Karma and Crime

Karma and Crime

Someone presented something like this scenario.

A murderer is being put to death by the system. A number of people seem to have a hand in this. The police arrested him. A judge and jury and sentenced him to death. The governor and president refuses a pardon. The majority of the populace want him put to death. The prison guards make sure he stays incarcerated so he cannot flee his execution. A couple employees strap him into the chair. A final person administers the poison or throws the switch.

Are all of these people just as guilty as the murderer who poured acid down his victims throat and laughed with glee as his victim died in withering pain???

Let’s apply some common sense here. Do you think that these people who are following a law which they believe to be just will suffer the same karma as this wayward soul?

Do you really think that these people need to learn the same lesson as this deranged maniac?

I don’t think so.

When we realize how karma works the question is easily resolved. The principle is clearly stated in the Bible:

“As a man sows so shall he reap.”

So let us apply this principle to the above characters.

First let us take the murderer (assuming he is guilty). He put another person through great suffering, with little realization or empathy for what his victim was going through.

To gain an understanding of his crime so he will not do it again the Lords of Karma will see to it that he is placed in a situation in a future life where he is a victim and he suffers great pain and fear as he suffers death through being ruthlessly murdered himself.

Now there are avenues of escape from this if he discovers the path of loving service before he meets his fate. If he achieves a degree of enlightenment and saves lives and souls then it is possible to pay the debt in this manner as we have previously discussed.

How about the other people? Will the judge and president have to come back and suffer a horrible death because they did not pardon a convicted murderer?

No. That would not be a like punishment. The only karma they would suffer would be:

If the governor returns and commits a crime and is found guilty then the governor who is over him will refuse a pardon just as he did. But, if the governor comes back and commits no crime then no pardon will be necessary.

If you were a policeman and arrested a guilty man who you felt would be put to death under the system what effects could come back to you?

None, unless you come back and commit a crime. Then you will find yourself being sought by an officer of similar dedication ands values to yourself.

What about the millions of people who support a law that brings capital punishment? Did they create the same effects a s the cruel murderer?

Of course not, but because they support a law that puts a thief in prison then if the time comes that they steal they will be judged by such a law. If they support a law that puts a murder to death then they will be sentenced to death if they commit murder. But if they do not steal and do not murder then they have nothing to worry about.

In other words, the supreme commandment here is to avoid hypocrisy.

How about the employee who pulls the switch or administers the poison to the condemned man?

Same thing. He will not have anyone administering poison to him unless he first commits a capital crime.

The Higher-Powers-That-Be use the Law of Karma to place us in similar circumstances, that we ourselves previously created, so we can learn.

Jesus warned us, not against judgment, but the judgment of condemnation and if we condemn then we will often find ourselves in a later life playing out the role that which we earlier condemned. For instance, if the convicted murderer makes a condemning judgment on the authorities who are executing him he may find himself in a future life working for the system with people who have committed great crimes.

If a victim merely wants justice against a thief, for instance, and lets the law play its course generally there will be no karma. But if the victim refuses to forgive and harbors a grievance and makes a condemning judgment toward the thief then he could suffer the effects of negative karma by being placed in a situation in a future life where he will be forced to become a thief. Then he will learn a great lesson. All of us could be forced to do almost anything if circumstances created enough pressure.

The lesson the disciple learns is to avoid condemning judgments and control the circumstances of his life so he is never pushed over into the threshold of evil.


What is the difference between black and white magic?

The Tibetan spent a lot of time in his books attempting to clarify the difference between the two approaches. One of the reasons for this effort is that, to the masses, black often seems white and white seems black.

The three signs of the white magician are:


Soul contact

Acknowledgement of someone higher than himself.

But the difficult thing is that the dark magician attempts to hide his selfishness, feigns soul contact and has no reservation of talking about the greatness of God when it serves his purpose.

Only through our own soul contact and wise discernment can we tell the difference, for the brother of the shadows doesn’t drip slime and foam at the mouth as they are portrayed by Hollywood.

If I had to put the difference in one sentence I would say this:

The Brother of Light contacts and works with the soul of things and the Spirit of God affects with love the hearts of those in his aura. The Dark Brother works with the lower nature and those in his aura will fear him.

A Female Council

It was suggested we start a woman’s group in this group to balance off the supposed excess male energy coming from the teacher and a good percentage of the group including females. Since this is getting some discussion I thought I would comment.

First, let me states that the Keys group is designed to be a class and not an organized group or group of groups.

Have you ever been in a class in college or any other educational facility where a women’s group was organized to counterbalance the teacher?

In a class you have the teacher(s) and the students and interplay that leads to learning. I do not see how a group called out and dedicated to the female energy at the exclusion of the male would improve on this time tested method.

Secondly, I do not see the group as having an excess of male polarization. Because we do make use of the mind here (which has a male polarization) the Keys may seem to be in contrast to other groups who teach the mind is evil and should not be used. That would put such groups in excess emotional (female) emphasis rather than us in excess male energy.

Even though we do use the mind and common sense here, it is balanced off by a tremendous amount of intuition (female polarization), love between the members (female polarization), and quite a bit of warm fuzzy and sometimes not so fuzzy emotional expression (more female polarization).

Thirdly, the response I have received from females on this idea is overwhelmingly against it.

My objective is to blend and unite the two energies into a working whole rather than to segregate the energies into a situation where an “us against them” attitude could develop.

As it is, any effective teacher has to demonstrate a balance of the two energies in his life or he will not be a true teacher. It is true that a teacher is polarized in the male energy when he is sending to the class because the male energy is a sending energy. But in order to have worthwhile material to send to the class the teacher has to have been previously in the receiving (female) state. If he has not use his female energy and been a good receiver then it is impossible to be an effective sender.

If you think that all the thousands of pages of teachings I have given you is worthwhile then one must also realize that they came from somewhere and they had to be received with a female polarity.

As far as the accusation that I am disconnected from my emotional self let me say this. I am the one who lives in my body and I am the one who knows the intensity of my feelings and my feelings are intense indeed and these feelings are dedicated to the highest I know.

Anyone who wishes is free to start a female group, a male group or an animal lovers group and do what they want with it, but any posting made on the Keys should be at least in the general direction of the class at hand.

June 15, 2001, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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