DK’s Students

May 6, 2016

DK’s Students

Kelly writes:

I have a few questions on DK and Annoyances – what exactly happened to this group of “world servers”?

Did they succeed? Was DK going through Alice Bailey in order to criticize constructively his students, or did he do it live in front of them? I’m assuming this was an actual group here on earth and not some ethereal beings. As such – then where is the group at now or their successors?


DK worked with real people like you and me in the flesh in an effort to establish a new type of working living group. He referred to it as a living organism so he seemed to be trying to take it in a molecular direction, but did not work with any type of pairing or molecular numbers, though he did say that 49 ashrams are in the process of materializing on the planet, of which his group was a part of one.

He had a disadvantage in that the group members were from various different places on the planet, but had an advantage that he could tune in to their minds and monitor their progress. As needed he gave individual instructions to the students through Alice A. Bailey and then she sent them on to the various students.

Over a period of 15 years or so he worked with about 50 students. He called the experiment a failure as far as their work in this period is concerned but stated the group has a unity on subtle planes and will eventually be successful in future lives.

Of the original 50 students 16 stayed with him until the effort ended and of that sixteen only six had progressed well enough to be of any value to the hierarchy.

He pointed out that even the masters cannot predict success or failure as far as dealings with humans go because of human freewill in time and space.

So, if a master can labor with all the tools at his disposal and only wind up with six souls that are of any use in group work then I guess I should not feel discouraged. DK found six, I need to find 24 for my mission and have to do it as a normal human being with no particular special abilities.

DK pointed out three main reasons for the failure of his group.

First students were more concerned about developing their own abilities than in service and support of the goals of the group.

Second, they were more concerned with the flaws of other group members rather than looking at their own.

Third, they only gave lip service to his advice and didn’t follow it. If they disagreed with the instructions they claimed that Alice A. Bailey wrote it rather than DK. DK said this never happened.

Finding a group of people who can work together under the direction of the soul is a daunting task indeed, but one that will be accomplished. It is just a matter of time, for one day soul groups on earth will be a common thing.


Has Lucis Trust via their website taken over the “works” in our modern era? Or did DK just call himself on an absent leave until 2025 (ish) like it was said so somewhere in the Bailey books or JJ’s archives.


Alice A. Bailey founded the Lucis trust and the Arcane school completely on her own with no help from DK. It was something she had to do to demonstrate her own powers of initiation. DK did not give her any grade on her work. Lucis Trust does have custody of the books which was fine with DK. The people at Lucis trust seem to be fine people and the Arcane School does good work, but they are very cautions about following the Bailey writings and I have not seen any thinking out of the box come from anyone associated with them.

Unfortunately, most Alice A. Bailey students lean left even though, as I pointed out earlier, most of DK’s writings lean right.

Ruth asks about the advanced souls who got caught under the reign of Hitler:

“Did any of them kill Jews? Did any of them go down the wrong path with Hitler, instead of working against Hitler?”


I am sure that a number of them did things that they wish they could have a voided. Many people are way too judgmental of those caught up in various thoughtforms of history past. They do not realize how powerful they are and that they themselves in past lives did all kinds of things that we in the current time judge as evil. For instance, many of the finest people we see about us today were slave holders in another era.

Many advanced souls cooperated with Hitler to some degree. Some woke up and others did not.

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