Thunder Books

Nov 28, 1998

Thunder Books

I was asked if I had read the Thunder books and comment on them. I have not read them but readers are free to give their opinion.

The Brotherhood does not usually tell humanity which books are right/wrong, correct/incorrect. (Keep in mind there may be rare exceptions to anything). They merely teach correct truths and principles, and let us decide and filter out truth for ourselves so we can grow. All truth is available through the soul, and it is time for humanity to learn to use this tool. Soul contact is one of the main principles I am supposed to teach and I will be writing more on it soon.

All I can do with the Thunder Books is the same as I did with the Urantia Book when that subject came up. I can read it and tell you what I think… And that could be right or wrong. You and your soul are the final judge.

Next I was asked why we are placing so much attention on the Beast.

The truth about the beast has never been revealed in plain language as far as I know, yet the subtle authority that controls man and places a veil of illusion between him and the truth must be understood before a group can take the next great step in spiritual evolution.

Unless a group of people is able to escape from “the mark of the beast,” sing the essence of the Song of the 144,000 in the soul, and join in the Oneness Principle – certain plans of the Brotherhood of Light cannot take place.

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