Conscious Thought

Feb 14, 2017

Conscious Thought

The thought of the day:

“There is no such thing as unconscious thought. Thought only springs from consciousness.”

To correctly understand what this is getting at one must understand that there are two parts to our makeup, which are:

(1) The physical body, the vehicle we use which is a very advanced machine.

(2) The thinker, the consciousness that operates the machine.

Correspond category one to the computer or device where you are reading this post. Your computer operates on previously created programs, but it does not think, neither does it have consciousness.

It was, however, created by conscious thinkers and it is used by conscious thinkers.

If you write something original and thought provoking on your computer then this was accomplished by conscious thought. Your computer did not originate the thought, but you, the conscious thinker did.

People are not speaking accurately when they say a thought came into their heads. What came into their heads was either a piece of data or an image. Such things are not thoughts or consciousness, but can stimulate thought and consciousness.

An irritating song may start playing over and over in my head. This is not because of creative thought but because something triggered my computer brain to play the song. How one applies consciousness to deal with this recording would be thinking.

Many speak of the unconscious mind. This is usually not really a mind at all but a number of computer programs containing lots of memory banks in the computer brain.

And how about the Higher Self then? Is it not a thinker of which we are not conscious?

Yes, but because we are not conscious of it does not mean it is not a conscious thinker. There is a veil between the higher and lower self just as there is a barrier between you and other human beings. Just because you are not aware of what Bob is thinking does not mean that Bob is not applying conscious thought.

Even so, most are not aware of what the Higher Self is thinking, but this does not mean that it is not applying conscious thought.

All thought is applied to solving or creating something and is a conscious process.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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