycamore tree. In fact, most modern Bible versions translate sykomorea as Sycamore. On the other hand, Sycamine, as it is rendered in the King James, comes from sykáminos and is most likely the Black Mulberry tree. Modern Bibles translate this word as Mulberry, not sycamore.

The New King James translates Luke 19:4 as follows:

So he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him, for He was going to pass that way.

Then notice the difference in Luke 17:6

So the Lord said, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.

Here is a quote from the book, Plants of the Bible by John Hutton Balfour:

SYCAMINE-TREE. (Morus nigra, or Black Mulberry.)

THE Greek word Sycaminos, translated ” Sycamine-tree,” occurs in one passage in the New Testament, – viz., in Luke xvii. 6: ” And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine-tree, Be thou plucked up by the root., and be thou planted in the sea ; and it should obey you.” The tree must not be confounded with the sycamore. It is obvious from Dioscorides, Galen, and other Greek authors, that by sycamine the mulberry-tree was meant. Celsus states this also very distinctly. Sibthorpe, who examined carefully the plants of Greece, and published the Flora Graeca, says, that in that country the white mulberry-tree is, at the present day, called Mourea, and the black mulberry-tree, Sycamenia. Judging, then, from the use of the term at the present day in Greece, it is believed that the Morus nigra, or black mulberry, is the species referred to.

This is affirmed by Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Sycamine tree is mentioned only in ( Luke 17:6 ) There is no reason to doubt that the sycamine is distinct from the sycamore of the same evangelist. ( Luke 19:4 ) The sycamine is the mulberry tree (Morus ). Both black and white mulberry trees are common in Syria and Palestine.

Then we have Helps Word Studies

4807 sykáminos – a sycamine tree, most likely the black mulberry tree, known for its medicinal properties – hence, distinguished by Luke the physician.

This definitely seems to represent the majority view, however some think that the Sycamine tree was a different species from the mulberry and had a bitter fruit.

The black Mulberry is a very good representation of the Kingdom of God for it bears a delicious fruit that looks and tastes a lot like a blackberry. Here is a picture of the fruit.

The juice of the fruit is a dark purple which is the color in the aura of an advanced soul who sees the kingdom within.

The leaves can be used for healing as are the leaves of the Tree of Life mentioned in Revelations.

Here are just some of the healing properties of the tree.

From the leaves a gargle is prepared for throat infections.

The fruits are used in fever, depression, and sore throat as they are cooling.

The root bark is used as purgative and anthelmintic.

The juice of the root is used to treat high blood pressure.

Chinese use the tips of the young leaves to make a tea to control blood pressure.

The latex is used as plaster for sores and in skin creams.

Mulberries reduce cholesterol, prevent blood clots, heart palpitations etc.

Mulberries aid in weight loss, build immunity, benefit the digestive system and eyesight, relieve constipation and enhance appetite and checks anemia.

they benefit hair growth, soothe the nerves, relieve tiredness and fatigue.

Mulberries benefits in gastritis, hepatitis dizziness and insomnia.

Mulberries control excessive thirst, relieve phlegm, purifies the blood.

Consuming mulberries during the hot season benefits in blood disorders and has a cooling effect on the body.

Excessive yellowness of the urine is controlled by consuming mulberry juice to which sugar has been added.

In mouth ulcers and enlarged glands, gargle with a solution of mulberry sherbet. Add 1 tsp of mulberry sherbet to a cup of water to make this water solution.

For this and much more on the Mulberry go HERE

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