The Gathering of Lights, Chapter 3

Universal Overview

Most of those reading this treatise will realize that the earth is far older than six thousand years as some fundamentalists teach. It is indeed billions of years in age. The solar system itself is far older. Our solar system has an interplay with seven other systems which order is of a greater age still. In our solar system there is a sun circled by twelve planets. Nine have been discovered and three are as of yet unknown to man. Within the sun are at least twelve spheres of energy to provide the counterbalance to the forces played upon by the planets; thus making our solar system similar in makeup to a giant atom. Each body in the universe is an expression of God and possesses a life and consciousness of some kind, and many of them are above or below our present understanding. The earth, sun, solar system and every other system and particle in the universe are possessed with some type of life and consciousness and all these lives together form the “one God”. In addition, each of these lives are connected to seven different world’s or fields or vibration all at the same time we and must eventually explore and master them all. These seven different fields of vibration make up one wavelength in a cosmic universe we know nothing of. There are indeed worlds without end.

The lives of the globes such as the earth and sun are greater, much greater, than human for they include the human. They also operate on a different time frame so it is well neigh impossible for human consciousness to understand them. Each globe is also in a different state of spiritual progression. Sirius is much more advanced than our sun, for instance, and Venus is much farther along than the Earth. Just as the bacteria in our bodies cannot understand our purpose even so can we not fathom the collective intelligence of an entire planetary body or a solar logos. If time were sped up so that the life of a planet covering billions of years was as if it were the seventy-two years of a mortal man then we would see that the planets themselves are not without freedom of movement and agency. They jot in and out of orbit and have close encounters with other planetary bodies and live a personality life within their system. If the life of the Sun which covers more billions of years than recognized by current science were speeded up to an even greater degree so that this greater period was seen as seventy-two years then we would witness the personality of the Sun. We would see that it darts about the constellations and deviates from its projected course according to its free will. The double stars we see in the heavens are not always permanent fixtures, but a temporary visit of a neighboring star.

This same principle applies to entire galaxies and systems of galaxies which are on a slower time scale still until we come to the universe itself which merely makes up a giant particle drifting unorganized in greater space.

On the reverse side the smallest particle has not been found. The atom is composed of a nucleus of protons and neutrons with electrons circling around it. Each of these particles is a miniature universe which has a consciousness peculiar to itself, but its time frame is millions of times faster (relatively) than ours to the extent that time has ceased there and the tiny lives blend with the higher consciousness of our universe as they create something greater than themselves.

The circle in spiral motion is the grand key to the universe. No matter how large or small it will be found that one particle will be circling (or moving toward circling) around another. No matter how small the particle it will be moving around some center. We have particles circling around other particles, yet life and consciousness is everywhere to be found.

When life reaches the end of its evolution it becomes radioactive. This is observable in the mineral kingdom in radium and uranium and the manmade elements. We see radiation in the plant kingdom in the perfumes it generates. This is an indication of their high state of evolution within their own sphere.

Humans generate several kinds of radiation. When they advance to the god kingdom and overcome the “last enemy” death, as Christ did, the door to the tomb bursts open and the radiant being comes forth which is a similitude of the creating of atomic energy on a different plane of livingness.

A form of planetary radiation is reached as its inhabitants engage in space travel which eventually becomes interplanetary and interstellar. These tiny lives (in a

galactic sense) radiate forth and eventually stimulate other planets and systems until they radiate also creating a macrocosmic chain reaction.

Our earth is part of this macrocosmic chain reaction.