Group Dweller

Group Dweller

A new reader asks an unusual question:

Can a dweller attach to a whole soul group? As I have said before I come from a whole long line of witches. This goes back for generations and generations. They caused many negative things to happen over all these generations and now we have a shadow that sits over the family. This shadow has manifested itself in the mid 1800’s. It has manifested itself in many ways and has attacked different members of the family in different ways, through dreams, illnesses, and depression. Some of my aunts have tried to get rid of it through Indian Shamans but it has been disastrous. It has blown apart houses and split the ground open. It keeps the family apart through hard feelings, anger, guilt, jealousy, and fear. I have been shown that if the family would become close it would cause the attrition that the books was talking about. This shadow most certainly doesn’t want this to happen. I invited two of my aunts to get together over the Holy Days and was physically attacked. My sinuses swelled to the point my face swelled up and I was in terrible pain. I almost thought of canceling it and then I thought NO I will go forward and when I did and went anyway through the pain and the pain went away.

JJ: Welcome to the group.

There are two dwellers with which most of us are concerned. The first is the individual dweller whose body and life force is composed of all the fears and negative emotions of all of our past lives.

The second is the dweller for the whole of the human race. This was the dweller that Christ faced in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Are there other dwellers composed of something between the individual and the whole?

Normally that which is created from a family or group is not a long lasting dweller comparable to that of the individual which follows him for many lifetimes.

What generally happens instead is that individuals in a group will tap into the thoughtform of a group which can draw upon the fear inherent in the individual dweller and the power of the universal dweller, and thus have an effect of a dweller, but lacks the ferocity of the real thing.

An example of this mini dweller (for want of a better name) is seen in the various organizations and their hold on its members. Religions are a prime example. A member may be presented with ideas that make sense and stir the soul, but is full of fear to leave or challenge the organization feeling he may suffer some type of hell fire for doing so. This fear comes from his individual dweller and fed by the universal dweller.

Now there are groups which are closely knit or bound together with strong karmic ties which can create a powerful unified energy which can carry negativity to the group with such force that one would think there is a group dweller. In a sense there is, but technically this force does not have the cohesiveness or the life span of a regular dweller.

It sounds like the problem with your family is something like this, a powerful thought form drawing strength from the individual dwellers in the group.

So, what is the solution to diffusing it? There are several things that can be done.

First let us look at something that intensifies the problem. When one person has a problem that seems to be traced to this group dweller and then relates it to others in the group this reinforces the belief in this negative power and draws attention on it, even if some individuals try to ignore it. This creates the opposite effect of attrition for it causes the group as a whole to place attention on the problem thus drawing energy to the thoughtform.

The thing the individuals need to do is to not share their individual experiences with the rest of the members. The temptation to share is great for it seems as if one is making others aware of a problem that needs to be solved, but instead it merely intensifies the problem.

If you are affected by this negative energy do not tell anyone else in the group, but live your life as if all is joyful. This will take away a potential food supply for the dweller.

The second thing is to share this information with other members who are affected, but tell them you are sharing it only once and are resolved to not speaking of it again, unless prompted by your soul.

The next thing to do is to not visit family members if they are going to talk about this negative force. Try to arrange any needed contacts when positive things will be discussed and if this subject comes up leave the discussion immediately. Avoid having your mind triggered by negative words of power.

Another thing that needs done is to examine yourself and other members for grievances. On your end forgive all the group for any wrongs committed against you and if others have grievances help them to work them out.

Finally, some of this may be the result of past karma and wrong-doing. You might want to visit one skilled in regression and be taken back into your past to learn where the problem may have originated. It is quite possible when this is found that this dweller will instantly fade away as far as you are concerned.

Remember this: Every problem has a solution, every disease a cure and every enemy carries the seeds of its own destruction within its being.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)

Dec 29, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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