The Logic of Karma, Part 2

The Logic of Karma, Part 2

Comment: If a wife comes back in a subsequent life and kills the husband that previously killed her. How does that bring “justice” to the woman? I believe one must “pass” one grade before going on to the next

JJ: Steps in forward progression cannot be done without the principle behind karma which is cause and effect. One cannot have the effect of learning unless there is a cause that stimulates the learning. You cannot cite an exception to this.

Some are trying to interpret karma from a narrow viewpoint here, but to understand it we must realize that a countless number of variables are always involved.

If we had a black and white attitude toward cause and effect of mixing colors then when we mix yellow and blue would not have green, but something that is part yellow and part blue. This of course is not the case.

When we mix equal portions of yellow and blue then we get solid green. When we look at the green we may say that it does not seem to represent the cause since yellow and blue do not look like green.

In addition to this we can mix differing amounts of yellow and blue and obtain a million shades of green. The interesting thing is that in the end, even though there are many differing results, each result (karma) is exactly equal to the results of a formula.

In the example of the story the wife did not have to kill her husband to fulfill the demands of karma and justice. If she had not killed him then someone else would have and she would not have added a negative cause (karma) to her history.

She killed him because she carried over a grievance from the abuse she suffered from the past. Because she did not forgive she then transmuted that grievance into the action of killing her husband in a future life.

Thus her lack of forgiveness for her own murder turned her into a murderer in a future time.

The children were too innocent to carry over a grievance and thus remained innocent in the future life.

Justice was brought to the woman because she saw the results of her lack of forgiveness. This is one reason why forgiveness is so important for it can set up a cause that will make us become that which we do not forgive in others.

Question: “How indeed, can someone who destroys my reputation “make me whole?” How indeed, can someone who commits adultery and destroys my family, “make me whole?” By letting me destroy HIS reputation in a future incarnation?”

It is not up to any other person to make you whole. Only you can do that. If someone destroys your reputation you become whole through forgiving him. When you forgive him this releases you from coming back in a future time and adding additional karma to yourself by attempting to take your suppressed wrath out on him by destroying his reputation.

If you do forgive him the man will not escape karma, for a magnetic force will be created that will draw someone else forward to teach the man the needed lesson.

If you are thinking of wholeness on a purely physical level one must realize that if your reputation is destroyed it is because of a cause you set up either earlier in this life or a previous life. Even so, if one learns the principle of forgiveness his attitude will be such that no circumstances will have power to take away his peace.

Justice is carried out, not only through the principle of forgiveness, but also balance for each of us are born in a variety of circumstances in various lives. If someone desros your reputation it may be because you did the same thing to someone else in a previous life and tus what happened to you is in accord with justice. But if it happens that your reputation was destroyed when your past did not warrant it then you will be born in a future circumstance where you will have an advantageous circumstance to enhance your reputation.

I have issued the following challenge several times and so far no one has been able to fill it.

Show me one example where the law of cause and effect (karma) is neutralized. In other words, show me one cause with no effect or one effect that does not have a cause.

There is none.

Prophesies Revisited

December of last year a reader asked me about Sollog, a self-proclaimed prophet and I did an article on him.

He made two concrete prophesies as follows:

“On January 1st 2002 a magnitude 7.0+ quake shall occur.

“On March 21st 2002 a magnitude 7.0+ quake shall occur.”

In response to these predictions I wrote:

“My guess is that a fairly large earthquake or two will occur in the first six months of 2002, but not on the dates predicted, and he will claim this fulfills his prediction.”

As it turns out my “guess” was a much more accurate prediction than Sollog’s were, who claims to be a mouthpiece for God, and that all future events are set in stone.

The facts:

No major quake occurred on the dates predicted.

There have however, been a couple significant quakes on other dates most notable the recent on one Afghanistan on March 26th. Nothing significant occurred close to Jan 1, but the Afgan quake occurred about five days away from his second prediction.

However, he predicted a 7.0+ earthquake and the Afgan quake was 6.1.

Even so, he made me a true prophet by doing as I predicted and claiming success. On his web page he is proclaiming that Afgan quake is proof he is a true prophet without giving the details of his prophecy.

He is also falsely stating that a 7.0 earthquake occurred in Japan, but the AP wire says it was only a 5.0.

If you want to be a true prophet take the prophesies of that others are making in the name of God, extraterrestrials or some master and predict the opposite and you will be right 99% of the time.

About the other 1% – we must remember that even a stopped clock is accurate twice a day.

Copyright By J J Dewey

March 26, 2002

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