Thoughts on Abortion

Thoughts on Abortion

Been very busy as usual plus my wife and I spent some time showing appreciation to our mothers. Even though I love my Father (now passed away) there’s something special about the place in the heart that is had by a loving mother. My father inspired me with his genius, but my mother has always made my heart full with her love and sacrifice.

Glad you liked my feeble attempt at humor with the Big Zap. A little levity is like a healing balm at times.

Well, some issues have surfaced here that could keep us busy for months, but we’ll try and cover them briefly so we can go forward with our subject and perhaps cover them in greater detail later.

I’ll give you a few of my thoughts on abortion. The first thing of note is that even though the Bible is used extensively to preach against abortion, it says virtually nothing in support of anti abortion views. The only evidence it gives as to when life begins is hinted at in the creation of Adam that he became a “living soul” when the breath of life entered into him. Of course, the breath of life enters into a baby when he is born and takes a breath.

There are two accounts in the Bible that I know of that have some application to abortion.

The first is in Exodus 21:22-23

“If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

“And if any mischief follow (if the woman dies), then thou shalt give life for life.”

This is a circumstance worse than a doctor aborting a child on the request of a female. Here it seems to be describing some sort of an attack on an expecting mother. Note the difference in the punishments meted out. If the unborn baby dies the offender will receive a punishment, but not receive the death penalty.

On the other hand, if he kills the mother in the attack he is to suffer death. The point made here is that the ancients saw both injuries as crimes, but saw the death of the living mother as much more serious than that of the unborn child.

Numbers 5:11-31 gives an interesting account of what to do if your wife is suspected of sleeping with another person and getting pregnant. She is commanded to drink a bitter potion and if she has not sinned all will be well and “she shall conceive seed.” If she is guilty she shall become ill and have no child.

Here the Bible actually seems to condone abortion where birth is undesirable.

What we must also consider here is that these ancient laws were given to a primitive people and if the Masters were to give us new laws today they would be worded much differently in many cases.

Here is the truth the way I see it. Each must check with their own soul and follow the highest they see for themselves.

The entity makes a magnetic connection with the mother often before conception occurs and a form of psychic interplay occurs. In between lives the Solar Angel in connection with the entity reprograms the permanent physical atom to lay the foundation for the creation of a better physical body than before. Some time after conception the reprogrammed atom enters into the womb and begins the process of building.

There are exceptions. There are times when one entity starts building a body and then one of higher evolution and mission sees a unique opportunity in the birth situation and trades places with the original entity. Then there are also cases of trading places shortly after birth as well as later on in life. This can create a disadvantage for the new entity and he will often seem a little slow in learning in the early years, but become very advanced after age 14 after he builds a completely new body from his own atomic programming.

Overall the soul begins anchoring a magnetic link to the physical body around the time of conception. For the soul there is an awareness of this link, but self-conscienceless is not in the body within the womb. This link is made stronger until near the time of birth when consciousness begins to enter into the baby’s body. This consciousness is brought to a greater awakening at birth and the first breath. But even here the soul does not fully function in the body. The anchoring and entering of the soul solidly in the body then proceeds for another 7-8 years until full self awareness is achieved around the age of seven or eight.

Question: If the soul is not in the body in the womb then how is it that the fetus can react to pain and that it sleeps, wakes up and moves and is obviously alive?

The body of the fetus is animated by a group of elemental lives functioning through the developing centers and the brain of the new body. Also the soul has some communion from a distance and will sometimes contact the parents on subtle planes.

Over all we have four periods of varying seriousness in the taking of a life.

(1) From Conception to just before birth. The loss of the life here can interrupt the plans of the soul in some cases, but not in others. If the plans are interfered with then a fairly short period of time is wasted for in this age of booming population birth opportunities usually abound for those who are seeking earth plane existence. There are cases where the parents present a unique opportunity for the child and in this situation the soul suffers a major setback. Every possible signal will be sent to the parents to not abort, if such a thought is in their minds.

(2) From birth to full self-consciousness. Here the loss of life is more serious for the soul has energy and time invested in the new life.

(3) From eight years until retirement from learning. Unexpected loss of life during this period is the most serious of all for it interferes with established plans of the soul as well as causing a large block of wasted time. Often times the soul will have to plan another entire life to make up for the interruption. It also produces serious discomfort for loved ones depending and associating with him.

(4) Old age, or that age when learning has come to a stand still. For about 90% of the elderly, the learning of life’s lessons come to a standstill. For others who are slackers it may come earlier in life. When life’s lessons are over the entity in the body may still enjoy life and his family, but from the point of view of the soul the purpose of the life is over and there is nothing of importance left for the entity to learn. Therefore, a loss of life at this point is less serious for it does not interfere with the plans of the soul. Family members and loved ones may be distressed over the loss, but they will feel consoled that the person has lived a full life.

Now let’s get down to the prime question. Is aborting a fetus murder in the same category as killing a fully conscious entity?

No it is not as serious.

Is it wrong then?

There is cause and effect to all actions including abortion. The karma derived therefore is not as serious as the killing of a fully developed human, but there is usually negative karma nevertheless. One possible repercussion is that the time will come when the entity who was responsible for the abortion seeks a new life in ideal circumstances for progression and he himself finds his opportunity terminated through abortion.

Note that I said there is usually negative karma? There is a way out in some circumstances. If the parents contact the entity in the subtle planes and get permission to abort the child the negative karma will be neutralized. In this age of great population increase there are many instances where the entity is drawn back to the earth prematurely and such entity may desire a longer rest between lives. If in this case permission is granted to the parents to abort there will be none to accuse and where there is none to accuse karma is negligible.

The problem is the same with abortion as it is for many other problems. The majority take an extremist position. One side says that it is murder in every case and the other says there is no harm done in any case. Both of these extremes are incorrect for the only way one could know for sure about the degree of harm is through revelation. Barring such a revelation it is a good idea to live one’s life responsibly so such a painful and dangerous decision as abortion can be avoided.

May 14, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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