Interpreting a Master

Interpreting a Master

A reader was uncertain as to what DK meant by “soul impression” when making a prediction of a future disciple that we discussed.

Perhaps this needed some added clarification. The advanced seeker with reliable soul contact receives a soul impression when he comes across a work or teaching that furthers the plan. Such teachings are either inspired by a master, written by a master or from the soul of the teacher, which soul is a master on its own plane. DK often says “the work is one.” A work representing the “one” work creates an impression on the seeker.

A teaching that is thus verified by soul has a similar impression or ring of familiarity to it. Even though a teacher may not spend a lot of time quoting DK he could produce the same familiar impression as him by writing in the soul.

The other part of the impression one must look for (which I did not cover previously) is the impression on the mind. DK makes the statement that the mind is “the plane whereon the masters can be found.” Part of this impression would be a lack of astral glamour and the incorporation of thought, logic and reasoning that is attributed to mind. DK was very mental in this regard, more so than the mystics of the Piscean age. In addition to soul, this would be a part of the impression to look for in this age that furthers the previous work of DK.

One may be lead astray if he is looking for the same writing or teaching style. Note he did not say “signature” but “impression.”

The Matrix is far from the same signature as Star Wars, but certain elements produced the same impression.

Reader Comment: You say that we are “…periodically be born again and become as a little child to reenter the kingdom of God.” I do not share this literal interpretation. Also, not only does the term little child refer to the occult fact of the status of a disciple, but the purity of the little child is the purity one must have to take the ‘baptism’ initiation, the 2nd.

I think we will agree here if I elaborate. When I talk about rebirth I am not talking about a physical rebirth, even though this is how it plays out on the lowest level. I am saying that each time we advance to a higher sphere there has to be a death and rebirth of some kind.

To obtain the first initiation we have to undergo many physical rebirths until (in the words of Paul) we put away, or let the old man die and put on the new.

To obtain the second initiation we have to let out glamours die and be reborn into a polarization where we have control of our emotions. To obtain polarization in the mind we must die as to our emotional attachments and be reborn into the world of mind.

It all fits nicely into the Law of Correspondences. Just as there are many physical rebirths, even so are there many rebirths on higher levels.

As there are many physical rebirths in the life of the pilgrim in the human kingdom, even so are there many rebirths related to a higher correspondence in the fifth kingdom. Just as human rebirth allows the human to live for an extended time in the human kingdom even so do the higher rebirths hold the key to extended life in one body for the fifth kingdom.

Here is an interesting quote from the Old Commentary illustrating that even high disciples must die as to what they hold dear and be reborn through the portals of a new kingdom.

“The law went forth from the inner group which guided the destinies of men: Detach yourselves. Withdraw within yourselves the power to hold and gain and get. The sons of God, who train themselves to leave the world of men and enter into light, they ever travel free. They hold not what they have. Release yourselves, and enter through the gates of peace.

“Some of the sons of God, waiting outside those gates, ready to enter when the Word went forth to roll the gates aside, were laden with the treasure of the earth. They brought their gifts as offerings to the Lord of life, who needed not their gifts. They sought to enter through those gates, not with a selfish end in view, but to present the garnered treasures of the world, and thus shew their love.

“Again the Word went forth: Leave all behind and pass beyond the portal, laden with naught of earth. They waited and discussed. The rest of those who were prepared entered into light and passed between the pillars of the gate; they left behind the loads they brought and entered free, and were accepted, carrying naught.

“Because they travelled as a group, and as a group progressed and grasped, the group responded to the divine command and halted. There they waited, standing before the portal of the Path, grasping the garnered treasures of a thousand cycles. Naught did they wish to leave behind. They had laboured for the riches which they held. They loved their God, and Him they sought to dower with the fullest measure of the riches they had gained. They loved not discipline.

“Again the Word went forth: Drop on the ground all that you hold, and enter free.

“But three revolted from that stern command. The rest obeyed. They passed within the gates, leaving the three outside. Many were raised unto the heights of joy. The three remained without the gates, holding their treasure firm.” Esoteric Psychology Vol 1, Page 396

I can see your concern that DK would have to sacrifice some time and data to be reborn, but if he chose this course he would eventually retrieve it with interest – and others would take care of his duties. Keep in mind that some duties would be taken care by him in the sleeping state and through his Higher Self.

I pick up intuitively that he did not want to give out full details of his future mission. For one thing if he told us he would be reborn all kinds of DK students would think they were DK come again.

I will predict this. When he does teach again many Theosophical as well as Bailey students will reject the teachings. It’s the natural order of things.

I can see how you derive your “impression” of DK’s use of impression, but keep in mind this. Often initiates write with dual and triple meanings.

He could also be referring to a disciple who would appear before 2025 who would help prepare students for the complex revelations to come.

I see your point and do not disagree with you but am merely saying there are a number of possible interpretations that could apply.

“Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman. Believing what he read made him mad.” George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

April 17, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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