The Law of Economy, Part 2


Sept 2, 2016

The Law of Economy, Part 2

Using the Law

The Law of Economy is perhaps the most important and pervasive law in the worlds of form for without it evolution itself could not proceed. Whenever intelligence creates a better way that saves time, motion or energy then that same intelligence preserves this advance and uses it from that point on.

The invention and use of the wheel illustrates this law. When humans saw how the wheel could be used to save time and expenditure of energy they then used this improvement from that point on wherever it made sense to do so.

When it became obvious that the automobile was a faster and more efficient means of transportation than the horse and buggy the Law of Economy demanded that it be utilized.

When it became obvious that the computer was more efficient than the typewriter, the Law of Economy demanded that the typewriter be replaced, and, sure enough, the people, as a whole, using their judgment and intelligence, moved onward to something more efficient.

Similarly the Law of Economy was at play in the creation of the universe. In the beginning there was intelligence working with the creation of matter putting together every possible combination for a foundation atom. Finally, Divine Intelligence, after applying billions of processes and combinations, settled on the relative perfection of the hydrogen atom as the foundation of matter. We owe this marvel to the fact that the Law of Economy was followed. That which was not efficient and did not work was discarded and that which did work and was efficient was kept.

It is an interesting fact that as astronomers gaze upon the island universes called galaxies, some of them as far as 13 billion light years away, and most containing over 100 billion stars, that that the various logoi all use the exact same foundation atom in their creative process – hydrogen.

And why is this?

Because the Law of Economy demands it. If some solar or galactic logos were to start from scratch to create his system he would wind up settling on the hydrogen atom as a foundation – because that is where the Law of Economy leads.

The same principle applies in the case of two workers in two different locations attempting to settle on the shape for the most efficient wheel. We know they will rule out all shapes except for a very circular shape. The Law of Economy demands this as an end product and this is what materializes whether it be two creators or a thousand. They will all settle on the circular form.

Now keep in mind that the Law of Economy only works well if there is a guiding intelligence behind it. You are not going to have a wheel or a car – or DNA – materialize without a guiding hand putting the seal of approval on the various steps of creation.

We as ordinary mortals use the Law of Economy in our own lives – some more than others. Anyone who wants to excel at a skill must pay a lot of attention to it.

Take a champion such as Michael Phelps, who holds the all time record of 23 gold medals. Did he achieve greatly through just being a casual swimmer? Of course not. Instead, he studied the sport and calculated down to the finest detail every possibility that he could incorporate into his sport to create the most efficient use of force. In other words, he mastered the Law of Economy in swimming to become a champion.

Of course, not all of us are seeking to be Olympic champions, but all of us are faced with using the Law of Economy within our own lives. Some of us use it well and others not so much.

DK makes an interesting statement concerning it. He says that initiates have to master it before that can achieve liberation.

(See Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 220)

Well, that shouldn’t be that difficult, should it? After all, it is pretty easy to see that a wheel must be round and not square or that a computer is more efficient than a typewriter.

Yes, many more efficient steps are obvious to average humanity, but many are not. To become a master of an art, as did Phelps, required honing in efficiency in many details and nuances that most swimmers have never considered.

Even so, us seekers are attempting to become masters of life. This requires more than following the obvious signposts along the path. It requires contemplation, study and good judgment.

Consider this. Two people who have mastered the Law of Economy will be in very close agreement on any necessary step to be taken. They will both want the most efficient move and both will see what needs to be done.

The two largest areas of disagreement for humanity are politics and religion. Even here, two seekers who have mastered the Law of Economy will have a minimal amount of disagreement.

For instance, a hot button item in politics is the budget – including spending and borrowing money. A huge amount of national budget violates the Law of Economy. Two people who understand this law and agree to abide by it will seek to avoid waste and spend the money efficiently as well as maintain a balanced budget, just as they seek to do in their household.

There are probably no greater violators of the Law of Economy than those political leaders with whom we trust our money.

Finances are the greatest cause of friction within the marriage relationship. If the two understand and abide by the Law of Economy most of the problems would be eliminated.

All of us use this law daily – when we go for a drive, shop for groceries, plan our day, perform a job etc. There are many activities we do regularly where we seek to save time and be efficient. Few realize that this law must be carried forward to the point where great wisdom is required to receive maximum benefit.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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