Attention on the Positive


Feb 22, 1999

Attention on the Positive

I wanted to say a few words about the negative influences everyone seems to be feeling. When there are negative occurrences we should not ignore them, but neither should we give them energy through unwarranted attention.

The best thing to do is take note of all happenings, positive and negative, and then shift your attention on the positive things you wish to manifest in your life. This positive attention along with the use of the Song of the 144,000 will be a great help.

What we should avoid is many testimonials that “the negative force is here.” This causes the attention of the whole group to shift in this direction to some degree.

The fact is that whenever you make a major effort to improve your life a negative force will work to draw you backwards. Just make up your mind that when it comes you will move ahead with your attention focused on the positive no matter what happens, just as Dave did in the parable where he turned hell into heaven.

If you give the negative force your energy when it comes, then it will hang around long enough to discourage you. Keep your mind focused on the soul and the negative will not be able to linger for more than three days. Think of it. You can handle almost anything for three days. If you have a problem for more than three days (that is beyond regular frustrations) then you have let your attention be diverted from the Positive goal.

If you feel you need an extra jolt of spiritual energy and only have a short time to contemplate, say this to yourself:

“Let the Angel of the Presence be in my presence so I feel Spirit of God as the only Presence.”



It seems like you’re also saying whenever someone wrongs another, the person should not seek any compensation whatsoever. Doesn’t the bible also say that everyone will have done unto them what they do unto others?

An important point here is that black and white rules with no deviation belong to the time of Moses with all the strict laws that required no thought. We are told that these black and white laws were a “schoolmaster” to bring us to the law of Christ where we use judgment to comply with the “spirit of the law” which is often in conflict with the letter of the law. The Beast uses the letter of the law and rules by it. To escape the mark of the Beast we must have the law “written in our hearts” as is prophesied in the Book of Jeremiah about the Aquarian Age.

We are also told that there is a time and place for everything. Jesus, for instance, taught tolerance and love, yet when he entered the temple and witnessed the hypocrisy, he felt it was the correct time and place to let some anger fly.

There are times to go to court and times not to go to court. However, the time to forgive is always. To forgive does not negate justice, but does let go of grievances. Because we are passing into Aquarius does not mean we eliminate sacrifice. It means we should have learned its correct use and place, and to apply it intelligently.

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