The Power of Words

The Power of Words

2021 Gathering, Part Forty-Three

Now, it’s not so much each individual word is a God, but each phrase that has meaning has godlike powers of creation. For instance, Jesus used the phrase “your sins are forgiven,” composed of several words. But those several words are like one word, for to the soul they are just one. And many words can be combined to be one word. Like the Bible itself is symbolic of one word, which is God. Some people can read the Bible, and even though the Bible may not be 100% correct, if they think it is the word of God, well, every word in there is like God speaking to them and they take it very seriously.

So it’s quite an interesting concept.

Ed: When I was a teenager, I listened to a radio program and a woman talked about the power of the word, a combination of the words I am, and they really strongly emphasized everything that follows. I am is that truth for your life. It becomes true. So if you if you say I am sick, that becomes your truth.

I am . . . you know I’ll never say I am a negative thing because I understand that that allows that condition into my life.

JJ: Yeah, it’s amazing how many people, when they get as old as that, they’ll say that “I am an old man.” And that’s a wrong thing to say. We should never say I am anything that we don’t want to be.

And that’s one reason Ed’s still in good health, being over 80 years old, because he tries to speak the correct words. Yeah?

Philip: So a thought that kind of fits this. Rebecca and I have had lots of experiences with the power of God in stopping the rain or putting out wildfires or causing cars to move without necessary components, things like that.

And there’s this idea taught in the Doctrine and Covenants in 132 about how there’s this Holy Spirit of promise, this promise sealed by the Holy Spirit that says, ‘Yep, this one, this is true, this is how it goes.’ And if you read from 7 to 14, verses 7 to 14 in 132, there’re concepts in there, like one where God says, ‘Will I accepted at your hands, something that I have not appointed.’

And he’s talking about how we can use priesthood and we can say with our priesthood, I seal this blessing on you, or I do this thing. And God says, ‘No, I didn’t accept that, so I’m not . . . you’re doing that on your own.’ But then he says he uses this concept multiple times in there, and he says, ‘My word is law. And if it’s not done by my word, then it’s not done.’

And there’s this Holy Spirit of promise concept . If Rebecca and I are asking for something and we get that witness from the Holy Spirit, it is done. We know it’s done. It’s the rain has stopped. Even before it stopped, it has happened. It will happen. It’s a done deal.

But if we don’t get that, it’s not happening. And this concept is repeated in various places in the scriptures, like in verse six . . . section 64 of the Doctrine Covenants, which says, ‘whatsoever you speak by the power of the Holy Ghost is the Word of the Lord, the voice of the Lord, the power of God to salvation.’ And it goes on to say, ‘This is the voice of God.’

And I think when we get that soul contact and that through soul contact, we get that, that promise. It’s knowing it’s an acknowledgment or a knowing that happens through soul contact. And at that point, it’s almost as if God made it law. The law is the rain is going to stop because God said so . . . by his word, he will.

JJ: Okay, those are those are good points.

The next question is what can we do to use this key that the Word is God? And you think if an angel did come down to visit you, that you knew for sure was from God, and he spoke to you and he told you about . . . say . . . you’re going to meet a mysterious person tomorrow at noon that will tell you some mystery or something like . . . he tells you something.

You will believe it. Because why? Because you think this is from God and God will always tell the truth and his messengers will always tell the truth. You believe your soul because your soul tells the truth. So if we want to be able to use the Word which is God, we must be the truth ourselves. In other words, when you tell your friends or your spouse, your associates that something is true, do you lie, or do you tell them the truth? Are you known as the person that always tells the truth and can be trusted?

And this is one of the reasons why Jesus had such tremendous power – he always told the truth. It got him in trouble sometimes, but he always told the truth and his disciples learned that they could trust his word because his word was true.

And this is why it’s important for all the disciples to live their lives in such a way that every word they speak is true. That doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts on every single issue and tell every thought that’s in your head. But it does mean that when you do speak that your words are true. And if they’re true, it puts you in alignment with your soul and it gives more vibrancy and more life to the words that you speak . . . so the words that you speak are the word of God.

And if it’s a word of God, then that will materialize and that will happen and be true. Okay. Any more comments on that before we wrap it up?

Asaph: I have a question for all of the Keys. Okay. What is the significance of the sequence of the twelve Keys?

JJ: Well, the first couple ones are really important. The sequence of some of them isn’t as important as the others. This last one is important because that leads off to other things, like it’s one of the keys to eternal life and the resurrection. A higher correspondent to this key will be the last one of the keys of eternal life.

And if we were to understand this key entirely, then we would have power to extend our lives as long as we wanted or even to rejuvenate our physical body. And the first key was decision, which is the foundation of everything, because it tells us who and what we are. And then judgment tells us how to use what we are, and then perception tells us how to . . . correct

perception tells us how to live in this world and be effective. And one of the things we didn’t cover in that particular key was correction, which is an important aspect of that, that when mistakes are made and perception is wrong, we must make correction – and that was an important part of the key. But then the rest of them aren’t necessarily in any particular or significant order.

Any other comments or questions? Yeah?

Curtis: Well, one of my favorite definitions of integrity is see what you want to create and manifest whatever . . . see what you want. Say what you will do to get it and then do what you say.

JJ: You made a good point, that it’s a good idea to not only think the words but write the words down and speak the words and put the words in every possible rendering.

Curtis: Right. Words are very powerful.

Tyler: So if you could just summarize like the goal of all of these keys in one or two sentences, like the reason I give you these keys is so that you can . . .

JJ: Right. All these things together will help the disciple along the path, and it will help him to be a better servant, help him to understand himself, and it’ll help him to be able to perform a work upon the earth which will benefit mankind.

Well, it’s a privilege to have given out the Keys to the people and there’s always more to come. That’s a great part about life and knowledge and learning . . . is we’ve never quite got it all. As long as we’re in the physical body participating, and in this imperfect world, we’ve still got a few steps to take.

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