Creating the Molecular Relationship

Creating the Molecular Relationship

2021 Gathering, Part Twenty-Nine

JJ: There are some star systems like the Tibetan talks about the Sirius star system, and he says they don’t they do not have the different kingdoms and kingdoms like we have here.

It’s different there. And I could see that to be true. According to scientists Sirius is only 400 million years old, but they could also be a reincarnation of a more ancient star system because stars themselves reincarnate. We can use a lot of correspondences to find truth of most anything like, say, life after death.

We figure that we are in a physical body now and we have parts of our being that we know are real, but we can’t see. You can’t see your emotions and you can’t see your mind. You can’t see your thinking, but we know they are real. And you can’t see your consciousness. There’s no way to prove it. You can’t weigh it on a scale or anything.

So using the law of correspondences, you can feel that . . . you can sense that after death, there’s something that probably survives that is unseen here, but will still be real over there. So that’s an interesting law that you can use to prove all kinds of things. You can use it to prove that this particular universe is quite possibly just a small particle in a greater universe, but the greater universe will be quite a bit different than this one, because the higher correspondence is always different than the lower.

So when a greater universe is eventually accessed, it will have similarities but be different. So it’s an interesting law to contemplate.

It’s an interesting principle. When I examine any new teaching, I always use a lot of correspondences to see how what somebody is teaching corresponds to what you know.

You take what you know for sure to be true, and that’s a basic foundation you can use to correspond to the things you do not know, because that what you do not know should not violate what you do know. This is one way we use the law of correspondences to verify the unknown.

Susan: Is there a keyword?

JJ: No, but I left out one more thing. The law of correspondences is a key to understanding the molecular relationship itself. Because a molecular relationship is an extension of the law of correspondences, because the molecular relationship with people corresponds to what? Why is it called the molecular relationship?

Joshua: The atomic relationships which form molecules

JJ: Right. In the atomic world we have various atoms joining together to produce molecules, and when they join together to produce molecules, the molecules have totally different properties than the individual atoms. Hydrogen and oxygen are used as rocket fuel to send us to the moon, for mixed together they’re very explosive. But combined together in a bonding relationship they produce water, which is one of the most stable substances in the universe that is totally different than hydrogen and oxygen in their separate combinations. So the molecular relationship is a correspondence to that in the fact that each person corresponds to an atom.

If we correspond to an atom, how does that fit? Consider that most of the mass in in the nucleus and only a small amount circles around it.

Asaph: A couple, man and woman.

No, I’m talking about the individual. An individual. How does an individual person correspond to an atom? You’re right (Asaph) for a completed atom, it takes the male and female together,

Ed: All the mass is in our physical body.

JJ: Right, just about all of our mass.

Michael: Or your centers or glands.

JJ: In an atom. Almost all the mass is in the nucleus, but 99.9% of it or something and just a small amount of mass is in the electrons, the circle around it. 

So almost all of our mass is in the body that we see. Where’s the rest of our mass? Do we have something that’s circling around us?

Rebecca: Astral body.

Curtis: The aura.

JJ: How many in here have been able to see their auras?

Several hands raised and heads nodded.

JJ: Oh, great. If you’re able to see your aura and if you look in the mirror, you’ll see the main part of your aura is about this far out (6-8 inches) and it’s very bright and kind of neon colors. But then you’ll see the mental part of your aura stretches out about this far (extends arms fully away from body) and it circulates around just like an atom as the energy field is in circulation, so it’s just like an atom or the atomic units in the atom.

The electrons circle around, so to speak, within your aura. Your aura also has energy that circles around your body. And what shape is it?

Asaph: Egg.

JJ: Yeah, not quite circular, but egg-shaped. And I would assume the atom is not perfectly circular either, but also egg-shaped. Some psychics that have seen the atom say it’s shaped a little bit like a human heart.

So, we have this aura circulating around us. It’s interesting how much an individual corresponds to an atom. Now to make a completed atom as Asaph was saying, it takes male and female energies united together to make an atom that is in balance. That which is above is like that which is below, but with a twist.

So for a completed a human atom, it takes male and female united, balancing each other’s energies off because we’re out of balance by ourselves. And by inter playing with other human beings with different energies, we can balance of our own energies. To make a human molecule like Jesus did, it will take 24, twelve males and twelve females.

And to make this happen, they will have to be able to meet together and have a sharing on a soul level all at the same time, the same instant, to the point that a member of the hierarchy, preferably the Christ, will come down and interplay with them and connect with them. There has to be that connection.

Now, any group can meet together, and they can share energies and produce a spiritual high. And many groups have done this. But to create a link with the spiritual hierarchy, that’s the difficult part. When Jesus produced the link for the spiritual hierarchy was right after his baptism. John was wondering . . . he was saying, “Well, how am I going to recognize the Messiah? And in the first chapter of John he was praying and asking God, How am I going to recognize Him?

Now, Jesus, keep in mind, was his cousin. So you’d think he would have known in advance who that was, but he wasn’t sure. After he asked he was told that when you see the Spirit of God descend on a certain person and It remains in him, then you will know that that is the Christ. Okay. So John was baptizing people, and they had the Spirit descend upon them . . . and then leave . .  . descend upon them and leave.

And then he baptized Jesus and the Spirit descended as a dove and went in him and remained. John was told that that spirit would go into Jesus, that was the Son of God. It wasn’t Jesus. Jesus was a high disciple, but that which went into Jesus was a great Son of God who was Melchizedek in a past lifetime.

Jesus was so befuddled when this happened that he didn’t know quite what to do, so he went into the wilderness and spent 40 days in communion with the Son of God that was within him. And they had two entities in one body at the same time. And this is why Jesus kept saying . . . when they praised him for what he did, he said, “It’s not me that’s doing these works. It’s the One that is in me. The One that is in me, He’s doing this stuff, not me.”

So he gave glory to the One that was in him. The Apostles were frustrated that they couldn’t figure it out. They said, “how come you keep talking about the Father or the God that is within you? Show us this person.” And Jesus said, “Have I been with you this long and you still don’t understand, he that has seen me has seen the Father.”

So he tried to explain to them what was going on and they were too dense to understand that there were two entities in one body.

Then the Pharisees came up to Jesus and they said, “Look, Jesus, it says, in our law that it takes two witnesses to establish a truth. You are just one witness.” And Jesus said, “No, I’m not one.” He said, “There’s me and there’s the one that is in me. That’s two.”

And it’s funny how these scriptures are glossed over by everybody. Yet it’s true, and this is what’s going to have to happen to create the molecule is there will be another divine possession, but it will come when there is a group ready to complete the molecule.

And this happened last time on the day of Pentecost. On the day of Pentecost, they gathered together, and they had lost the twelfth member Judas and then they installed Matthias.

They gathered together and flames of fire appeared over all their heads and they were connected again. And Peter was the one that had the Christ descend upon him at that time and spread the consciousness of Christ throughout the entire group. Unfortunately, after the apostles went out and taught, they were all killed and then knowledge of the molecule was lost. But it will surface again.

And that’s what I’ve been looking for all my life, for people to complete the molecule. And a lot of people have come and gone. But there are I believe there are a number here that will be here when the molecule is completed. And I hope to do this within my lifetime. If not, I may have to come back and do it, or somebody else.

Curtis: You better stay around for a long time.

JJ: Yeah, right.

Asaph: Some of us will have to come back also.

JJ: Yeah, let’s hope we don’t have to . . . let’s hope we can do it in this life. That’d be kind of cool. But in this life, we’re not given a lot of help because in the past, the hierarchy found they helped too much. And it’s like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon. If you help it come out, it will kill it. So it’s best if it goes to the struggle and comes out on its own strength, and then it will survive and thrive.

The hierarchy has concluded that they have helped too much in the past, and when they have helped too much, the final organizations turned out to be not as stable as they had hoped for they were subject to corruption by big egos.

The Christian church is a prime example. . . it was persecuted and turned into a persecutor itself. This often happens and it’s very difficult to get an organization started on the right track. Now, one of the advantages of a molecular order is that it will be self-correcting, and this self-correcting mechanism that’s built in will be something unique to organization. Now anything is possible to corrupt, even something self-correcting. But the molecule will be very difficult to corrupt because of the way the government is, and the organization is run, that if it starts to go off, the people within the downlines will be able to correct it.

And this self-correcting mechanism is something that is within the law of correspondences because our body is self-correcting. If you cut your body, it will heal itself. It will correct itself. And your body, when something goes wrong, it works on correction. It’s not perfect. It eventually dies. But there is there is a possibility that eventually when the molecular relationship is established with a solid footing, it will not be able to be destroyed, because it will be self-correcting as long as life exists in the physical.

Any comments or questions?

Curtis: Yeah, well, a couple. It was interesting that Jesus said even the words that he spoke were given to him . . . can you imagine you’re in your body and all of a sudden, this other entity is using your mouth and is putting words in your mouth. And they’re coming out.

Kind of like the movie Broadcast News, they were prompting William Hurt from behind the scenes and he says . . . it made him look really good, but he says, “I’m not the one coming up with these words. They are given to me. And I’m just passing them through.”

JJ: Yeah, it’s interesting.

Curtis: And the other thing I was going to say is in Genesis, along the law of correspondence, Adam and Adam, which, you know, it’s saying . . . it’s Genesis five, “male and female created he them and blessed them and called their name Adam.” So an Adam was a male and a female working together.

JJ: Right. Right. He called their name Adam. And Adam was both male and female, united. Okay. Any other comment or questions about the molecular relationship.

We’ll now move on to the next key, the seventh. I haven’t listed this as a key yet, but it’s something that I’ve taught. When I first started writing about the Keys, I was planning on writing about twelve books, explaining them. But then Rick started the Keys group and got me involved in teaching online. As I began to give out teachings to everybody, I gave out a lot of the teachings were going to be in the twelve books. So the twelve books do not need to be written because I have written a lot of the information about the keys. Not everything, but a lot of it. I have indeed written a lot about the next key, but this is the first time I have identified it as such. We call it the Gathering Principle, or The Gathering of Lights.

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