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1  If one follows the law of love, or the spirit, he may wind up breaking the letter of the law or, apparently, contradicting the words of the prophets.

2  A prime law is that “There must be contrasts for light to manifest.”

3  No one can describe any law that has no cause and effect or does not describe a cause and effect. Therefore the Law of Cause and Effect is the First Law available to our consciousness.

4  There is an exception to every rule and a time to act contrary to the norm.

5  Freedom of action and speech for the few must be restricted by law to insure the greatest possible freedom of speech and action for the many.

6  The law which is to be written in our hearts is the basic sense of right and wrong. Right being defined as that where the greater love and harmlessness is revealed and wrong where love is suppressed and harm is inflicted.

7  The Ten Commandments are moral laws and many of our current civil laws owe their origin to them.

8  What is unrealized by many is that the day of having law written in our hearts is not in the far future, but mankind has indeed made great progress toward this goal in the here and now.

9  When the basic moral laws become written in our hearts to the extent that their fulfillment becomes as natural as breathing, because even the lowest of mankind realizes the necessity, then the written law can be done away with. Until that time the peaceable people will need the basic protection of the written law.

10  A moral law deals with right and wrong whereas a law of order is required to create order and tranquility and has little or nothing to do with right and, or wrong. Laws of order may be silly or wise, but there is no right or wrong in them.

11  The problem then with current law is not what is right or wrong, but what is clear and not clear.

12  What matters is that a clear standard must be established so when the rule is followed the results will be sure, and no rules will be changed in the middle of the game.

13  Because we have too many laws, the problem that occurs is that one law may seem crystal clear, but then a clever attorney can find another rule which seems to dispute it and throw the process into disarray.

14  No game with purpose or enjoyment can be played without law or rules of order.

15  If we can cease war and play our games of conquest through international sport or other means, then order will indeed be created out of disorder.

16  The “new order of the ages” will not exist without ground rules of order.

17  A very strong advantage we have, that lights in earlier ages did not have, that protect us from persecution, is the laws of the land of the various countries.

18  Only through just laws of order created by those who are polarized in the mind or above can a lasting peace and purpose come to the earth.

19  Too many laws bring the disaster of suffocation and not enough brings disorder and the weak being subjugated by the strong.

20  Just rules of society do not take away freedom any more than do the rules of football.

21  We have heard it said that life is a game and indeed it is in many ways. If life indeed corresponds to a game then it becomes obvious that just the right number of firm rules will enhance life and make it more playable, fun and workable for us all. If life is a game then too many rules will frustrate us and discourage us from playing. If life is a game then no rules destroy the game so there is not even an incentive to play.

22  There will be an international law which will prohibit weapons of mass destruction which have the capability of destroying all or most of the life on earth.

23  I know that overall, there are way too many laws and there is much abuse, but in seeing this we often overlook the great benefits civilization has derived from the protection they have afforded.

24  A group or club can make a rule that no one in good standing can eat peas and not violate the Principle of Freedom as long as no one is forced to join in with them.

25  There is a time and place for anything and if we make a rule that we can’t have public complaints then the negative ones will attack some rather innocent comments.

26  Imagine [The United States] Congress doing nothing for a whole year but eliminating useless or ambiguous laws.

27  What produces the order which creates vehicles for plant and all other lives on the earth?  Answer:  It is the following of law.

28  Laws governing morality in particular change as we evolve.

29  What we consider as bad laws had their place for a certain level of consciousness of humanity and also many of our current laws will be seen as backward in a future age.

30  I found that power over the Dark Ones comes not by pretending they do not exist, but by discovering the laws that allow the Brothers of Light to dominate them.

31  Maximum freedom only comes through a just application of law.

32  A just set of rules or laws is not necessarily from the beast.

33  What about laws and restrictions that go contrary to the will of the majority? Those who adhere to the principle of freedom have the right to seek to overthrow such laws.

34  Justified law (which always involves some type of limitation) if made for the benefit of the whole will give more stability and freedom than it takes away.

35  Why is it contrary to the principle of freedom to make laws enforcing seat belts, but supportive of the Principle to have laws requiring us to stop at stop signs?

36  There are many on the fringes who believe that the necessary rules of society take away their freedom or free agency.

37  Just law brings liberty.

38  The only way to truly demonstrate anarchy is to be gathered in a location beyond the jurisdiction of any law and you have not done that. No one has in the history of mankind.

39  Natural laws are built on principles and are two arms of the great duality of creation.

40  The reason many see the first law as being Love is because the Love/Wisdom Ray is the foundation ray of the creation of our current solar system.

41  It is interesting to note that many who see themselves as enlightened are often disrespectful of law.

42  The problem the countries of the world have today is that they have too many laws and many of them are not written clearly and thus we need a mountain of attorneys and judges to tell us what they say.

43  The Seventh Ray, which governs law and ceremony, is coming into play and will increase in power for some time. This will have the effect of producing order, progress and protection of the innocent through law.

44  When a person is a member of a group or body of people then the needs of the whole body, being many, outweigh the needs of the individual which is one. If you are a member of the body and partaking in the assets of the body then that body has the right to make laws to govern the individual in areas that affect the body as a whole.

45  A law is a description of the working of a principle, or principles. (By law I am referring to universal laws and not manmade rules).

46  If the law is accurately described then the perfection of God is made manifest. This is because such a description shows the consistency of principle and allows us to predict the future actions of the mind of God in the universe.

47  He, who sees no rules or laws that apply to him, acknowledges no cause and effect which is the eternal source of all laws reaching into all realms of existence.

48  Laws that restrict the evil usually restrict the good.

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