A reader disagrees with me and thinks there is nothing new under the sun that creation is all done. People are afraid of losing something by admitting this.

JJ: We don’t lose anything because creation is not all done. Why would you think it is finished?

It may be true that in the highest realm that all possibilities exist, but that would only be as potential. The point is that we are in this reality and to avoid our part in creation because of a belief that all creation is already accomplished is counterproductive.

If everything is already done we are useless and might as well shoot ourselves and go back to the great void and blend with the No Thing and cease to exist.

A reader responds: The question is what part of the matrix was reality and what part was illusion? The so-called real world or the computer-generated world? 😉

JJ: Here’s a thought or perhaps a hint? Perhaps reality is that which we experience.

To this a reader responds:

Hope not. If that is all reality is, then our existence is exceedingly pathetic…. hopeless.

To this I responded as follows:

If reality is not what we experience then what is it?

Are you saying we will never experience reality?

If we do not experience reality then reality must be something we don’t experience.

If we do not experience it, what good is it?

Without experience we do not exist.

A reader then responds:

I think you can have all the experiences you want but if you don’t remember them then I would say that you don’t exist

Reality can be deceiving

JJ: Even if you lose your memory, you still experience in the present which always exists. But if you are experiencing nothing you are nothing. If you are nothing, what kind of reality are you in? Not a desirable one.

Reader: Yes, but isn’t eternity where the past meets the future?

JJ: We are in eternity now. The past meets the future now. Fortunately, we are experiencing now. Always now.

Reader: Eternity is the present and that is why it always exists.

JJ: And in the present we always have experience.

Reader: Without memory you have no soul and it will be your past/memories that will be judged.

JJ: The past is never lost and is always available for retrieval and enrichment of the present.

The future always exists also, even if one has a consciousness in the Eternal Now. One can only drop the past and the future temporarily. It exists even if our attention is not on it.

Reader: They say the past is the predictor of the future, then why is it that those who write the past (history) are always the victors, and they are writing with a bias slant so it really isn’t the truth?

JJ: The true past is written within the eternal part of ourselves and is seen without distortion when in our life review after death. Writing a distorted version of the past does not change the past.

JJ Quote: The future always exists also, even if one has a consciousness in the Eternal Now. One can only drop the past and the future temporarily by returning to the Eternal Now. But time exists in the worlds of form even if our attention is not on them.

Reader: How can a future exist when eternity (the now) is all we know and the past is lost to distorted memories?

JJ: The past is never lost, at least in this eternal round. There is a permanent atom of the physical, emotional and mental bodies where all is recorded for the individual. For the planet itself all is accurately recorded in the akashic records.

Just as we go in and out of physical incarnation, we go in and out of incarnation into time. When we are out of incarnation in time, time does not cease to exist. Instead, we are just not in time. But we always go back into time where the future and the past are always there to enhance experience.

Reader: One other thing JJ: Are dreams considered experiences or realities?

JJ: They are both. You are in the reality of the dream state having an experience.

Reader: If so then I can alter my eternal consciousness and or create my own destiny that I will be judged on. I really have some good ones.

JJ: When you are dreaming you are experiencing part of your eternal consciousness. In normal consciousness you have two links that produce self-awareness. One comes from the heart and the other the mind. When you sleep the one that is linked to the mind is loosed and the decision-making part of yourself goes to higher realms. The heart link stays behind and it is not accountable and not subject to mental judgement.

All you remember when you wake up are the experiences of the heart link. This is the reason dreams make little sense, because the heart is experiencing without the mind and when the mind comes back it has no memory (except for the heart-dream experiences) because our conscious memories are dependent on the body – until one learns to transcend the body.

Reader: This (akashic records) is a theosophical term which I do not totally agree with.

JJ: Then how about the Biblical term which is “the book of life?”

Reader: I like to think that we in the physical realm, life (us) are organized by light and disorganized by fire. The (Nouns) words “fire” and “light” were originally verbs. Our goal and aim is to achieve enlightenment and that is where your personal wave meets with the eternal, or the union of all waves.

JJ: If you think of light as building energies and fire as destructive then you are speaking of a correct principle. However, the building of form only has the purpose of providing for ourselves vehicles to supply different types of experiences.

There are many degrees of enlightenment, but a big step occurs when we realize that the highest part of ourselves is one with the big wave. At that point the pilgrim declares:

“My Father and I are one.”

“Trust one who has gone through it.” Virgil (70 BC – 19 BC)

April 3, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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