Cycles and Equality

Cycles and Equality

Thanks for your comments on greater and lesser cycles. An understanding of this principle is one of the keys to accurate prophecy. The truth of this is hinted at in the truism “History repeats itself.”

On the other hand, those who use the black and white approach will never be very accurate for each cycle expands as in a spiral motion and is affected by other cycles. Just as in the Law of Correspondences we have that which is above resembling that which is below, but with a twist, even so is one cycle of history like the preceding, but with a twist and surrounded by different circumstances.

For example, many think the war in Iraq is a repeat of the cycle that produced the War in Vietnam. Protesters think that all they have to do is to oppose it like those in the Sixties did and they will achieve glory and victory over “The Man.”

What they do not realize is this is not a close repeat of the Sixties period. Instead we are closer to repeating the cycle that led to the American Civil War. 2007 is much more like 1857 than 1967. We are headed toward a showdown between the conservatives and liberals and unless we can smooth out some of the lumps we are in danger of another major split, not only in the United States, but worldwide. If we can garner wisdom from our past then much grief can be avoided and we can just fight out the civil war on the astral plane. Hopefully we can avoid the intense conflict on the physical plane.

We are also repeating a much larger cycle going back over 4,000 years. This goes back to the time that the Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt. Even so, the lights of the earth are enslaved on the astral plane. Today, they must part the astral waters of emotion and see their way clear to walk on the dry ground of reason until they rise above the emotional plane. Then all who give them grief will themselves drown in their own emotional conflicts just as the Egyptians were overwhelmed by the Red Sea.

We have just about arrived at the goal of Sixty Principles. I’m sure we could easily go to a hundred and may someday.

Meanwhile the next principle is that of Equality. To be understood it must be examined in the light of the Snowflake Principle. The Snowflake Principle is basically this. Just as there are no two snowflakes that are the same, even so there are differences in all things in the world of form. No two people weigh exactly the same, look exactly the same or have the same personality.

Question: If the Snowflake Principle is true then how can there be a Principle of Equality and what would that be?

The principle of equality deals with spirit and the formless. The Snowflake Principle applies to form.

If we look at the surface of others we will see only differences, but if we focus on their souls we will see equality. This is why carnal man always sees differences and finds much to dislike and fight in others. The spiritual person will look within and see another life like himself, a reflection of God, with all the possibilities that he himself has.

DK made a statement that has caused me much reflection and directs us toward equality. He said that Christ had great power because he looked within each individual and saw perfection, or a son of God like himself. He would then speak to that equal partner and the power to become whole was manifest.

Where others saw the sick in a wretched unequal situation, he saw Sons of God equal to himself.

Perhaps this is why he said “your faith has made you whole.”  He did not say “I have made you whole.”

Next we’ll examine the principle of Divine Carelessness

As I told you earlier this principle is special to me for this was the subject I spoke upon the night my wife and I fell in love.

Question: Isn’t carelessness, or apparent carelessness, always a bad thing? Shouldn’t we always proceed with calculation – knowing we are taking the direction of our best interests? Can carelessness really be divine in some cases?

Equal rights for all, special privileges for none. – Jefferson

May 9, 2007

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