Finding Ourselves

Finding Ourselves

All life forms including masters can have negative feelings. They just know how to work through them so the end is positive.

We have descended into this world as part of a great experiment and experience. In the end all things will work together for our good as long as we do not cut ourselves completely off from our souls.

The teachings of the Masters swing like a pendulum, pulling man the opposite direction from where he is wrongfully headed. This has the effect of helping many, but confusing some, but as Spock says: “The good of the many outweighs the needs of the few.”

The churches are a part of the Beast (666) that enslaves man.

A reader says he is impressed by the statement “the Word is God…” There is a great revelation to be had there, but other steps must come first.

Think about “Who and/or What Are You?” What makes you different from the lesser lives. You are not your body. Most New Agers know that.

But you are also not your emotions and feelings. You are also not your mind. Detach yourself from your body, emotions, and mind; and answer: “Who and/or What Are You?”

The answer is not consciousness, even though you have consciousness. What kind of consciousness?

Many are familiar with A Course in Miracles. This speaks of the Ego. If the Ego disappears — what is left?

Is it consciousness?

A Son of God?

These answers are true but incomplete.

A Course in Miracles tells us that it is madness that took us here to align with the ego. That was written for an effect on the masses to get them to think. From a higher point of view it was not madness but part of the evolution of the life of God. In reality you were driven here by a principle which is behind human consciousness. Without this principle you do not exist. Without a knowledge of it spiritual progression is difficult. With a knowledge of who you are you can take the necessary steps to freedom in the three worlds of form.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” You have probably heard this before. It is an ancient statement.

What you are ready for is what you draw to you.

A reader mentioned EKANKAR which I consider to be a corrupt method of teaching the way home. The shortcut they talk about would be a disaster for the soul.

Another mentioned The Plain Truth Magazine which I  would say is a kindergarten teacher for the general religious seekers. They are very wrong on the idea that we sleep in unconsciousness when we die.

The next step is to look within for your strength and sense not only your soul or higher self, but tune into the group energy with which your soul is connected. When you do this you will sense the presence of many loving entities surrounding you, possibly myself included. When you feel this presence the feeling of restlessness will disappear.

All your problems will not be solved, but a major one will be.

Sensing the presence is the most important thing right now, but if you have any thoughts on “Who and/or What Are You?” share them with me when you are ready.

You are only ready for true progression when you make up your mind to do whatever is necessary and it will often involve some strenuous effort. Never fear the great effort that awaits you.

Have you thought about who you are if your feelings and your mind were to disappear? What is the principle left that makes you unique from everyone else?

The principle that creates time is form created from wavelengths. Without form there is no time. Therefore a life that has no form, but only uses form is without beginning and end. Such a life creates time, space, and form.

There is a part of you that is endless. We must find that part to know “Who and/or What We Are.”

“Who do you think you are?” is one of the most powerful mantras of the Dark Brotherhood.

There are some appropriate uses of this phrase, but it’s usually used against the innovators of the world.

A reader wanted me to comment on V’ger from Star Trek [the movie]. It is true he became a threat to his creator. But think about the reason. It was because he developed mental facilities when he was out of touch with his creator and he was separated from his true hierarchy. When this happens to humans we too have uneven and perhaps dangerous development.

First we must develop the physical and the instincts, and then the emotional — after this the mental, and finally the spiritual. The lower arenas must be developed before the higher can be safely pursued.

The “Son of Sam” is a good example. He thought he heard the voice of God (misguided spiritual sense) before he was close to being emotionally mature. The seeker must look beyond the personality.

I was conversing with a guy who had belonged to a church that believes we sleep at death until the resurrection and then, after the resurrection, if God is displeased, we are annihilated.

The poor fellow may still have some subconscious fears of going to hell or being annihilated. Perhaps it would be helpful if I explain a fearful scripture they use:

  “For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten….” (Eccl. 9:5 Also read verse 6)

To understand what Solomon is saying here you must go to the beginning of the book where he says: “Vanity of vanities…all is vanity.”

The writer spends most of the time in the book elaborating on the vain and stupid things that man says. One of them is “the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward.”

Then in the last two chapters he starts teaching the truth of the way things are: He speaks of the silver cord, the golden bowl (the etheric body) and the spirit going home to God who gave it. (Eccl 12:6-7).

To sense your spiritual friends who are in your group you must obtain communion with your higher self because all the true spiritual guides and masters only communicate through your soul via your Higher Self.

There are clouds of darkness between you and your soul. You remove them by always following the highest you know.

It will help you to answer the question WHO/WHAT ARE YOU?

Here are some highlights of my comments to a reader who accused me of being a false or misled teacher.

It sounds like half your brain thinks I am a “Master” (your choice of wording, not mine) and the other half thinks I am some type of antichrist or at best a Jim Jones.

Where do you get the idea that I am judging someone else’s right place in the universe? People find their own place. Seeking to help and teach others is in no way “judging” their place.

You criticize me for making judgments and then you turn and make judgments about me. That wouldn’t be so bad if your judgments were correct or had some foundation to them, but some are totally mislead.

He accuses me of having no feelings or emotions. You have no basis to make such an unjust judgment. I am in very close touch with all my emotions and do not suppress or deny them. I have authority to say this because I know me much, much better than you know me.

Some of your choice of words bothers me. You address me as “Guruji Joseph,” a title I resent. You call me “Master” when you think I have not mastered. You suggest I seek to “enforce” my will upon others. You say I “scoff” at Masters, and I need to “stoop” to study a book you recommend.

It sounds to me that you need to read Ceanne DeRohan’s books again. Especially her first one. You seem to have some bitterness in you that is in a state of denial. Find these feelings within you instead of reflecting them in me. Then maybe they can be expressed in a positive way.

You say: “What if I say that my Understanding is greater than yours? What emotional reaction does that provoke?”

I think it would be great if your understanding is greater than mine. I am always thrilled to learn new things. One with greater understanding does not pose a threat to me. Why don’t you share something with me that I don’t understand? I would be particularly impressed if you shared a new principle with me rather than memorized data.

A lot of what you say is true. There are many suppressed and denied feelings that need to be worked out with humanity. Those who do suppress can be deciphered through handwriting analysis with great accuracy. I am one of the few teachers that will agitate others enough to bring out some of these feelings. You seem to think this is bad. I think your teacher, Ceanne, would recommend it.

I will be making comments that will enlighten you on my thoughts on other comments you have made that I haven’t had time to cover; but please understand, my motive isn’t just to make myself look good. (Who wants to look bad?) My prime motive is to serve. In this coming age of Aquarius, I, an Aquarian, seek to pour out the water of knowledge to a thirsty world.

My way of teaching is NOT to take power from others, but to empower without consideration to my own power. “He who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven is the greatest servant.” This statement of Jesus is a great inspiration.

“Never confuse movement with action.” — Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961)

Oct 31, 2008

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