Gays and Energy

Gays and Energy

A gay member had some problems with my teaching, but there were largely because of misunderstanding. Let us cover them briefly.

First of all he asks how we can disagree on some items if we both have soul contact, which he assumes is the case.

There are a number of possibilities here which are:

[1] We really agree but there is a miscommunication, which makes it look otherwise. (This is very common among seekers).

[2] Neither of us received accurate soul contact on this issue.

[3] Only one of us has accurate contact.

[4] Both of us has but one or both are interpreting what we received incorrectly or with prejudice.

He says that he and his partner have an incredible connection.

I accept this. It is quite possible you two have had many relationships in the past, which could include husband/wife, parent/child, teacher/disciple, etc. Positive relationships of the past can result in very close relationships in the present regardless of sex. I felt close to my good friend, Wayne, who has passed, and look forward to meeting him again. I also look forward to meeting my wife again whether it be as the same or different sex.

Concerning relationships, he says: “I have learned that energy follows thought, but thought cannot continually chase after energy.”

JJ: Yes, thought does not chase after energy, but is influenced by it. Gravity is an energy which influences us, and even though energy follows thought, thought does not reverse gravity — at least not thought in our state of evolution. On the other hand, gravity influences our thoughts and habits every minute. For instance, I just placed my coffee cup in a secure location on my desk rather than trying to float it in midair.

He seemed to think that I believed that being gay is  a habit that needs changed when I have never said anything to that effect.

Let me clarify. I didn’t say that being gay is a habit, but that we carry over from one life to the next various habits and attachments. This applies to all whether gay or straight.

If a gay person seeks to change his sexual orientation, and he is near the zero point, it will be more difficult than changing a habit like quitting smoking. When you quit smoking for a time you eventually eliminate most of the nicotine from your system and the desire for a cigarette changes considerably.

The problem for the gay person is if he forces his orientation to change, the latent energy and desire remains unchanged. There is no nicotine to get out of his system to make a permanent change easier.

If one is born near the zero point with close to a zero male/female charge then he will carry over thoughtforms and some desires from the previous life. He will not be able to will himself to be attracted to the opposite sex because his new charge is not strong enough. Those who are not familiar with these teachings will either just accept their same sex attraction or fight it with some confusion and frustration the rest of their lives.

No matter what he does, change is coming and if in a new incarnation he has made a switchover from one sex to another that energy will increase and eventually the person will sense it and go with it. By the second lifetime after the switchover the energy becomes strong enough with which to identify. There are exceptions of course.

I have always advised gays to search within and sense which direction the energy is shifting. He must ask if he is moving toward a greater female or male charge. The answer is always one or the other for no one stands still in this changing universe.

Then for some reason he had the idea that gays could not receive soul contact. I have said the opposite. I have said the gay person is closer to the zero point and actually has a less distracted access provided he is true to his soul. This is one reason gays are so creative.

Next he seemed to express concern that a gay would have to dilute his energies in blending with other people in the molecular relationship.

You are doing this now and I doubt that it dilutes anything. I assume you have associates at work that you labor with. Does this dilute your relationship with your mate?

In the molecule I will work with people besides my wife and gays will work with people besides their partners for the purpose of making it work. This will be similar to you working with an associate to make a piece of software work.

You seem to see that working with anyone besides your mate would be a loss but we will all have to work with others in the real world.

A battery cannot work without the correct use of the two polarities. Male and female are two polarities that must be considered to create the correct energy flow. This energy flow has nothing to do with soul contact. Soul contact merely allows one to see the principle.

Let us suppose you and your partner were in a molecule together and were in the same Triad of three males and three females. You and Thom could still get your heads together and share ideas as much as ever, but the other four people would also need to be included in their proper place. The Molecule is a place of spiritual labor, not a romantic situation. Intimate communication with romantic interests should be done outside of the molecule.

Next he seemed to express concern that his relationships in a molecule would take away from his relationship with his mate.

You seem to be looking at the Molecule as a place to have intimate emotional interplay. That is not its purpose. The spiritual energy a working molecule will draw down will be completely inclusive and there will be no sense of loss connected with it for all will have an equal share. Your spiritual joy with various members will be the same as with your partner.

He asks whether I think gays can enter the kingdom of God to which I responded, anyone who follows his soul will enter the kingdom of God.

There is one criterion for membership in a molecule and that is soul contact and that participants feel that contact in each other. Once this is done there should be complete acceptance of each other on a soul level, even though there will be differences of opinion in areas where the soul has not spoken to the group.

No one in the group has expressed any rejection toward you because you are gay. Some will disagree with you on certain items, but they disagree with me much more often than with you and I feel no need to justify myself. People can take or leave me. I care not.

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” — Ken Olson, President of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977

March 6, 2008

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