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April 2, 2013


Thanks for your comments Larry. You’ve included a lot of food for thought. I’ll just make a few comments on octaves.

Most are familiar with an octave in music. There are seven notes in the scale and when one repeats on the higher or lower frequency then it is said to be a higher or lower octave. The higher octave is generally twice the frequency of the lower. This similar vibration, which is doubled, causes a similar resonance.

The symbol of the octave can be used correctly in many circumstances where the Law of Correspondences is at play. It is most appropriately used where the Law of Cycles is being examined. The cycles of history are a good example. For instance, in the past cycles slavery of other humans was the norm rather than the exception. The first known example of major emancipation was the Israelites under Moses who escaped from Egypt. But even after this event slavery was still very prevalent. The Israelites were mainly concerned that they be free and were not concerned about other nations.

The next cycle was initiated by Jesus who taught the freedom of the human spirit, even if it was threatened by imprisonment and death. Next came the great American Civil war led by Abraham Lincoln. This not only led to freedom of the slaves in the United States but emancipation of other enslaved peoples throughout the world. One of the greatest benefits was the increased sensitivity of the entire human race on this issue. Each new cycle illustrates the Law of Correspondences manifesting on what could be called a higher octave of slavery consciousness.

What’s next?

People are slaves today and do not realize it. We are slaves to big government, high taxes and lots of beastly authorities barking orders to us. In this next cycle or octave the enlightened will free themselves from such things. How this will manifest will be interesting.

The octave is thus fitting to use in connection with the Law of Cycles. On the other hand, it doesn’t fit so well where an entirely new creation is manifest. For instance, someday a universe of eight will manifest and it will be so different that looking at it as a higher octave would not shed any light. There are repetitions of creations in this universe though where it could apply. For instance, this earth is a higher octave or note of a previous one that existed billions of years ago as you are a higher octave or note of one of your past lives. On the other hand, the kingdoms are so different that the octave concept does not apply well. Is a dog a higher octave of a cactus? They are two separate creations composed of very different chords, notes and rays.

However, there is much light to be gained from studying the octave principle along with sympathetic resonance and vibration as a whole.


April 3, 2013

Housing Bubble            

The Left keeps saying that they had nothing to do with the housing bubble by pushing bad loans that caused the crash in 2008. Now they are pushing bad loans again and if another crash occurs I am sure they will deny responsibility again. Check this out.

Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit. Link



April 5, 2013

Re: Housing Bubble

Nathan writes: I see that, but how you and JJ go from there to it all being the fault of the left still makes no sense to me.

JJ There is not getting around the fact that it was the Left who pushed unqualified loans to the poor and minorities. Bush also went further than he should have encouraging low qualified loans but even he thought it was going too far and tried to put the breaks on, but was overridden by the Democrats. After the bankers were forced into accumulating a lot of questionable paper they decided to get rid of it by bundling it and selling them to investors. These shenanigans led to the housing collapse which led to the economic collapse.

Now it looks like the Democrats have not learned their lesson for Obama is pushing for these bad loans to be made all over again. I don’t see any Republicans, conservatives or libertarians supporting such nonsense.

I merely put the blame where the blame deserves to be.


April 5, 2013

Re: Housing Bubble            

Good comments Larry. What many do not take into consideration is that every entity whether it be a human or business will work in the direction of self interest. Whenever there is a financial problem many point to businesses and accuse them of being greedy as if they used to be good guys but they recently turned into monsters. This, of course, is silly. They always work in the direction of self interest.

When there is a problem we should not look at the greed, because there is always greed which is consistent. Instead, we need to look at what has changed that could have created the problem. What changed to create the financial meltdown was the easy credit forced by the government which created bad loans that were passed on to trusting investors.

Greed and self interest does not change. Government policies do and they are usually the source of our problems – and once in a blue moon our solutions.

Some think the real estate agents are partially to blame for setting high prices but I was in real estate and the agent usually winds up being the one fighting for the lower price so he can make a sale. The scenario often goes something like this.

Owner: I see the neighbor has his home for sale for $300,000. If his is worth that much then mine is worth $400,000

Agent: But you’ll notice that the neighbors house has been on the market for a couple months and has not sold. The reason is that it is overpriced. Here is a price comparison I have done for you giving you three nearby homes that have actually sold. Based on this research a good selling price for you would be $280,000.

Owner: But I need more than that. I think it’s worth a least $320,000

Agent: What you need doesn’t sell the house. What sells it is a competitive price.

Owner: I’m going to check out another agent.

Agent: Fine, but if he lists it for $320,000 the chances of a sale are low. Can you afford to have it on the market for three months for $320,000 and then still wind up selling it for $280,000?

Owner: That would be tough. Okay, if you are sure then we’ll list with you for $280,000.

You say: If you give this degree of power to government then people in government will find ways to abuse that power, no matter how carefully you try to watch them.

This reminds me of a scripture: D&C 121:39 We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion. D&C 121:40 Hence many are called, but few are chosen.

(Comment on a post) Being a former real estate agent if I had realized during the first part of the bubble how easy the financing had become I would have jumped in and taken advantage of the madness myself and would be a lot better off financially than I an now – that’s for sure. The agents certainly had an easy life for a while and if you think any of them refused the easy financing on some strange moral ground – think again.


April 6, 2013

A question of Jesus predictions?            

Tom writes: JJ, once said that some of Jesus predictions of the future were wrong like other masters the future is depended on free will. Can you point to the past archives about this so that I may read them.

Here is one reference: Let me tell you a prophecy that Jesus made that did not come true. Do you remember that Jesus was talking about the temple and He said that there would not be one stone left upon another in the temple. Did that come true? Have you ever heard of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? That is a piece of the temple where there is still one stone upon another. There are seven layers above ground and 17 below ground that been intact since the days of Jesus. So even that prophecy spoken by the Master Himself did not come 100% true. Interesting, is it not?

So this is the secret about prophecy that there is no person on the earth and not even God, no life form anywhere can predict everything that is going to happen. Now all the believers will say that is wrong, If I snap my fingers then they are saying that God knew a million years ago that I was going to do this at this time. Well the big question I have is why in the world would God even want to know that? Why would He want fill His universal mind with such clutter and trivial detail? Who would want to fill their mind with such clutter?

Here was the prophecy made by Jesus: “And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.” Matt 24:1-2

Note that the prediction refers to the “buildings of the temple.” There are a number of these buildings that still have one stone upon another.

My point was that no one, not even God can predict every detail that will happen in the future. The temple was destroyed in 70AD and Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of the temple did come true, just not 100% literally.

Here’s another one: “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matt 24:14

Christianity has been preached in all the nations of the earth and the end still hasn’t come.

The account of Jesus was written after the fact and if Jesus did give any obviously questionable predictions the faithful followers probably wouldn’t have included them.

The point is that no human being in the flesh is infallible especially in the prediction department. This is why I give predictions very sparingly. Most psychics are only 10% accurate and the best of the prophets are lucky to be at 50%. Even DK was about 50% accurate.

Seeing some fallibility in the great teachers should in no way diminish their value. Only a representative of the beast will demand 100% belief that they are without error.

Here’s some information on the Wailing Wall:

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives The view of old Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives where Jesus would give his teaching in Matthew 24 was beautiful. There is no other place in Jerusalem to view the city like this. The Mount of Olives is to the East of the present Golden Gates. In the days of Jesus and the Apostles a person would look West to view the beloved city. There could be seen the rectangular walls made of large stones perfectly laid one upon another. The walls of the city enclose the Temple, several buildings, many homes, and the tower of Antonia. Around the Temple there are other walls known today as the Haram esh-Sharif (the Noble Enclosure). The stones of the lower courses in those walls are “STILL” in their exact positions as they were in the days of Jesus. They are STILL one on top of the other and do not appear to have been moved from their original alignments. These lower stones are clearly from the era of Herod’s temple, and in some places on the eastern side the large stones were laid by someone before Herod’s remodel job, perhaps by Nehemiah. It is now known from excavations and archaeological digs that there are more hundreds of these stones still in the SAME place as they were in the time of Herod and Jesus. Did the prophecy of Jesus fail? What then is the interpretation of this?

While the Jewish Department of Antiquity has allowed archaeological research in this area they have not made public the number of these stones still one on top of the other. Part of the problem is that prior to Jerusalem being destroyed, the Romans build dirt ramparts along the side of the walls in an effort to bring their battering rams closer to beat against them. These mounds of dirt covered up a number of courses of the stones that were visible when Jesus made his prophecy. On the inside of the walls, debris from the burned out structures and dirt also piled up and many of the lower concourses escaped being thrown down at that time. With extensive excavations this dirt and debris has been removed and now for the first time in nearly 2000 years most of these stones are now exposed and visible ready for judgment. At the site of the Western Wall (called the “Wailing Wall”) there are seven ancient courses that can be seen. There are about 450 original Herodian stones still there one on top of the other. In addition to this, there are eight more courses of these original stones underneath the ground. The bottom of these reach down to the actual ground level in the time of Jesus. While we cannot count the next stones in the prophecy of Jesus, there are yet nine more courses of foundation stones beneath these. If just one part of the “Wailing Wall” could be laid bare, we would be able to count nearly 1,250 stones still right on top of each other right where they were in the days of Jesus (Meir Ben-Dov, Mordechai Naor, Zeev Aner, “The Western Wall,” pp.61, 215).

Then there was the question that the word should be translated building singular rather than “buildings.”

In the context in which the word was used it has been pretty much unanimously agreed that the translation is “buildings.’ Even the Concordant translation renders it buildings, plural. Here are numerous other translations:




April 7, 2013

Fair Warning

The “will” is accurate unless some major change occurs.

Without a major change, and if we are lucky, we could survive economically longer than the critics estimate. We could go until 2025.

However more stupid policies, such as more easy mortgage credit promoted by Obama, or more stimulus could bring the date much closer. A more likely thing to cause us problems is some perfect financial storm or an international crises. For instance, some are predicting that North Korea will strike on Wednesday. This alone could cause some type of meltdown.

There are so many variables that I do not think the Masters can predict the details but the casual observer knows that at least a partial meltdown most likely is on the horizon.


April 8, 2013

Re: JJ, a question of Jesus predictions?            

The writer Earnest Martin that you referenced makes an interesting case for the Wailing Wall not being the location of the temple but instead the temple was built around Gihon Spring some distance away on the southeast ridge of Jerusalem.

It would be interesting if this were true for, if accepted by the Jews, it would open the door to them building the third temple on real estate that is presently accessible to them without disturbing the sacred Muslim shrine – The Dome of the Rock.

It would also give more credibility to the prediction of Jesus that not one stone would be left upon another for the temple buildings.

On the other hand, Martin is far from putting the controversy to rest.

Here are a couple articles countering Martin:

Link 1

Link 2

Part of Martin’s argument for the Gihon Spring location is that it was the only source of water for the temple but new archeological evidence proves otherwise. Here is the headline:

Cistern dated to First Temple period found in Jerusalem “Discovery of large man-made reservoir next to the Temple Mount shows city did not solely rely on the Gihon Spring for its water 2,500 years ago. Link

Archaelogist, Leen Ritmeyer believes he made a positive identification of the original wall footings, carved in the bedrock of Es Sakhra (“the Rock” in Arabic). He shows that these cleared areas correspond to the precise dimensions of the walls enclosing the Holy of Holies. Then, in the exact center of this supposed enclosure,

Precisely in the center of the Holy of Holies as laid out by Ritmeyer, is a rectangular cutout in the bedrock measuring 4 ft 4 in x 2 ft 7 in. Based on his measurement of the Biblical “cubit,” Ritmeyer suggests the Ark was exactly this size. Thus, according to Ritmeyer, the Ark once sat at the exact center of the Holy of Holies in this very indentation on es-Sakhra beneath the Dome of the Rock!

Here is his book on Amazon:

Now back to my original point.

Our faith should not rely on the infallibility of any person of flesh and blood, even Jesus. If it becomes necessary for our teachers to become infallible then we will either be disappointed or go into denial and throw up a wall between ourselves and the truth.

If Jesus was literally correct about the prediction about the temple fine and if not that is fine too. The principles he taught speak to the soul and that is the important thing.


April 13, 2013

Black Holes            

This is a great video about discoveries of the black hole at the center of our galaxy.


Apr 15, 2013

Peace and Freedom

(Response to a reader who thinks we start ward for the sake of peace) Peace and freedom are not the same thing. You can have quite a bit of freedom in the midst of turbulence and no freedom where there is peace as in North Korea. The people are not allowed to not be at peace with everything imposed upon them.

If you think you are right then give me a quote from someone who started a war to obtain peace, What’s that I hear?


You must not have studied history. Many wars were started merely to obtain greater power. Hitler’s peace was not threatened by the Jews, England or anyone else. Saddam invaded Kuwait when they were no threat to his peace and Argentina invaded the Falklands merely for the sake of power. They in no way threatened him. I have never heard of anyone starting a war to obtain peace and neither have you except in your fertile imagination.


April 16, 2013

The Goal of Peace            

Dean: Very unlikely I would be silent about something I know is true.

JJ Then why were you completely silent on supplying a quote that I requested?

You seem to have forgotten what the argument is. I said that people do not start wars for the sake of peace because wars take away peace. But when a war is started then people seek peace.

You disagree with this obvious truth for some strange reason and you have not been able to give any evidence that I am not correct – yet you continue.

Keeping this in mind let us look at your quotes:

(1) “The ultimate goal of a just war is to re-establish peace. More specifically, the peace established after the war must be preferable to the peace that would have prevailed if the war had not been fought. ” that quote in particular comes from a document at Mount Holyoke College.

JJ Did someone at Holyoke start a war???? I don’t think so. Why did you give me this?

By the way I can’t even find this quote on the site you referenced.

Actually the quote is correct. As I said as part of my argument the goal of a war in progress is to have a peaceful end, but that is not the argument. I said that a war is not started for to obtain peace because a war takes away peace, duh.

Dean I’ll give you a quote from one of the dumbest leaders on the planet. So you definitely know that anyone could say it……

JJ And if Bush is smarter than you, what does that say about you? At least he has a degrees from Yale and Harvard.

Dean: Lets look at what George W Bush has said.

“I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace”- George W. Bush

JJ He was making my point not yours. When you’re in a war, as he was involved in the War with Afghanistan when he made the statement June of 2002 then the goal is peace. But you don’t go to war for peace. The war was started by Osama Ben Laden and he didn’t start it for the sake of peace. He wanted to take away peace.

Dean: For starters I don’t agree that north Korea is in peace. They are threatening other countries like the US with nuclear war.

JJ I thought it was extremely obvious I was talking about peace IN North Korea, and not their relations with other nations. The strong authority creates peace – not a good peace but a people who do not cause any problem or disturb the peace within the country. The same goes for Cuba. The people are very tranquil. True, it’s not a desirable situation and not the peace of the soul but tranquil and peaceful nevertheless.

Dean Secondly, Peace is generally based on well being and happiness.

JJ You’re thinking of inner peace. Many people who commit suicide live in situations where there is outer peace and that is the subject at hand. Can you please argue with what I say and not what I neither say, believe or think?


April 16, 2013

Women and Mind

Nathan: Okay, so this whole time you’ve been demeaning women saying that they operate emotionally and that men operate mentally, yet here you cite an article that claims the complete opposite–that women are basically outshining men mentally. Which is it Larry?

JJ Why is it demeaning to say that women are polarized in the emotional nature? Are emotions a bad thing in your mind? I certainly am glad to have them. Using your logic it would also be a bad thing to say men are polarized in he mental.

Women doing better in school school has nothing to do with mental or emotional polarization. Many very emotional people are very good students because they study rather than daydream all the time among other reasons.

An emotionally polarized person uses his brain just as much as the mental, but using your computer brain does not a metal polarization make. It is determined by how decisions are actually made rather than test scores.


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