Comments on the Song of the 144,000


Nov 8, 1998

Comments on the Song

I’m glad the group is contemplating and saying the Song. I thought I would make a few comments on your comments.

Light and Love is eternally present, but we individually and collectively create veils that cause the illusion of separation. These veils can be penetrated by directed thought on an individual and collective basis.

The Song will direct your thoughts toward the three aspects of God, which are Light and Love and Power, and reverse the direction of the current of the veils. Because the thoughts of the person saying the Song direct Will in a positive way, he or she has power to counteract many thoughts which have a negative effect.

The scripture “One thousand shall flee at the rebuke of one…” (Isaiah 30:17) has a correspondence here. Singing the Song with the Soul and directed thought can cause over a thousand negative thoughts surrounding you and others to flee.

The grand purpose of this earthly verse of the Song is to reverse the tremendous blockages caused by negative and illusionary thoughts of all kinds.

It is important that when saying the Song we say it with the visualization that everyone else saying it is present with us. This will cause the power of the Song to amplify in power individually and collectively.

It is easier to feel the full effect of the Song when two or more can physically say it together, but this is only because it is easier to direct our thoughts and feelings in this situation. To get the full effect via the Internet we must just make a little stronger effort to see the members of the group as if they are present. It doesn’t matter if members are saying it at different times of the day; for a few hours is not a barrier to the soul.

I am very pleased with the vibration I feel is being set up by the readers who are saying the song at present. The effect is beginning to make itself a force for good. Imagine the day when 144,000 here on earth will sing the song at one time for the first time? I’m not sure myself the full implications of this, but I know the results will be wonderful.

I’ve stated this in the book but I want to repeat that 144,000 is not a limiting number. It is the number of a cell in the kingdom of God, and there are many cells, but none yet exist among humanity upon the earth.

Someone talked about the descent of light and love and how it is to be directed.

The word “descent” is the best word we have available because we always think of heaven as being “up.” Therefore, when we visualize the light of the kingdom of God being revealed we think of it as coming down to us. In some ways it’s more like us just tuning in to it as the veils of illusion are removed.

When you sing the Song you can think of loved ones who are troubled in spirit and see the light and love as descending upon them and elevating their spirits. I have found this works when I put my attention on it. The person will move toward a more peaceable state and not know the reason why. It is also good to use this power with our world leaders. Perhaps the Song will be partiality responsible for maintaining the era of peace that is predicted to come.

Another extremely important reason for the Song to be sung in this age is for the protection of the workers of light.

Anyone who has studied a history of the teachers of light will notice that there has been tremendous persecution of the teachers of mankind. Jesus himself was crucified and a good number of his followers were killed.

Concerning the Beast of Revelations we are told: “And it was given unto him (the Beast) to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” Rev 13:7

In every age in recorded history the negative forces have prevailed against the light. This time it will be different. The Song will give the workers the power to peacefully prevail against the dark ones for the first time in a very long time. We are approaching a great new age and certain things have been decreed. This is not a time for the disciples to sacrifice themselves, though some sacrifice is always needed, but a time for us to finally live and teach and fill the world with the hope of infinite possibilities.

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