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June 6, 2015

The Problem with Socialism

My biggest concern for any move toward socialism from the left is that half or more of the population has be to dragged into it by force and free will is thrown out the window.

My second concern in this matter is the extreme waste and inefficiency.

Check out this article that gives an idea if the waste.

A cash only private doctor says “he can get a cholesterol test done for $3, versus the $90 the lab company he works with once billed to insurance carriers. An MRI can be had for $400, compared to a typical billed rate of $2,000 or more.”



June 12, 2016

The Left and the Right

Response on an Esoteric Site to a person who was offended at my observations of the political right and left on this post.


I wasn’t planning on talking politics here since it is such a hot button issue at the present time, but your comments deserve a response.

Indeed there are unknowing supporters of the left hand path on both the political right and left. In fact DK tells us that we cannot clearly choose either the right or left hand path until the third initiation where illusion is dispelled. As long as there is illusion that is not faced and dispelled the seeker most likely will support some elements of both paths, not just the political left or right.

This is one reason that we find highly evolved people on both the political right and left. Because of illusion you may find two highly evolved initiates condemning each other as being in league with the dark side. The truth may be that both of them are nearing the threshold where they face the Dweller and Angel of the Presence where illusion will be understood.

There is much illusion in politics on both sides and very few see all the places where it resides.

The main dividing point between the two paths is the principle of freedom, of which I have written much. DK also has elaborated a lot on this telling us how important occult obedience is that relies on no coercion and maximum freedom of the disciple.

We must carry this principle into our political views. Socialism is a wonderful ideal, but any ideal enforced with Stalinist methods that violates free will becomes a great evil as is now happening in Venezuela.

Overall, the political left support procedures that run contrary to the free will of the people to enforce their ideals more than does the right. Many have no qualms about going contrary to the will of the people to establish and enforce their ideals.

The political right also has its own problems with this, but pay more homage to individual freedom. People of the left rarely talk about freedom any more. JFK was the last Democrat president that promoted it in word and deed.

Yes, I know that many of the political right are willing to abuse the Principle of Freedom but they do stand up for the freedoms espoused in the Constitution more than does the left. Most do not support shutting down free speech or to abolish the Second Amendment or the right to a peaceful assembly.

I have written proposals to implement socialist ideals using free will rather than coercion from Big Brother. One proposal is called The Molecular Business. You can find writings on it by search my website.


June 13, 2018


The attack in Orlando had nothing to do with

The Republicans

The Tea Party

Koch Brothers

Donald Trump


None of these advocate any violence toward gays or any other citizens.

Since the event I have seen all of these blamed as being responsible for the massacre in the media, which is insane. These same people make no mention that the shooter was a radical Muslim. Since the killer, Omar Mateen, is a registered Democrat it seems even more hypocritical that so many are pointing fingers at Republicans.

Who is responsible? A radical Muslim who supports Sharia Law which supports a death sentence for all gays. If some mislead soul thinks he is doing the world a favor by killing others he will find a way to do so as did the Islamic Terrorists in France (with strict gun controls) who killed, not 50 people, but 130.

If you want to point some fingers do so at Islamic teachers who make headlines like this:

“Imam Speaking in Orlando Said Gays Must Be Killed Out of ‘Compassion’”



July 6, 2016

Calling on Elementals

Kelly quotes me as follows:

”Jesus had power to speak to these elementals and thus had power to direct then to go elsewhere – or to just dissipate their energy so it had no more effect.”

Then she asks:

I realize Jesus was a great initiate (was it 5th or 6th level?) and he had these types of what we call “super” powers. … Now I’m curious to know when does one learn to manipulate and control elementals? During which stage in a souls evolution does One seek to master this? And when did Jesus learn them exactly? Seems Merlin too had these powers and somehow all these characters who had super powers all become myths overtime for some reason.


Control of the elementals is determined by three factors.

(1) A person’s state of evolution

(2) His knowledge of words of power and sensitivity to impression.

(3) Where his focused attention lies, for energy follows thought.

All of us have some degree of power over the elements and the tiny lives that compose them, but most know it not.

You may not realize it, but you, merged with your soul, or Higher Self before birth, sounded certain words of power and certain tones which assisted your mother in drawing the right combinations of elements together to create the body you wanted for this life. You, from the vantage point of a higher state of consciousness, drew together elemental lives to manifest the body you desired.

After entering that body much of your knowledge was veiled but all the abilities of the soul and spirit are still there latent within you. If you focus strongly in prayer or mediation, or even an idea, you are sending out thought energy that attracts the lesser lives and rearranges them to a certain extent. Many things happen in your life because of a thought-elemental interplay of which you may be unaware.

“That’s all well and good,” you may say, “but I want to do the big stuff like Jesus such as calm the seas, raise the dead and heal the sick.”

To achieve big things we must start where we are and that usually involves working with small things and moving forward step by step. The elementals and devas work with creative energies. If you want their assistance think of that which you want to create.   It may be in art, writing, music, relationships, business, career or even mediation techniques. Work with your desires and imagination and become a creator. The more you create the greater will be your interplay with the lesser lives.

When you are seeking to manifest realize that the creative process uses actual living essences that are influenced by mind and include them in your thoughts and even talk to them and sound the OM and AUM when focusing on them. Concentrate on feeling them through your spirit and your centers.

Jesus was a third degree initiate (before the crucifixion) working with the assistance of the Christ. Likewise we can call on Higher Lives to help us if we lack the full knowledge ourselves.

DK makes the interesting prediction that regular humanity will one day master the elementals to the extent that firefighters will use words and sound to put our fires rather than water.

Those will be interesting times.


July 8, 2016

Teachings of the Temple

Thanks for posting the Song of the 144,000 Video, Patrick. I feel elevated every time I watch this and the strange thing is I do not know the guy who put it together to thank him.

I finished the first volume of The Teachings of the Temple a while back. Since you wanted my opinion I’ll give a comment.

It was enjoyable reading and covered a lot of ground. There’s something in there for every seeker. I’d put them up there with Helena Roerich and Rudolph Steiner, but not as significant as HPB or DK’s works. Of course, DK through Alice A. Bailey is my all time favorite for quality and depth.

The thing that caught my attention most was in the foreword as follows:

Begin Quote

We have been told by “Those Who Know” that it is not an uncommon occurrence for a planet to be riven into fragments by retributive forces when the inhabitants of some world have misused high spiritual powers persistently, thus accumulating an excess of destructive forces, outweighing the balance of constructive energies and finally culminating in the destruction of the planet itself. In our solar system we have evidence of such a happening. Astronomers had noted the wide gap between Mars and Jupiter in which no planet was found, and for years they looked in vain to find a body that ought to be there. Finally over two hundred asteroids were discovered. These are very small planets, some of them not over twenty-five miles in diameter, and moving very close one to another, and all in the same direction, between the orbits of Mars and .Jupiter, as would be the case if they were shattered fragments of a once large planet.

A similar fate threatened our own world in 1899; but it was saved at that time by many Masters of high degree and power assembling from other planets at certain zones on and in the earth centers and holding the balance for the time being. The “Dark Star” was saved for the time, but for how long? Who can tell? Since that time there has been a great advance in scientific knowledge, invention, and attainments, and we are harnessing nature’s finer forces more and more to our personal and commercial uses and pleasures. But “these forces are forces of Life Itself—rays of Deific Energy from the very Heart of God and of Nature, and unless rightly used in the spirit of unselfish service and for the good of all, there is bound to be a reaction, due to the inversion of divine qualities, with terrible consequences to humanity, endangering the very existence of the planet itself upon which we live. Like unto a brotherhood of worlds in the celestial spaces, so must there be a Brotherhood of Nations on the earth and a true spirit of Universal Brotherhood without distinction of race, age, color, or creed among all the peoples of this earth, in order that such a cosmical catastrophe may be averted.

End Quote

I have never heard of such a danger occurring in 1899 or of any other time in the world’s history. I was hoping the author would go into more detail about this but came across no further comments.

Do you have any more information on why there was such a crisis in 1899? It would seem that with weapons of mass destruction that we are in much more danger today.

I haven’t forgot about your request on checking the handwriting of HPB and KH and will be posting something soon.


July 17, 2016

Comments on a Quote

When the world around you seems to fall apart after it seems that you have given your all, what should you do?

Give some more.

Coz wtites:

Isn’t this a recipe for being taken advantage of by others?


Not really, if you are working toward a good cause and you direct your energies wisely. If one’s giving is in the direction of enabling weakness in others then your strength will be sapped and never replenished enough. But if you are wisely working toward a good end there is no reason to allow yourself to be taken advantage of. If you do it will just slow your progress.


And a second question, unrelated to the first: How does one continue to give when they feel like they have nothing left in the tank?


If your labour is in harmony with the soul then there is always something left in the tank. It may seem otherwise from time to time, but if you stop and look within you will always find more strength to continue.

If the goal is not in harmony with the soul and others are running you ragged then when you look within you will not find sustenance from your soul because the soul wants no part of it.

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