Casting out Fear

June 17, 2016

Casting out Fear

Duke asks:

Is there a correspondence of love to gravity, in that both are an attractive or unifying force whose influence and effect extend well beyond the immediate locale, and even though it may not be the strongest force in play at a particular moment or place, given sufficient time its effects become quite large?


Indeed there is a strong correspondence. They are both female energies that pull from the periphery to the center.

Radiance, light, the visible and outgoing activity are male and love, gravity, magnetism and the invisible are female.

It is interesting that the time that Newton discovered the laws of gravity coincides with the turning of the cycle where females started to come into their power. Like gravity and love the natural powers of the female are invisible and easily overlooked if you are not paying attention. Also like gravity and love the female energies hold all things together in the universe. One can see active male energy at play, but you only see and feel the effects of the female energies.

A truism speaks of the “feminine mystique.” Feminine energies are indeed mysterious and can only be understood by looking beyond the obvious.

Us males are pretty simple creatures. What you see is what you get – in most cases.

Duke continues:

in First John chapter 4 verse 18 we read: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.”

If we accept these statements, then logically, where there is fear, there is not perfect love.


The key to understanding this verse is the idea that “perfect love casteth out fear.”

Fear is basically a concern over the possibility of loss. Losses that concern us are our lives, our health, our finances, relationships etc.

When one unexpectedly faces a loss the last thing that will normally come to mind will be perfect love. If your brakes give out on your car and you see yourself headed toward a cliff facing certain death you are not likely to let go of the wheel and enter into a state of quiet bliss where you can access the perfect love. You are going to react to the fear caused by the possibility of loss of life and do everything in your power to avoid going over the cliff.

The early Christians faced the situation of displeasing the emperor and getting fed to the lions or worse. Which ones of us would not face some fear if we encountered soldiers approaching our doorway with intent to haul you away from family and friends to certain torture and death? Perhaps overriding a fear for self may be a fear over how loved ones, who depend on you, are going to survive after you are gone.

Now put yourself in that early Christian’s situation. You are torn asunder from your loved ones as well as doing work for Christ and the church. You are now in a cage awaiting a release to the lions where you will surely be mangled to death.

The one thing you have is a little time to reflect. You use this time wisely and seek communion with God. As you go deeply within you feel a great sense of peace and love that eclipses all your fears and concerns. In this instant you dwell in perfect love and it has indeed cast out all fear. You now face the terrible situation ahead of you in a state of peace with all fears cast out. All sense of loss is gone as you realize you are going to gain much more in the end than the loss which is before you.

Perfect love cannot cast out fear unless there are some fears there in the first place to be cast out. And the perfect love does not come in a vacuum. It comes to he who works in active service for his fellow brothers and sisters, the high and low, the rich and poor and, yes, conservatives and liberals.

Perfect love is an attainment in consciousness after many travails. Many fears must first be met, mastered and defeated. A person must first be willing to lose all things connected with the material world and it takes many lifetimes to attain this state of mind.

In the meantime, all of us can experience love to a certain degree and use this love to cast out our fears and press forward.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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1 thought on “Casting out Fear

  1. A person must first be willing to lose all things connected with the material world and it takes many lifetimes to attain this state of mind. JJ

    A person would also need to learn to eventually detach and be willing to lose all things connected with Love and their loved ones also, because letting go of loved ones is a lot harder than letting go of material possessions, so when one understands the bigger picture in regards to Love, then they also understand that there is NO loss of loved ones or Love, but only detachment from Forms.


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