Focus, My Son


Feb 12, 1999

Focus, My Son

It sounds like some of you are having a rough time at present. The main question on your minds seems to be something like: “Why do we have to go through these things?” or “Why is life so hard at times?”

The real answer to this is in the mystery of the very purpose of mankind which we’ll discuss later. Suffice it to say that life is very much like a game, and we have come into it as willing participants.

The problem occurs when we do not understand the rules; and therefore, our ATTENTION is not on becoming a player. Instead, we are tempted to substitute rules of our own and play a game that we think we can win. This is not, however, what the Higher Self wants, and neither do we when we understand. Would Monopoly even be fun if there were no risk of landing on someone else’s motel and suffering loss? It is a great game because you take risks and there is a thrill when you win.

Life is a little like that. When we learn the rules and focus all of our attention on the part we should be playing, then we eventually put all things under our feet, as did the Christ, and move to a higher level of playing.

When life seems out of control it should be a sign to us that we have taken our attention off the part we should be playing. What we need to do is focus on the details (yes, sometimes they are boring details) that will cause circumstances to mold to our good.

What happens to many seekers is that they seek after the dream instead of reality, and their attention becomes split in two because reality forces us to devote considerable attention on it. We must live our lives with a single focus of attention and then circumstances will work in our favor with greater and greater rapidity. I have learned this through painful experience.

In this age we have to examine the disbursement of spiritual teachings (actually all things of value) through the focus of service. The principle for the age of Aquarius is this: “As I serve my brothers and sisters I receive payment according to the value of my service. I may take that payment in money or I may take it through other means, but I see that when I create cause, like effect is at the door. I do not seek to gather to myself more than the effects that I create.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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