Who are the Initiates?


March 16, 1999

Who are the Initiates?

Someone mentioned that the chicken has much more cause to fear man than the dog and this seems true, but consider this as a general rule: The more intelligent and the higher the ring-pass-not of the animal the less likely we are to eat them.

When you think of it we do not eat animals for taste alone. Those who have eaten dogs, cats, horses and even humans have sometimes reported that the taste was excellent. Civilized humans tend to select animals to eat more because of their lower intelligence than because of taste alone. We are basically reluctant to eat an animal that has enough individuality to cause us to become attached to it. If a mere chicken were intelligent enough to endear itself to us we would be as reluctant to eat it as we would our favorite dog or cat.

I know this from experience. When I was a young teenager shortly after my parents divorced, my mom bought a run down place in the country with chicken coops in the back so I decided to raise some chickens. I decided that I wanted to raise as interesting a bird as possible because I was doing it for a hobby as much as it was for fried chicken and eggs.

Now my dad used to take me to fighting chicken matches and would always place some bets. Most of us realize today that this was a cruel sport because they attach steel spurs and the birds fight to the death. What made these special chickens different than regular chickens is that they would not quit in a fight, but continue until one of them was dead or incapacitated.

Even though I felt sorry for these chickens I noticed several things different about them. First was their determination to fight on no matter what. Secondly, they seemed a lot more intelligent than regular chickens, and finally they were much more beautiful and colorful than any of the standard farm chickens.

Well, when we got these empty chicken coops and I decided to put some chickens in them my mind reflected back to these beautiful birds. I decided I wanted to raise these, not to fight, but because they were a very high quality chicken. I found an old fighting chicken magazine my Dad left behind. This magazine advertised prized fighting chickens and also eggs from gamers around the country.

I found an ad for eggs that interested me. I couldn’t afford to buy the fully developed birds, but I did have enough money to buy some eggs from a prizewinning line. They were supposed to be among the best chickens in the world. Even the eggs were expensive – about $10-$20 each by today’s standards.

I got a Banty hen to set on the eggs and in a few weeks I had the start of my fighting chicken farm. After a short period of time I had all the chickens I wanted, but there was one in particular that caught my fancy. He was the prettiest rooster of them all, and without question, the toughest of the bunch. None of the other roosters dared challenge him. In addition he was the most intelligent, and he was fearless.

I spent many hours just watching him and showing him off to my friends. I grew as close to him over the next couple of years as I have any dog. One day I came home from school and found a trail of feathers from the chicken coop to a pond several blocks away. In the bushes I found my prize rooster still alive, but mortally wounded.

There were several small boys nearby and I asked them if they saw what happened. Fortunately they had. Apparently a large dog attacked my chickens and my prize rooster defended the bunch by attacking the dog. He fought the dog all the way to the pond and never gave up. The dog finally gave up, but the bulk of a forty-pound dog was just too much for my two-pound rooster, and he was wounded beyond repair.

It was one of the saddest days of my life when I had to end the little fellow’s life. I couldn’t believe how much I grew to love a mere chicken, and how much I missed him. I still have feelings for him to this day.

A point to be derived here is that because this chicken entered into my sphere of consciousness I would have no more dreamed of killing and eating him, any more than I would my best friend. He did not fear me for he sensed there was no fear necessary. If a dog, a cat, a horse or even a chicken or a cow were to transcend regular consciousness, he can endear himself to his master and come under the protection of the master rather than become a victim.

In many ways we humans are in a similar situation to the animals. As we expand our ring-pass-not we catch the attention of the Masters, or the Brotherhood of Light, and certain entities among them will take us under their wings and nurture us.

Now let us move on to our subject of initiates. An initiate is one who actually initiates something. In other words, an initiate has power to act on decisions made within him instead of allowing himself to always be acted upon by the decisions of others.

A second degree initiate has power to initiate with more far reaching effects than a first degree, and a third degree has more far reaching power than a second degree and so on.

If you read history and see the people who initiated the greatest change in the world you can then deduce the highest initiates among mankind. Jesus and Buddha initiated tremendous change and are therefore high initiates. On the non religious side so did George Washington and Thomas Edison. These were also initiates because they initiated great things.

Both the Dark Brothers and the Brotherhood of Light follow the same path of initiation for a period of time, then they part their ways and follow two different paths, one initiating for evolution and life, and the other for control and death.

Next we will examine famous personalities throughout the world in our generation. Who are the initiates? See if you can name three and tell us what you think they initiated.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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1 thought on “Who are the Initiates?

  1. Helena P. Blavatsky (4th Degree Initate as per my personal guess) – Blavatsky initiated Theosophical movement which gives the synthetic esoteric (innermost) truth underlying various exoteric (outter) religions in today’s modern age. She also influenced the spread of eastern flavours (Hinduism and Buddhism) of religion in the West leading to the new movements such as Anthrosophy (Rudolf Steiner) and some New Age Movements in USA. This Chela (disciple) worked with her teachers Morya and Koothoomi in the way (more technically termed as Inner Ashram) Dewey is working with John and Jeshua.

    Alice A. Bailey (3rd Degree Initate as per my personal guess) – Bailey initiated advanced science of Seven Rays and detailed technical knowledge (24 Volumes) regarding how the hierarchy and Brotherhood of light operates to further the evolution of Humanity. Psychosynthesis, a branch of Psychology invented by Roberto Assagoli was Bailey’s co-worker under the Guidance of Djwal Khul (Bailey took personal instructions under the keyword FCD in Discipleship in New Age volumes). This Chela (disciple) worked with her teacher Koothoomi and Djwal Khul.

    Nicholas Roerich (2nd Degree Initate as per my personal guess) – Along with Helena Roerich this artist initiated Agni Yoga, the yoga of the inner fire of will and Purpose (combining many traditional yogas of ancient Hinduism) This Chela (disciple) worked with his teacher Morya and prepared for the coming of Christ (whom he called Maitreya).

    Ofcourse I have come across this website just yesterday and my intuition tells me J J Dewey is himself an intitate (2nd Degree at least as per my initial guess) and after having read his first book just yesterday I feel he has initiated the revival of lost meaning of the words in the Bible. (Sorry being born in the East, I was introduced to eastern flavour of ageless wisdom so not much acquainted with Bible).

    There are many other initiates such as Lucille Cedercrans (with Saint Germain), Godfre Ray King (with Saint Germain), Cyril Scott (under Master K17), David Anrias (under Master Jupiter) etc whose works have helped me so far.

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