Brigham Young’s Transfiguration

Feb 19, 2017

Brigham Young’s Transfiguration

NOTE: I’m continuing to reach out to a handful of the LDS who are questioning their own church and looking for something more. The key for them to move onward is the acceptance of reincarnation so I bring in this subject whenever possible. Here I deal with a historical mystery that is of interest to many of them

After the death of Joseph Smith there was much confusion as to who would lead the church. The story goes that at a pivotal moment Brigham Young got up to address the crowd and many heard him speak with Joseph’s voice and mannerisms and some even saw his image.

Some in the church fully embrace this story and others are skeptical. This subject was brought up on the LDS Remnant (Awakening) site with a link to the story attached.

I posted this response:

A friend of mine who I regressed to a past life several times to that era had this to say about the transfiguration of Brigham Young. He said that Brigham was a very talented man and was a good impersonator. He took a liking to Joseph’s unique mannerisms and sometimes in small trusted groups would imitate him so well that he would generate a good laugh as would a comic today imitating Trump or Obama.

During the transfiguration Brigham called upon his talent (of which few were aware that he had) and spoke as much as possible in the voice and mannerisms of Joseph Smith. Many were so captivated that they not only heard Joseph Smith but saw him.

Who knows? If this is true and Brigham Young was supposed to lead the church maybe some spiritual affirmation went along with the event.

Brigham was far from perfect but I do believe he was a man of destiny whose consciousness was adapted to the capacity of the people of that time.

In reply to those skeptical of the event I said:

There seems to be quite a bit of evidence something unusual happened. The article in question says:

“We currently have access to 141 accounts of the event. The number of individuals who recorded the event totals to 125. Sixty-one of these are first-hand documents, including personal journals, autobiographies and direct testimonies chronicled in Church publications.

“…there were, in fact, many more renditions in previous years. The chart below displays how many eyewitnesses wrote of their mantle experience each year following 1844:

“Accounts in Years Following the Transfiguration Event as noted, within a year of the “transfiguration” the miracle had been referred to several times. It was even described in explicit detail in many private accounts at least as early as 1851.”


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