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Dan writes:

You have said in the past that when you use the word “left” or “leftist” you are talking of those on the “left-hand (dark) path” rather than the mainstream (liberal, political) left. Is this still the case here?


It’s probably time to clarify a few things since people do get confused about what is Left and Right.

The first thing to point out is when I write for the general public I have to use terms they understand even if the common vernacular is not technically or esoterically correct.  Therefore, when speaking to them I understand that they will interpret the Right to mean the Republican-conservative-Christian-libertarian side of the discussion and the Left to be the Democratic-environmentalist-pacifist-redistribution side of things.

Even though the public has set ideas as to the meaning of words, when I use Left and Right I try to use them so they are correct in the eyes of the general public as well as esoterically correct.

For instance, when I talk about the Left attacking a belief in God I am talking about the true Left and not the Democrats, as many Democrats are believers. Poll show that 25% of evangelical zealots are Democrats and no one calls them the Left yet when one refers to the Left attacking a belief in God most just assume one is talking about Democrats.  Not true.  When I use Left, I mean the Left – not Democrats. There are also Republican atheists who attack the belief in a High Power.

So when I write political posts I will generally use Left and Right in its true esoteric meaning.  This will help clarify what I am saying for those who follow my esoteric teachings.  When the use of Left and Right becomes extra confusing I will then use more specific terms such as Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, libertarian, etc.  When using “conservative” and “liberal”  writing to the general public I will use them as they are commonly defined to avoid confusion. For instance, when writing for the general public I will call an environmentalist, liberal, even though most are archconservatives attempting to conserve what is.

Another very important point to clarify is this.  When I use the terms “Left” and “Right” in political discussions I am NOT identifying people who are on the Right and Left hand paths. Probably less than one out of a million are actually settled on the actual Right or Left hand paths.  Most of the general public are mere pawns in a great game or contest that is being played out by those who truly understand the two paths.

DK talked about this.  I do not have time to find exact references but he basically said this:

Humanity as a whole lends their energy to the Left Hand Path, or the Dark Brotherhood.  There are only a handful of disciples who clearly see the two paths. The work of the Brotherhood at present is to lift the consciousness of the human race so they will lean to the Right more than the Left.  When this happens the door to evil will be shut. The conflict of World War II did a lot to push humanity toward a vision of the true Left and Right but we are still not securely there.

The bottom line is this. The average person of all political beliefs supports some elements of the Left and some of the Right but generally supports more from the true Left than the true Right.

So what represents the true Right hand path and the true Left?

By far the most important differentiating thing is the Principle of Freedom.  I’ve written a lot about this and if one searches my writings he can get a good idea of my thinking on this.  The principle of Freedom is the path to maximum freedom not unlimited freedom. For example, if we had unlimited freedom with no rules or laws then the burglar would be free to enter your house and take what he wants.  This would prevent maximum freedom from taking place for yourself. The Second Key of Judgment must be used so the right amount of rules and laws will be implemented.  Most people want too many rules or not enough and these, the vast majority, lend unknowing support to the Left Hand Path.

During this phase of my work when I am writing some political material my job will be to identify those illusions that support the Left Hand Path and do what I can to dispel them. In doing this to avoid confusion I will call the liberals in error the Left when talking to the general public.  Labeling conservatives in error as the Left would be confusing so I will merely identify them as conservatives and attempt to point out their illusion and move them toward the true Right.

To make things more confusing for some is the realization that the true Right is really the true Center and the True Left takes us dangerously far from the True Center. To make good judgment even more difficult for the average person is that the Brotherhood of Light often has to put extra attention on the direction of Left or Right when the pendulum has swung too far.  For instance, when the pendulum has swung to the Left, as it has at present, then extra attention must be given to the truths on the Right. This causes many disciples involved in politics to be currently identified as right wing in the current era when they are really just pushing toward the great center.

That said let us list some traits that that will help us identify when people give energy to the Left Hand Path.

(1) As stated they will support authority that limits maximum freedom. This is the biggie.

(2) They will be a dangerous distance from the true center.

(3) They fight having extra light being thrown on a controversial subject as the dark ones progress much more rapidly toward their own ends when the masses are in ignorance shielded from the light.

There are many examples of this playing out concerning which the masses.

(A) When two politicians run against each other you’ll find that generally one will be hiding who he really is.  On the Left he may have socialist or unconstitutional goals and on the Right he may have secret plans to implement his religious views against the will of the people. In not revealing their true agenda they support ignorance which plays into the hands of the Dark Brotherhood.

(B) The Global Warming debate us another example.  Those believers who claim the most light fight tooth and nail to prevent any of the skeptics’ views from surfacing. This has always been suspected but proved with the release of the Climategate emails. Al Gore and the rest of the orthodox believers refuse to debate the subject with skeptics and instead follow the path of intimidation and threats.  Check out this article:

(C) Obama’s birth certificate.  From the time this has been any kind of an issue Obama supporters have avoided talking about it like the plague; instead calling investigators birthers, haters, racists etc. When the issue was fairly new I was asked on a political forum if I thought Obama was born in the USA.  I responded that there seems to be evidence supporting both sides and I did not know but would give him the benefit of the doubt. I thought this was a fairly non confrontational statement but I was attacked by many on the Left with a zeal I have rarely witnessed.  Unless I would confess to them that I was 100% sure he was native born I was an outcast to this group, to be attacked and shunned at all costs.

I would have liked to present the evidence for both sides but they didn’t want to hear it and if I had pushed it any further I think I would have been in physical danger with this bunch.

It matters not if an issue is controversial or not – those supporting the true Right will allow all evidence to surface and are prepared to examine it dispassionately as much as possible.

(D) Religious dogmatists refuse to look at or even allow evidence to be submitted that would question their views.  Just try and present evidence of reincarnation to a staunch born againer and you’ll see what I mean. Try and present some obscure but controversial Mormon history to a true believer and he will refuse to check it out.

This reminds me of a time some Jehovah Witnesses knocked on my door and gave me a pamphlet to read.  I told then that I would read theirs if they would read mine.  I then grabbed a copy of my booklet entitled REINCARNATION AND THE BIBLE and handed it to them.  The poor gal held it in her hands, looked at the title and started shaking.  She then walked over to the coffee table and laid it down and retreated as fast as she could.

Conclusion:  The masses aid the path of the Left by refusing to allow light to shine upon the darkness.

(4) One way indoctrination. This is especially used in children but often on adults in countries ruled by tyrannies. Today the Left is attempting to see to it that that children in our schools are not taught any truths about God.  Whether it be lower or higher education the mere mention of intelligent design is anathema. Children and students receive a one way indoctrination that man was created by random forces with no intelligence involved.

In addition they are receiving close to one-way indoctrination on the environment and global warming in an attempt to prepare the rising generation to accept an all-powerful Big Brother to save us from ourselves.

On the political Right there used to be a lot of indoctrination from religious schools and still is to a degree but this technique of conservatives has largely shifted from the religious ones to liberal political ideologies.

(5) Threats, intimidation and name calling. If those supporting the True Left do not get their way they will threaten life and livelihood of those who stand up to them.  They will intimidate through name calling and labeling.  A prime example we can all agree on was the way blacks were manipulated after they were supposedly freed after the Civil War.

Presently we see these tactics used on teachers who even mention Intelligent Design or who express skepticism about orthodox global warming. Both sides will use these to a degree when it is important to them to get their way.

(6) They will support force to achieve their ends, even if that force runs contrary to majority will.

The ideals of equality of socialism and communism are not evil in themselves if they worked with free will but they do not.  They advocate forcefully taking from those who have and redistributing it contrary to their wills.

A certain amount of force is necessary when used in harmony with majority will to prevent murder theft rape, etc but excessive force contrary to majority will is part of the agenda of the Left Hand Path.

Force, lack of freedom and darkness are the ingredients those on the true Left Hand Path uses to control the unsuspecting masses.  Among these are many good-hearted idealist people who do not have a clue that they are making progress easier for the dark ones.

Copyright 2012 by J J Dewey

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